A law requiring mandatory measles vaccinations for kindergartens and schools came into force on Sunday in Germany

This is definitely not a good thing, whether you are for or against vaccines. This law has absolutely nothing to do with preventing disease, but to change what is normal.

Once this line has been crossed, this opens the door for all types of things. The thing that blows my mind the most about all of this is the reddit thread where I first came across this.

The amount of manipulation that is happening is unprecedented. You have to scroll all the way to the very bottom to be able to see what people are really saying. I wonder how many of the most upvoted posts are the result of artificial interference?


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It’s concerning isn’t it? I would refuse any vaccine personally. In the US they are planning to have employers force their workers to take vaccines (or risk being fired).

I think we need to make it clear to people that if the government wants to crash the economy, accepting a vaccine is not going to protect them from unemployment…

Germany requires vaccines to send children to school, but also makes homeschooling illegal… So parents who want to protect their children have to either leave Germany, or not register their children at birth…

Samoa recently arrested an anti-vaxxer (supposedly), although the news article may just be a hoax designed to scare people.


Yeah I will not allow any vaccine to be put into myself or my daughter. She’s just over one year old and I wasn’t aware of how bad they were until she got her first few vaccines, had a reaction and her doctor completely disregarded that her reaction could possibly be from the vaccines (even though I mentioned that the side effects are listed in the handout that comes with the vaccine).

I’m not really sure what to make of that anti vaxer being arrested, it’s so hard to actually try and pick out what is real and what is fabricated regarding vaccines, especially online.

Yes doctors will certainly hide the various consequences of vaccination. When nurses vaccinate they have a defibrillator on standby, ready to resuscitate the baby if they go into cardiac arrest. It’s sick in my opinion.

I tend to think that the stories of people going to jail for posting something online, are likely exaggerated. On the other hand I fully believe that Germany will fine people who refuse to vaccinate. Which is still terrible.


Yeah I do not doubt the defibrillator thing one bit. It seems that nurses definitely know more about the situation. I couldn’t believe the way our pediatrician acted when I told her my daughter’s reaction was caused by the vaccines, I was flabbergasted.

I do know that they receive kickbacks for selling more drugs, this absolutely includes vaccines, but I do believe that some of them aren’t even aware of the severity of the damages they cause.

Let’s just hope that fines are the only consequence for not vaccinating once it becomes mandatory for everyone in every part of the world. I do forsee a future where homeschooling is illegal everywhere, definitely a 1984 type situation.

Regarding someone going to jail for posting something, I could see them attempting to lock someone up, especially if that person is not familiar with the corrupt legal system.

I’ve came across some information that describes a way that you can basically override whatever a judge is attempting to enforce on you, unless it is a violent heinous crime. Might put out an article about this eventually.

But people need to stand up for what they believe in. I will never consent to vaccines being put in my body. I think the only way past this stage we are at now is by massive public disobedience. Just say no and refuse.


soon we will be locked up or shot for going outside!!

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I’m sure they will threaten that, and most people will just do and believe whatever they are told.

But I like to think that enough people will stand up and say hell no, I know that I will not take it.

I considered making a big sign and going outside and standing on a corner that says “Germ Theory is A Hoax!”


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