A proper nutritious diet

A proper diet is simply a diet that is void of inflammatory foods and is nutrient dense. Most people think a proper diet is eating mostly fruits, vegetables and whole wheats but that’s just not the case

The general public is aware of inflammatory foods like junk food, vegetables oils, GMO, basically just processed foods in general. But most people are unaware of how problematic modern staple plant foods can be.

The first step to a proper diet is eliminating all inflammatory foods, including some plant foods

-Most nuts

-Whole wheat bread


-Nut butters





Okay now, why are these plant foods problematic. Well you see, it mostly has to do with how they DESTROY the gut. These plant foods are EXTREMELY high in gluten and lectin. Why is that bad?

Gluten and lectins are both anti nutrients and what they do is damage the intestinal walls of your gut by sticking to them. This causes the walls of your gut to have holes in them. When this happens you get a variety of symptoms

The gut alone is responsible for breaking down the foods we eat. It absorbs nutrients that support our body’s functions from energy production to hormone balance, skin health, mental health, and even toxin and waste elimination. Literally about 70% of the immune system is in the gut

Now, think about this. People eat these staple plant foods everyday. So just imagine how many problems it can cause. Most people are bloated, have gas, low energy, bad mental health, etc and these plant foods can be a major contributor. You see where am going with this

So you wanna avoid/ limit greatly these staple plant foods. You can still have them but in small amounts and infrequently. These are some low inflammatory plant foods, maybe try to incorporate more of these in your diet




-Sweet potato

-Macadamia nuts






What about veggies? Vegetables have some some minerals, are good for detoxing, and can be used as medicine. Their NOT a good source of nutrition due to bioavailability. What’s bioavailability? it just means the body can’t absorb and utilize the nutrients in the veggies efficiently because their in different forms.

Watch out for spinach and other veggies that have high oxalates. They can bind to calcium and cause kidney stones. Cruciferous veggies can be problematic because they compete for iodine in the body. Think of plant foods as medicine, caloric intake, and enjoyment. Their not nutritious and nutrient density is KEY to a proper diet.

I hope I’ve change your views on plant foods like which ones to eat, avoid and watch out for. Now let’s get to the next step of a proper diet which is nutrient density. The only foods that have nutrient density are high quality animal foods, PERIOD

Animal foods like


-Grass fed butter

-Red meat

-Diary like raw milk, cheese

-Seafood like sardines, oysters, salmon,

-Organ meats

-Salmon roe/fish eggs

When I say high quality I mean the animal is raised humanely/properly. That means the animal foods you eat should be organic, grass fed, and wild caught if it’s seafood

Notice how the staple plant foods is what the media pushes propaganda for people to eat. But the animal foods are demonized because of cholesterol, fat, etc . I have other threads on why those are wrong. Animal foods are essential to health.

If your awoke you know there’s an agenda. Part of that agenda is depopulation. The television is used to condition people, so why would they tell people how to TRULY eat healthy if there’s a depopulation agenda.

-Animal foods have complete animo acid profiles, most plant foods don’t.

-Animal foods are EXTREMELY low inflammatory, they disgust efficiently and they won’t hurt the gut. Most plant foods are not

  • Animal foods have every nutrient the body needs in the right forms and proper ratios, plant foods don’t

These topics are not up for debate

Most people will say eating mostly animal foods will lead to protein overload which can hurt the kidneys, high uric acid, an acidic body, etc. People say eating meat makes my stomach hurt or makes me feel constipated.

People have lots of concerns/ complaints about meat. It’s never the meat that’s the problem. I can’t address all these issue here so DM me if you have concerns or questions about meat. How could animal foods possibly be dangerous if that’s what humans ate to survive in the winter?

To wrap it up. A proper diet is composed of mostly high quality animal foods and low inflammatory plant foods. Your avoiding/limiting inflammatory plant foods so your not hurting the body. And you eat high quality animal foods for bioavailability nutrients and protein to repair cells. What could be wrong with that?

Am not against plant foods. I eat them, but just not a lot. And I don’t focus on them. People just don’t understand the true nature of plant foods and what “healthy” really is

If you don’t know where to start do this. Cut out/ limit all the staple plants foods for about 3 weeks. During the 3 weeks make sure you eat as much liver as you can. If your disgusted of liver eat salmon roe/fish eggs instead. You can eat other foods as well

After the 3 weeks decide how you feel and make a decision. I hope I’ve changed your view on what “healthy” is. Remember, high quality animal foods should be the staple of your diet. I mean, who doesn’t like eggs and bacon

Like and share if you found this informative. Remember you can dm me and I have other threads that explain other things I didn’t talk about.


Awesome post, and welcome to the site!

I agree with everything here, I was almost to the point of becoming vegan myself, but then I started seeing through the propaganda and realizing that pretty much none of the stuff regarding health they focus on from the media is true.

One thing I would like to add is regarding grains and breads. People used to live on bread back in the day, but as everyone probably knows, the ingredients used then differ greatly from most bread nowadays. If you are going to keep bread and grains Incorporated in your diet, make sure that it’s REAL bread.

Real meaning as little processed as possible and especially not with added yeast. For instance sourdough bread, and again only real sourdough bread without added yeast. Sourdough bread has microorganisms that break down the gluten before you even ingest it. I made my own about a year ago and try to make this the only bread I eat, and I use real organic, unbleached flour.

I like that you mentioned the anti-nutrient properties of gluten, because most people don’t even know this. So if your going to eat bread, make sure it’s sourdough so the gluten is semi digested before you eat it.

Thanks for the information post!

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Interesting. I’ve often wondered how fruits and veggies can hold natural real nutrition, if science has modified and changed it for a long time.
Can you share a good link for finding kelp and seeweed?!

Ph balence in the gut is pretty importamt as well.
And there are many vegetables and fruits you did not mention in either list. Can these veggies you listed in the pro list, help maintain a proper ph?

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