Aajonus Vonderplanitz: The Man That Was Killed For Spreading Truth About Food

First of all I want to say thank you very much to @Subject1 for bringing this man to my attention. I had never heard of him and was very intrigued by what I was able to find about him.

I had heard that he was on the show called “The DRs” years ago and when I seen it I actually got angry. I expected them to discredit him and shun him but this was ridiculous.

The thing that blows my mind about all of this, is that every single so called “doctor” on this show basically refuses to allow him to talk. They are so stuck in their ways that they simply cannot open their mind to the possibility that they could have been misled in school, which is strange because of what I heard from Dr. Brownstein.

I then decided to look into this “Dr. Travis” character and found this next clip.

It doesn’t have Vonderplanitz in it, but again there is a person eating raw meat and he is trying desperately to discredit him, and not only that. But he is actively trying to make people fear bacteria and so called “viruses”.

The funny thing about the second video, is that Travis (Not giving him the title of Doctor) doesn’t mention Vonderplanitz’s name, I feel that this was on purpose, as to keep the sheep in the dark about health. Basically making it a little more difficult for people to find him and his work on their own.

Here’s a copy of his book “We Want To Live” which I haven’t read much of but definitely a good starting point if you can admit that maybe, just maybe we are being fed inaccurate information.

We want to live!.pdf (1.7 MB) (thanks @Subject1!)

This is a fantastic interview where he goes over his personal history, and his battle with health in general.

This is the beginning of a series of very long very detailed information that go over the myths about ecoli, trichinosis (from pork) in the first video and how they are being used to destroy tumors and cure cancer.

I will be updating this post at a later time, just wanted to get these videos on my site.

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No problem! So basically, if you support the fact that “germs” aren’t harmful then this makes sense and opens a whole new world. Because the main argument against raw foods is that the bacteria will make you sick. And logically looking at it, it is in the nature of fire and heat to destroy. We destroy the food for it to be “healthy”. But what if it is in the best form, already presented to us. People get food poisoning mostly from cooked meat, think about that. Check out sv3rige on youtube, maybe you’ve heard of him. I don’t agree with everything he has to offer, but it is a great example to look at physically, he has been on a raw diet for years now, hasn’t died as of yet and looks great. :smiley:


Yeah I never thought about the correlation between food poisoning and cooked food. That’s definitely pretty eye opening. I will look into him, thanks for the info.

Oh yeah I’ve seen a video by this guy about Vonderplanitz actually. He seems pretty knowledgeable. Have you read the whole we want to live book?

And also, when you get some time on your hands, I’d love to hear more thoughts about this type of stuff. That food poisoning thing literally blew my mind!

Here is the video I watched from sv3rige, this guy is definitely a valuable resource for anyone interested.

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Hes lying! You can tell by his face, his movements. His manerism. Id bet money on it that he has not in fact had treated people in the er wirh those symptoms from someone eatting raw meat. And yes how disrespectful of them not to mention his name. Them drs on the stage getting paid for lying. When your awake its so clear to see

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Yeah, maybe someday soon it’ll be easy for people to question the media… like they did when it first started becoming a regular thing. We can hope right.

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Here’s Part 2 and Part 3 from the Primal Diet Workshop

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