Adrenochrome drug

Adrenochrome is produced by the oxidation of adrenaline (epinephrine) in mammals. The chemical concentrates in the body during times of extreme fear and terror it’s usually made from kids since they have the most adrenaline.

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Yeah adrenochrome is a very interesting thing indeed. Encyclopaedia’s could be wrote on the subject and there are a lot of ‘theories’ going around at this time with all the celebrities looking sickly on social media.

Next time you post please add a little more information for people that have no idea what your talking about, to make it more informative and easier to engage with and also use the tags correctly because currently there is no apparent link to flat earth at all, but if somehow you connected this to flat earth or vaccines that would be acceptable. Next time your post will be deleted if you don’t include more information. Since this is your first time posted I went ahead and included more information.

I want each topic on this site to be a pretty comprehensive resource for anyone that happens to stumble upon it. So here’s a little more information for everyone that isn’t already aware of it…

Adrenochrome is said to be the fountain of youth for the elite. It has been linked to the illuminati and satanic rituals and is claimed to have been in practice since the sacrifices in ancient times.

It is most easiest extracted in children under the age of 9 and they must be terrified in order to collect more during each harvest.

Here is a link to a very comprehensive link with tons of information on the entire adrenochrome conspiracy thing. This is not for the faint of heart and in my opinion there is most definitely something to this whole thing.

I ordered some cow adrenal glands from Miller’s Farm in Pennsylvania. From others who have eaten it you get a spike of high energy within minutes after consuming it. I’ll let you know how it goes

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Very interesting! Do you know what they came from, and what do you plan on doing with them, just eating them?

I am really interested to see what you find out with this.

Also, welcome to the forum, I’m glad to see new people around here, especially people that I can learn from.

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Yes I ordered them from an Amish farm called Miller’s Organic Farm. For the last 2 months I have been on a raw meat and dairy diet (called The Primal Diet) created by Aajonus Vonderplanitz whom I discovered in researching the virus hoax. He overcame terminal cancer by eating an all raw food diet. The reason raw milk is basically outlawed is because it’s so healthy and is a threat to the pharmaceutical industry. Not a single person has ever died as a result of drinking raw milk. All bacteria and parasites are good for us so when dairy products are pasteurized and meat is cooked it kills the bacteria in it which is helpful in the digestive process and the meat actually gets mutated and creates toxins. I have a lot of Aajonus’ lectures and interviews on my You Tube channel. I’ll leave a link. I can also leave a link where you can download PDF copies of his books We Want To Live the Primal Diet and Recipe For Living Without Disease. Cholesterol being bad for us is a myth. Our cells naturally produce cholesterol which is basically just animal fats so the diet is 90% fats and proteins like raw butter, raw milk, raw cream and raw meat, that is all we need and the more of it we eat the healthier we are because the fat protects our cells and the protein builds them. Fiber is not even digestible in humans so another lie is that vegetables and fruit are healthy. We have a carnivores digestive system…an herbivore’s digestive tract is designed for the consumption of plants because their digestive tract is 2.5 times longer than humans and they have 2-4 stomachs to process it. They also have an alkaline digestive system whereas humans have an acidic digestive system. We want our bodies to be 25% fat and when that fat is consumed in raw form it gives you a solid body frame, not overweight looking like most fat people because fat molecules when cooked will expand 5-50 times. I’ll also include a link to a You Tube channel where he eats adrenal glands (along with cow brains and other organs of an animal since that is also healthy…raw liver for example is without a doubt the most nutritious food available. Man I could right for days.


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Yup I know exactly what your talking about, I just wrote a short post about him a few weeks ago but haven’t been able to obtain meat from a good source, or any source other than chain grocery stores lately.

Another member of this site turned me onto him and I’ve been looking into it quite a bit. It’s insane how wrong everything is that we’re taught.

I’ll definitely be checking out that farm

One of the PDFs is at this link, although if you have more I would be grateful if you posted them there for others too. I also have a couple other PDFs that you may find interesting but I’ll have to send them in a PM. I’ll do that as soon as I get my daughter down for a nap.

And I would be happy to read what you write about it because not many people even know about this and even less are doing it and writing about it.

Also, I just started using real lard for cooking and hopefully someday soon I’ll be able to acquire good quality meat and raw milk.

Cool, the guy is a total legend. I’ll post some stuff in your link too. There’s actually a compelling article written by somebody who knew him well who believes he may have faked his death and is living on his farm in the Philippines. I’ll find it and post it, I think I have it saved on my laptop at home.

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