Ancient Knowledge: Book Downloads

  • The Universal One by Walter Russell.

A “must” for the serious student of Russell science and philosophy, The Universal One is Walter Russell’s first expression of his new Cosmology explaining the Mind-centered electromagnetic universe.
Russell later revised some of the content of The Universal One in The Secret of Light and A New Concept of the Universe. Students of the Russell science should be aware of the historic sequence of Walter Russell’s books of science, and note the various changes in details which Walter Russell himself made.
Nikola Tesla told Walter Russell to lock his cosmology in a sepulcher for a thousand years because mankind was not ready for it . Though a century or more ahead of its time, The Universal One, uniting spiritual Cause and scientifically observable Effect in a seamless whole, is now appealing to the many people—scientists and laymen alike—who are examining the nature of science and consciousness. - The Universal One :Amazon Link

I heard of this book in an episode of Crrow777 and was immediately interested, @Wrabit23 found a copy and hooked me up.


Here’s a full reading of the book on youtube, and the woman does a very good job of reading it for us to hear free.

  • The Children of The Law of One and The Lost Teachings of Atlantis - by Jon Peniel

children-lawofone-lost-teachings-atlantis.pdf (1017.9 KB)

This is a book I came across when browsing the library over at, in their Atlantis section. Don’t let that scare you off though, because this is about everyone being one with everything, just like the book above. I haven’t read much of it, but i was immediately interested.

Here’s part of the top review from amazon, which sums it up very well.

If you want to know the origins of our being “here”, how things “devolved”, why things are the way they are in our reality/world/plane of existence and how they got this way – the details and history of how the whole “mess” started, who/what is responsible, what’s gonna happen next/how the “mess” is going to be “cleaned” up, what needs to be done, how to better yourself and live life so as to be an exemplar for others, etc. – essentially all of life’s mysteries and questions explained – then this is The Book for you. - Amazon Link

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