Baby cereal for boys

Looking for advice about baby cereal… Any recommendations or experience, please.

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Hello, and welcome to the site!

What in particular are you looking for? Are you talking about how they recommend mixing in different cereals with the milk/formula or something else?

If this is what your talking about, and your breastfeeding, then I would recommend against mixing anything less nutritious in with breastmilk which just reduces the amount of the wonderful life giving milk and replacing it with something that is much less nutritive.

However if your using formula and doing this then I would recommend making sure to always get organic, and if you can use something like hemp. Hemp seed hearts are practically the most nutritious food there is, other than breastmilk. You can get some organic hemp seed powder on amazon pretty cheap, and this would be a much better option than anything being recommended by the FDA, ADA etc.

There’s also no risk of your baby getting high or being affected by the cannibinoids in the hemp. As a matter of fact, back in the day people and animals ate plenty of hemp, and then when the milk or meat of that animal was eaten by the human, they absorbed the cannibinoids. They are definitely incredibly beneficial.

Here’s a super informative article describing all of the benefits of hemp seed, very interesting stuff.

However if this isn’t what your talking about then let me know and I’ll do my best to help you with whatever that is.

Hi. Thanks for your article and answer. I also research some information…but found only this blog

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No problem, how old is your baby?

Kinda difficult to give anything further without more information.

Also, avoid anything with added sugar and especially sugar alternatives.

Babies will eat anything, as long as they aren’t programmed to prefer sugary things. If they have then it may be difficult.

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