Building a Medicine Cabinet and looking for recommendations

Hello All ,
I am trying to build a medicine cabinet and mostly looking at natural or alternative to allopathy .

Few of my items:
Comfry root extract: For bruises
Lugol iodine
hot/cold compress

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One thing I make sure to always have on hand is colloidal silver. It can get a little pricey but you can build or buy a generator for pretty cheap. Mine was I think $50 but it came with some pure silver rods. I’ll be able to make probably thousands of gallons of the stuff before needing to replace them, then I could just use a silver coin or something in their place.

Bentonite clay or zeolite would be a nice addition because you can do tons of stuff with them. I make toothpaste and deodorant with the clay and my mom swears by it for heartburn. It’s also good for irritations line eczema, just make a paste with water and apply it to the skin

Another useful one I just learned about is DMSO. @Kevin talked about it on his Twitter and we just did a podcast on it. It’s great for detox with, and it also increases the bioavailability of other things, which makes them work better. It also does a lot for other things. (I’ll update this post later and list more of them.)

Here’s the podcast episode.

Another I would recommend is magnesium, which again helps your body get rid of toxins.

I’m curious to see what others recommend as well.

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How do we make collidal silver and what machine is required?

Thanks in advance.

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It’s made using a process called electrolysis and the same process can be used to create colloidal solutions of tons of different things.

This is the exact one that I purchased but they can be made very easily if you have the materials on hand.

I found these instructions in this YouTube video and someone said they came with their machine. So other manufactures may offer some type with theirs.

If I remember correctly they say to turn the machine on, let it go for a half hour, then turn it off and clean off the silver rods then submerge them again for 30 minutes and repeat until the desired strength is achieved.

If you do not do this then bigger chunks will separate from the rods and you’ll have to filter them out. Even after you filter though there will be bigger chunks that you miss so it could possibly cause some issues Ingesting it.

Really simple, but time consuming, using a timer is a great idea.

I keep DMSO, Silver (i make my own), Manuka Honey, Lugols iodine,peroxide, baking soda (so many uses for it), chacoal, ascorbic acid…i keep adding but its a start.

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Very good recommendations. I just recently learned about all the benefits of activated charcoal. Manuka honey and lugol’s iodine are great recommendations too.

Thanks for the input!

Thanks everyone. I will need to look at activated charcoal, Any recommendation where to buy activated charcoal or how to make it( I live in an apartment).
Just bought the colloidal silver unit mentioned above.


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I haven’t dug too much for a place to buy it, but they do recommend using only charcoal from hardwoods. Like oak, maple, coconut, etc.

You can make it pretty easily in a wood stove or outside basically by cutting off the oxygen and heating it up. You can do it in a decent sized metal food can with a loose fitting lid. The lid MUST have airflow so the gases can escape. I suppose you could just do that on your stove if you have a gas stove, just keep an eye on it, also make sure to keep a window open and preferably your vent above your stove actually sucks air outside because it gives off some type of gas that’s very bad to breathe in. It’s usually ignited and eliminated when right it in a wood stove

Here’s a video.

There’s also a few videos out there showing how to do it outside by digging a hole and covering the burning wood with a bunch of grass thrown over it to cut off the oxygen.

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