Caffeinated society

Do you remember the time when you tasted coffee as a child and it tasted like sludge water? What happened since then? Not many people talk about it, even in the truth seeking community. Maybe because this is in another layer of socially acceptable behaviours. Caffeine is the most widely used psychoactive drug in the world. This is due to the major efforts of the caffeine industry such as propoganda, funded research, a lot of advertising and most worryingly - getting people hooked from a really young age.

Caffeine is not only found in coffee and tea, but as we know is in a wide variety of products, which include soft drinks, chocolates, candy, and even is used in pharma drugs. Basically, when parents give their little kids chocolate or a coke, they unknowingly are creating a consumer hooked on caffeine, often for life. This to me seems really bizarre, but the companies who sell coffee and other products are rubbing their hands in joy.

I won’t go into detail about the history of coffee or anything like that, because frankly it doesn’t matter. What I will tell you though is that caffeine, along with nicotine and numerous other substances alike are found in nature as pesticides. Plants use these substances to defend against insects, which makes these substances toxic by nature’s law. So let’s get into how this substance works and how it affects our species.

The main active effect caffeine has in the body is on adenosine receptors. Adenosine is a substance that the brain produces, when it senses that our body needs to rest, basically it slows down the neurons firing. Caffeine somehow fits right in these receptors, blocking adenosine from doing it’s job. This means that our body is tricked into not being tired. Talk about f*cking with nature. Neurons keep firing and firing without rest. When you stop drinking coffee adenosine floods the receptors, which causes a crash, which is the so called “withdrawl”.

Now, there is another substance that is responsible for the effect of getting hooked. Our good old friend dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter produced by the brain, associated with the feeling of pleasure and elation. It is a vital substance to our existance, which is released in everyday situations as an indicator of what is pleasurable or when you do something worthwhile for your survival. Sadly, our brain is just a machine, in a sense that it doesn’t differentiate much if you aren’t too aware. It senses the substance or action that increase dopamine production the most and wants to sense this elevation again. Coffee is a “great” tool for the people who don’t do harder drugs, and just go about their day in need for a pleasure boost. Dopamine is another topic in itself, so let’s continue.

The constant neuron firing mentioned previously creates an “emergency” situation in the body, which triggers the adrenal glands to produce hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline. These hormones trigger the “fight or flight” response, our animalistic survival mechanism. In earlier days it was the ultimate tool of survival. Now, however, times have changed. Our bodies have stayed the same, but our daily lives have shifted dramatically. Today we tend to stress over seemingly little things. We should at least be able to handle it, but there is always our “friend” caffeine to balance us over the edge into panic, by lowering the stress threshold.


The fight or flight response triggers sugar and fat release into the bloodstream for energy, which in this day and age most likely go unused. The sugar creates additional metabolic stress, also causing hypoglycemia, which is a low blood sugar level, after insulin has been released to get rid of the excess sugar in the blood, which leads to a sugar crash and needing another cup of good ol’ Joe. The fat can be a factor in clogged arteries, if the conditions in the body are poor enough. This also slows or stops digestion alltogether, which causes the food you ate to ferment on it’s own or putrefy. Caffeine is a major culprit in bloating, pain and gas after meals. The putrefication process can produce toxic by-products which can find their way back into the bloodstream.

With daily use of caffeine levels of another stress hormone - cortisol, are elevated. It tends to stay in the bloodstream much longer than the previously mentioned adrenaline and noradrenaline. It produces more long term negative effects, such as diminishes quality of sleep, accelarates aging, changes mind, mood and behaviour in general.

GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) is an inhibitory neurotransmitter with an unique ability to calm the mind down without putting you to sleep. As you might have guessed, caffeine also f*cks with it’s metabolism. This substance helps us to see more clearly in times of stresfull situations. It is also produced in the gut. The anti- GABA effect is amplified by other drugs, such as antibiotics, which also decreases caffeine metabolism, that in turn causes anxiety, irritability, hyperactivity, etc.

Speaking of caffeine metabolism, the liver has it’s hands full. 99% of the caffeine ingested has to be detoxified by the liver, only 1% is excreted in the urine. Not even the kidneys can help as they do with other substances, because when ingested caffeine is rapidly absorbed by every organ and tissue in the body. In this situation, caffeine is reabsorbed by the bloodstream before it is able to reach the urinary tract. Half life of caffeine is 3 - 12 hours, depending on the person’s metabolism, which means that most people are constantly bombarding their liver with caffeine, among other things, of course.

As the picture shows, it is not a simple process as I am explaining here, but for the sake of everyone involved, let’s just say that caffeine is divided into many other substances, which do their part in the body, some more harmful than others.

There are some OTC (over the counter) meds that contain caffeine. Worse yet, many of the OTC meds interfere with the liver’s ability to detoxify caffeine and other substances found in coffee. For example, birth control pills, antibiotics. As we already know, big pharma offers us a variety of toxic substances on their own. Introduce caffeine in the mix and it is uknown at best, what happens in your body as it struggles to get rid of all the crap put into it. Never underestimate the power of “live-r”, as it’s name states. Everything has it’s limits though, as we can see looking at pharma-related death numbers. That is however a different story as well.

One more important thing we mustn’t cross over is sleep. No brainer that it is the most critical part of our well-being and existance. There are 4 phases of sleep, the one which interests us at the moment is the deep sleep phase. It is when the body utilizes all it’s resources for healing and rejuvination. During this time new cells are created and repaired, nervous system restored. Caffeine messes this up quite heavily as well. You probably have experienced mornings when you feel like crap until that godlike cup of coffee. I certainly have. That’s because caffeine interrupts our deep sleep phase quite a lot. Contrary to popular belief, ingesting caffeine at any time of the day can cause these disturbances in sleep. It also directly supresses melatonin production, which is responsible for regulatin our sleep and wake cycles.

Last but not least, malnutrition. For starters, caffeine causes increased loss in B vitamins in the urine. Then there are other minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc and iron. Loss of iron can be one of factors in anemia.

Going to wrap this up for now. I don’t believe that caffeine is the main danger to our healths, however it all sums together. It’s one of the factors that plays a role in the big scheme to make and keep people ill. What grinds my gears though, is how socially acceptable this drugging of the masses is. In this summary I mainly touched on the physical effects of caffeine. We must look at the body as a whole, the mental health issues are due to some physical imbalances and deficiencies accelarated by caffeine. Everything is connected, unlike the medical establishment would like us to believe. If you want to read more on this topic I recommend the book “Caffeine blues” where I got a lot of this information from. This is a simple introduction to this topic for people not so familiar. Study deeper if your heart desires. One thing I’d like you to take home is that if you are using caffeine, just stop, it’s for the better. I’ve been free of caffeine for a month and I am able to wake up in the morning actually feeling rested and energized. I wish you all the same!



I did not know a lot of the stuff here, I am surprised that I never knew they used it in pharmaceuticals. It really is crazy that so many people don’t even consider that coffee is a drug. Even in places like alcoholics anonymous where there’s quite a bit of introspection into substance use in general.

I also didn’t realize that nicotine is a pesticide, I mean it makes sense now after reading this but yeah leave it to humans to regularly consume something nature developed as a toxin.

I honestly have met people that aren’t capable of carrying out their normal responsibilities without their morning cup of joe. Very very similar to someone hooked on prescription painkillers or even stronger drugs. It’s just that the withdrawal symptoms are portrayed as not as severe.

The picture you shared had me stumped for a minute. The one about coffee being good for the liver. So I did a quick google search and realized what you meant.

Let me start with the assumption that there is some truth to all the stories saying coffee is good for you. I have seen studies in the past state that coffee has plenty of beneficial alkaloids, but when you use heat to brew it, it essentially activates carcinogens. Carcinogens are things that have been proven to cause cancer, just in case anyone reading wasn’t aware.

Like a game of telephone someone started the message out with truth, and down the line someone turned it into a marketing campaign and capitalized off of it.

Obviously they want you to drink the stuff regularly, or even constantly in order to keep society drugged and anxious. But yeah it’s insane how skewed everything can become when you get even one mega corporation wanting to profit, then you have an entire population of drug addicts, that aren’t even aware. Although I believe that most people are aware, they just repress it or are in denial about it.

It is definitely important for people to realize that it is a drug, and that it is not doing anything except weaken the human mind, and disease the population. Especially when people are drinking a pot of coffee a day using gmo coffee that is probably super sprayed down with extra pesticides and made using child slave labor, like chocolate.

Awesome article!

Not many of the drugs, but some indeed do, you can check for the names, but doesn’t really matter. I guess it has that symptom masking effect that people love, same as drinking coffee can relieve headaches. The main problem is the combination with different kinds of drugs, the effects can be uncertain and more damaging than usual.

The picture about liver was used more in the lines of how absurd these cherry-picked studies for these mainstream posts about coffee are. For example, your presented article or any other one about antioxidants, etc. It’s just classic propoganda to create the illusion that coffee is good for us somehow. What do you think most people will conclude after reading the headline? That coffee must be good, and that maybe they can even use more alcohol with it. :smiley: That one is a stretch, but I bet a million someone has had that reasoning. Maybe, just maybe there are some beneficial substances in coffee, but they are surely outweighed by all the adverse effects caffeine and other substances like the mentioned carcinogens bring forward.

This is the best business there is. To market off of people’s addictions. Caffeine is keeping our minds foggy and restricting the full potential of the human body.

If you mentioned pesticides, I’ll add one thing. Only yesterday I came to an interesting conclusion, which is quite known, but still. The pharma company Bayer owns Monsansto, who create GMO seeds specifically so they can whitstand their own created pesticides. It all ties together quite well in my book. Pharma, GMO and pesticides all in one.

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Yeah that’s the same broken logic the “scientific” community uses for proof of germ theory. Oh we haven’t ever tested for the entire sequence of a virus in anyone, but we have tested tons of people and they all had this tiny isolated segment and all of them had cold like symptoms so we have determined that all of them must have been infected by this small isolated segment which we will refer to this as a virus.

Don’t mind the etymology of the word which means poison, just ignore the research you may do and believe us because we know. So buy our vaccines.

Yup that is a very effective way to make money, profiting off of addictions but even more so when they throw fear in there too.

Your liver might be at risk for disease because you live like an idiot but that’s alright because our product is good for you.

The craziest part about all of this is just how trustworthy people are if it’s coming from an authority figure or the media. Just because someone is on camera saying something, most people believe it. It really is a psychological game.

Edit: I forgot to mention more about the pesticides thing. Not only does Monsanto modify the plans to be more resistant to pesticides they spray on them and the aluminum that falls on them from above…

But they have actually modified crops to produce their own pesticides. So no amount of washing could ever get rid of them. It may reduce the ones that have been sprayed on them, like roundup. But they actually have them producing their own organic pesticides. Organic only meaning that it’s naturally found in some other plant that normally isn’t eaten. It’s absolute nonsense considering I haven’t even had to deal with any pests in my garden yet. Not saying people don’t get them but how bad were they before they had them drenched in pesticides?

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