Coronavirus Updates Megathread

Alright so instead of me posting a ton of individual posts, I’m going to ask that everyone just post the info here.

This is very telling right here… Especially since both events they listed were staged events, they were not like they originally said they were.

This next link is a fantastic resource that is updated daily about everything related to coronavirus. I think anyone that is legitimately worried about what is going on in the world should check this page out often. Thanks @nalanda!

They might actually stage the deaths of a politician, in order to give this hoax more legitimacy…

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We all saw this, right? If it takes years to develop a vaccine, then a “quick” vaccine would be considered and “experiment”. And this is in violation of the Nurumberg Code, if it still holds any water at all.

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77 more being tested…

The rate of progress is unprecedented and the drug industry has said it’s hoping to cut the time it takes vaccines to get to market — at least 10 years under normal circumstances — down to just one.

So if they hope to cut it ten fold and implement it in just 1 year, then that’s what… 900% less than a typical vaccine?

Everything I’ve seen shows that even in a “typical” vaccine, there hasn’t been sufficient testing done. Or rather, they know the harm they can do and just market them anyway.

This is especially mindblowing considering that 5G is likely the cause of the majority of cases around the world. This video should at least raise some questions about the origin of this “disease”.

I have seen quite a few polls on Twitter about whether or not people would sign up to take this vaccine, and every single one was very one sided. A few I saw had 80% of people saying they wouldn’t take it.

It’s just crazy to me that people are ok with them skipping safety testing, but then again it’s likely fueled by panic and fear anyway.

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That guy is gonna get fired.

He should have stolen it and had it examined.

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I just find it all very insane. They are saying that people who have recovered from the virus after “naturally” getting it are not immune, so even if this vaccine does produce antibodies, how is that going to be better than just getting it normally?

So just because it produced antibodies, doesn’t mean anyone would be protected anyway. Just a bunch of bs imo.

Here’s a couple links where they’re talking about this “phenomenon”.

Seems to me like people are getting sick a different way then they’re saying. Maybe they aren’t immune because they haven’t turned off the 5G towers?

I have been following the True Science to do with Covid 19 and now been known as the Borg Experimental Gene Therapy toxins. I have been watching David Ickes videos with his son the latest one should social distancing from those who have had the toxic shots there time will come as the spike protein is poisonous in the cells slowly killing them by at the micro level be bleeding to death. Since Covid 19 does not exist as Germ Theory is the biggest con on the human species the way I see it the Severe Adverse Reactions and Deaths going to happen when the bodies go in detox mode to rid of the dead cells known as the Flu season wait until a new variant is released and could be from India can be dead in days and indeed people will die in the streets. The German Holocaust will be tame to what’s about to happen by the time the human trials are over if anyone is still alive that has taken this toxic poison.

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Hi Guys I have been keeping up to date with Covid 19 Narrative and do I have much evidence that proves that Covid 19 is not a Virus it was created from Event 201. Now some links that need to watch and feel free to share them far and wide.

Does anyone know about this that there is no Delta Variant and mRNA Gene Therapy was turned down by the USA Patent Office as Fauci with NIAD wanted to patent the HIV with mRNA In 2002 listen to what this Doctor says it should make you MAD AS HELL!!

There has been 2 interesting facts the Experimental Gene Therapy Bioweapon inoculations that currently getting reports that all of the Experimental Gene Therapy contain Synthetic Spike Proteins which is toxic to the red blood cells causing Blood Clots and now its not the major blood clots need to be mainly concerned about its the micro blood clots maybe 10s of thousands of them.

Also there is a Doctor Dr Abdul Alim Muhammad his expertise that Inflammation to the Micarditus will eventually lead to Heart Transplants by the time find a suitable heart may likely die.

Now there is a Spanish Research Team obtained a Pfizer Vial put the contents under a Electron Microscope and what they observed was that contained at least 98% of Graphene Oxide they also found Graphene Oxide on any Facemask, PCR Nasal Swab and now inside the Flu Vaccine since 2019. Graphene Oxide highly poisonous can attract magnets and metal objects not to mention linked to the 5g Grid once a city fully switches 5G on. This is what I found about Graphene Oxide and 5G

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Holy wow! Tons of resources here for sure.

Thanks for posting all these links, I don’t have time to go over them right now, but I’m sure others will find them useful.

Your right though, Germ theory is a huge lie, and the people who got the vaccines will definitely be in a whole heap of trouble very soon.

It most definitely does make me very mad, especially the fact that most people just wanna continue living their social media consumer lives and don’t even care to shed light on the truth.

It does really seem that more people are coming around now though.

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