COVID-19 is the best think that happened to this world (not)

Just a funny quote I found taking a stroll through Google :smiley:
When you read this, realize there is a lot of sarcasm.

Covid-19 is an AMAZING virus . Key features: – cured influenza, measles, heart disease, cancers, and most other diseases and abolished ‘death from natural causes’… – it’s a smart virus, highly virulent in parks, churches and schools, the gym and on beaches…- has no effect on the thousands of employees who work at Walmart, All your favorite restaurant places, clothing stores, supermarkets…. and don’t forget those brave old nuns at the churches… God must have a special immunity for them –

the virus seems to target mostly mom and dad businesses and barbershops, who always have much fewer customers who walk through their doors… – construction and supermarket workers have a natural immunity, but would obviously still need to be vaccinated… – also, police uniforms hold the cure for the virus… no social distancing, not even masks are needed, as long as you wear a police uniform… – it doesn’t affect children, except for a few who got it… same with animals… – also, imposing mandatory cloth masks to prevent too much oxygen to people’s brains, and spraying beaches and streets with bleach, as well as spraying chemical airborne disinfectants from airplanes(More chem-trails) over densely populated areas which have been known to do miracles for people’s lungs affected by this strange virus… – we would need millions of ventilators… unless we suddenly won’t need any ventilators… – and we need to make sure hospitals have more beds they know what to do with for the avalanche of virus victims, and the avalanche of TikTok videos by overworked hero doctors and nurses… Just look at those poor nurses on the videos don’t you just want to donate to all of them? – categorized as an ‘invisible enemy’, one that can never be definitively beaten and always lurking in the shadows, much like the war on terror… – it loves New York too – a really cosmopolitan virus… – there is a celebrity strain and a highly deadly strain of the virus… – even more amazing, in Sweden, you can hug your grand kids, yet the UK strain forbids that… – It’s highly racist to only black and Asian people

in India alone, the killer virus managed to lock 1.3 billion people in their homes indefinitely, after decimating 1000 of them, within just a few short months… – every loss of life from this virus is tragic… however, pushing 150-500 million people into starvation worldwide is a necessary price to pay… – experts have pointed out that this seasonal virus could easily be defeated by forever abolishing families, individual privacy, untraceable cash money, and all small independent farms and businesses… – we all may have it by now, yet although asymptomatic, we can still infect people and test negative… or test positive… and our antibodies may, or may not give immunity… – only a heavily government-funded, hastily tested and mandatory vaccine can save us by injecting it in 7 billion people, every year, for a constantly mutating virus, the particular strain of which has long been history… – also, be careful not to spread fake news or dangerous misinformation online about this virus… make sure you leave that to the professionals over at BBC, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Sky News, The Advocate, Fox News, CNN and the rest of the reliable mainstream media journalists around the world.”

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