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I didn’t see specifics on the website on how the testing works on the COVID-19. I’m a healthcare worker who works in a Molecular/Diagnostics lab and have personally swabbed over thousands of people since this began and have tested countless COVID test(RT-PCR, Antibody, and Antigen). I wont be long on this post but I want to bring to light why none of the test(I’ll touch on PCR today) work for COVID-19 as well as any other Pathogen.

So what is the PCR Test? As simple as I can put it without getting to deep. It works by amplifying genetic material(RNA and/or DNA) by doubling it in dozens of cycles until you have about billions to trillions of the original genetic material. Then using those results to determine if you have enough of the identified RNA Fragment to be considered positive.

Here’s the problem… At a certain level of amplification, every single person would test positive. They use an arbitrary cut-off point where they stop doubling the material. That cutoff point is different from lab to lab. So one lab may say the cutoff point should be after 30 cycles. Another lab may say after 27, and so on and so forth. So this presents 2 questions ­-> Question 1: Which cutoff point is right? ­-> Question 2: If we are trying to detect the virus, why should their be a cutoff point in the first place?

Answer to Question 1 & 2: There is no right cut off point… That’s because everyone has around 300 trillion viruses(Human Virome, you learn this when you take virology) in their body at this moment. That includes influenza, corona viruses, rhino viruses, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, HIV, HSV, etc.
Interesting how we are not sick everyday with those many viruses… (Germ Theory)

Nobel Prize Winner (Karry Mullis(He created the test fyi)) believed the PCR test should not be used to diagnose infectious illness. Why? Because the PCR/RT-PCR test only detects that there is genetic material inside your body or sample. We do not have a machine to see if that genetic material is causing illness. What we do have is the electron microscope that we then can watch (takes a long time), to see what the genetic material does to certain cells.
So when you go to your doctor because you have flu-like symptoms and they test you and it comes back positive. All it means is that we have found genetic material inside your nasal cavity, but we aren’t sure if that’s what’s causing your symptoms. (Again- this is proves germ theory to be a theory)

The CDC, FDA, WHO, Institute of Medicine, and The Endocrinology Society all believe this to an extent, but they don’t say this openly. They(People in control, higher up positions) know that germ theory is a theory. But in general they will tell you that if we detect a lot of these viruses(virions or proteins more specifically) in your sample then you are considered positive and we believe thats why you have symptoms. But if we go by that logic, that’s like me saying, Because there are a lot of firefighters(viruses) and fire trucks(viruses) at a scene where their is a huge fire(symptoms), they are causing the fire… Do you see the contradiction and how stupid their logic is?
Hopefully I was able to make it somewhat clear.

That is just a summary. But in conclusion, are the test accurate in detecting a virus? Yes
Does it tell you if that’s what is causing your symptoms? No So the test is pratically useless. Thats also like me saying If I stick a q-tip in your ear and I get wax on the q-tip then that means you have an ear infection… Again do you see how this makes sense? Yeah me neither.

So should you take the test? No, unless you like a swab jammed up your nose then go for it.

I will also state one last thing before I end this post for some of the skeptics out there that maybe think, “Sure the covid test may not be accurate but the flu test and STD test are pretty accurate since they have been out for years”.

So if you think that then you have unfortunately bought into a terrible planned out lie.

When you go into Med School(for doctors) you learn something called The gold standard test, which means if any new disease comes out in a huge widespread(pandemic) they need to make a test to detect what is and who has it(This is the main goal of the CDC), and it needs to be the most accurate test. So how do we define accurate?
If a lab or testing method says that we are the gold standard testing then they need to show proof that their test has gone through Koch’s Postulates.
Koch Postulates is this:

  1. The microorganism must be identified in all individuals affected by the disease, but not in healthy individuals.
  2. The microorganism can be isolated from the diseased individual and grown in culture.
  3. When introduced into a healthy individual, the cultured microorganism must cause disease.
  4. The microorganism must then be re-isolated from the experimental host, and found to be identical to the original microorganism.

This is have never been successfully done with any pathogen that we consider infectious.

On top of this, there are multiple studies of doctors trying to make people and animals sick. For example: One studied showed that with a total of 200 healthy(exhibited no symptom) horses (different breeds), these doctors put a bag of sputum and mucous from other sick horses (who had detected Influenza in the sputum) on top of the healthy horses head to have them breath in the air and put the sputum in their noses and waited a month to see if they could get the horse sick. Results showed that 0 of the horses got sick.

Other studies were done on humans in a similar way but more invasive way was trying to get active form of influenza onto a culture and into a syringe then inject(in both muscle and blood) it into healthy individuals. Not one person exhibited symptoms of influenza.



Even my sister for example, said someone she knew had covid and I said how do you know that?

Because they had a positive test!

I do believe that more and more people are waking up to the uselessness of the tests. Most have Believed the lie

Also, welcome to the site, how did you find the place?

I’ve been meaning to post this in it’s own thread but here’s a video I did on the actual infection/death rates factoring in the huge false positive rate.

Your more likely to die falling down the stairs or driving to work.

Thank you, and I do a lot of research on the deep web(through Tor) and someone had posted your website on their forums and I had checked it out. So here I am lol.

And yes its ridiculousness and I agree people are waking up more and more because the lies they are putting out are getting weaker and weaker.

Then most people tell me well screw by doctor then if he is going to lie to me about the test. But I tell them that most doctors dont even know this. They only know what they are taught in med school. 12-14 years of lectures Books with more than 5000 pages that you have to read and medication names and usages more than you count and a Cadaver to practice surgery on… That changes a person(brainwashed).
The question is where do they get their information. That would be the books. Well who writes the books? Different and many Publishers. But who funds these publishers and gets to tell them what and what not to put in it… None other then Big Pharma. Everything in the medical field always points back to them. When you “Follow the Money” it always leads back to them.

Hi Guys well I knew about the RT-PCR tests was never designed for clinical diagnosis was for research as the Cycle Threshold can be adjusted to any number the higher it is the more false Positives people are, including Asymptomatics with zero symptoms. There is no chance Asymptomatic can have zero symptoms with a virus. The lower the number is the best way of knowing person is positive to what no one knows because not one Scientist has ever one a isolated and purified sample out side of a lab or with out computer models.

Here is the tin foil hat, down the rabbit hole or inside the Matrix Covid 19 does not exist its a Plandemic pure and simple came from Event 201 in conjunction with Rockefeller LockStep and Agenda 30. It’s all about the Great Reset and Depopulation protocol by 2030 will only be 500M alive majority is by these Gene Therapy Synthetic Injections which will alter your DNA ready for AI. Covid 19 sands for Certificate Of Vaccine Identification and 1 =A and 9= I.

For those of you willing to see exactly why any takes these Gene therapy Synthetic Injections will be on a powder Keg death is inevitable.

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Refuse Covid 19 Draconian measures esp PCR Test
This Documentary will tie in with the top one

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