Covid-19: The Skull & Bones Virus

I came across this last night on Twitter, and immediately realized this guy was onto something…

I wasn’t sure about the 322 part so I asked and his reply was that 322 is skull and bones.

C(3)V(22) 19 = 44

The number ‘322’ appears on the society’s insignia, and is said to refer to 322 B.C., when Athens lost the Lamian War and had to dissolve its democracy. A new, plutocratic government allowed only wealthy Athenians to remain citizens. - Hidden In The Crag

This is a very important article to read given the situation of our world today, and the attempts (they are only attempts, literally a legal OFFER, that is it) they are making on our rights.

In the article he goes onto explain the fairy tale Repunzel, and how that movie was essentially preprogramming society for the quarantine situation today.

This is not random, the people that are attempting to gain control with this contrived event are literally using magic and the science of gematria.

Regardless of whether or not you believe this has any significance, it does. They know the power of symbolism and the language of numbers, and until we all begin using this to our advantage, they will continue using it to further their agenda.

Check out his full article here.

Well then. What’s the general breakdown? Lol

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