Detoxification for anything!

There are 5 steps
*Helping the organs of elimination
*Immune system
*Whole body detox

Energy means you increase the amount of ATP (energy) the body produces. Since you’re detoxing the body needs as much energy as it can to eliminate toxins. A nutritious diet is key to this step. You can take minerals, trace minerals, or anything that’s boost mitochondria function.

Next step is to increase the function of the organs of elimination. This will allow for a faster & more efficient detox. The kidney & liver are the main detox organs in the body. So what you wanna do is take supplements that will cleanse/increase the function of the liver & kidneys. Supplements like NAC, milk thistle, parsley, marshmallow & gynostemma root, etc are great!

Next is to fix the gut by addressing dysbiosis. You also need to address parasites for this. Its simple, just eliminate all the bad microorganisms in your gut and repopulate it with probiotics/fermented foods. Use herbs, mms, colloidal silver or anything natural. Just get it done

Next is immune support. This is straightforward. Just do anything to help the immune system. For herbs you can use turkey rhubarb, sheep sorrel, burdock root, slippery elm bark, astragalus root, graviola, etc. You can also use GcMAF, DMSO, MMS, or even colloidal silver!

If you have a kid that’s severely autistic, you should probably get them in ketosis so the body can chelate heavy metals that are embedded deep within the brain. Vaccines have nagalase & it inhibits immune system function. This causes toxins to settle deep within tissues. Dr Bradstreet literally cured autism with just GCMAF so I would say ketosis and GCMAF are really important to treat autism.

The last step is whole body detox. This is just when you’re taking anything to get rid of toxins in the body. Its kinda like immune support. If you have Lyme or are struggling with something specific you can take certain herbs/supplements to treat it.

You’ll know you’re done detoxing when you don’t get sick anymore, especially in the months of winter! Be patient, stay consistent and the body will heal. Hope this helps!


Lots of good info here, especially the supplement lists. I never even knew that marshmallow root was a thing before reading this.

I’ll mention that a good way to get those valuable minerals is from a substance called shilajit. It’s said to be basically decomposed plant matter at very high altitudes. I’m not sure the exact number but it supposedly has like 99.99% of the minerals the body needs. I just ordered more today as I’m pretty sure my daughter stashed it somewhere, but it’s great stuff.

I buy mine on eBay and you can get a really good amount for like $20-$40.

Thanks for the informative post, I’ll definitely be utilizing some of the things you’ve mentioned here.

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