Do the Masks benefit you?

Lets talk about the masks on a health standpoint.

Before we go into if you believe the masks work to help keep you safe… Then this next statement is for you. The N95 Mask (NIOSH approved) have a diameter (distance between your face to the seal of the mask itself) of about .500 microns. That is only accurate if you even put it on correctly which most people don’t even know how. The Virus protein is about 0.125 microns (the virus itself is smaller). To give you what the looks like on a larger scale. That’s like trying to put up a chain link fence up to block out mosquitoes… So if you think a mosquito cant go through a chain-link fence then you should stop reading(no hard feelings).

We breathe oxygen, We need oxygen, and we breathe out carbon dioxide. Ask the question, “How long could an animal or human live by just breathing straight Carbon Dioxide?”

When oxygen is no longer present in the body, it takes about 1 to 2 minutes for the body to start shutting down in certain places.

By wearing a mask you are inducing a hypoxic injury. When you are wearing a mask you are restricting airflow. You are also breathing in more CO2. So you are creating something called a Pseudohypoxia. You are also creating stress. So now your body is having to suck oxygen through something that’s obstructing the airway. In medical school and in the trauma bay they are taught 3 things à “When in doubt go back to your ABC”. A- Airway B-Breathing C-Circulation.

Notice A and B have to do with our ability to perspire or oxygenate. When you are wearing a mask you’re reducing your ability to oxygenate. And because you are throwing your body into that chronic stress, you increase your cortisol levels(stress hormone). When cortisol goes up, your immune system is suppressed and vise versa. When cortisol goes up and your immune system is suppressed due to airway being blocked, this is called a Sympathetic mimetic drive. Meaning you are creating the fight or flight response when its not needed and pushing it farther then it was intended to go simply by wearing a mask.

This is like putting your car in park and flooring the gas pedal for an hour. That’s what your doing to your body. You are throwing your body into a overdrive situation of stress that is now going to create a cascade or domino effect, because when your body is stressed you need more oxygen. If a bear was chasing you would you be breathing harder? And now take the scenario and put a mask on… Do you think that’s going to create a problem.

Wearing a mask has never been established to prevent disease… Ever. There is no literature to support this. When a surgeon wears a mask, its to prevent them from spitting, drooling, coughing, or sneezing into that sterile surgical field. That’s the reason why masks(in the medical field) were created. If you live in a house with 8 people and one person gets sick who wears a mask? The other 7 people or the one person who is sick?

People are not being told to quarantine they are being forced to isolate themselves. They have used the word quarantine to make it sound like a medical thing. But let’s be real, it’s a taking away of freedom. Have you ever seen some of the higher up political leaders wear masks? Why not? Because at least some of them are competent enough to realize this entire thing is a narrative pushed to hide something bigger.

This is not a health issue, Politics doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Ask the question “Why?”

Follow the money.


I’ve never heard of the term pseudohypoxia before this. I really like the analogies that you’ve used here, especially the one about the mosquitos and about slamming on the gas while holding the brake pedal.

There’s even been some places that have abolished the use of surgical masks during surgeries because they almost double the rate of infection. Sweden did this almost a decade ago. The thing about this is not that it’s old science and inaccurate, but this has been a long known thing.

People knew this long ago and somehow nobody is capable of doing any research on their own.

Also there’s all the horrible psychological effects that children are experiencing on top of all the isolation.

When I go to the grocery store with my daughter (not quite 2 years old) she has got to feel disconnected and lost not being able to see facial expressions. Especially when I’m holding her hand and tell her to stop so someone can pass, she looks up at their faces and sees nothing except a mask. Such a horrible horrible thing they are doing.

I couldn’t imagine the damage being done to children in families that wear masks. We don’t live in fear in our household

Here’s a few really good studies showing not only the ineffectiveness of masks but also showing that they increase disease.

Thanks for the great post, I’ll be posting this on Twitter.

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Agreed 100% Thanks for the link.

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I like how you illustrate in literal terms of why wearing a mask is detrimental to your health then when you add Experimental Gene Therapy, Social Distancing and constant hand washing plus include 5G and Climate Change then you have the ingredients to depopulate the Human Race until only 500M are left their time line which are those 1%ers is by 2030.

When you come to the true Science that is not influenced by Big Pharma or Eugenics Manufacturers and Fear Porn from the Main News Networks then you find out what these Facemasks are doing to you and unable to slow down the spread the real science can be read from here This would be classified as Disinformation the reason why does not follow Event 201 and Covid 19 Narrative. Also not going to hear it from Fake News Media.

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