Eat Right For Your Blood Type

So I stumbled upon a post on Twitter where a book was mentioned in a tweet about health. After a few searches I found the mentioned book.

In the first chapter in the book, something very interesting is mentioned…

It is fascinating to note that virtually all the major infectious diseases that ran so rampant throughout our pre-antibiotic history have ABO blood group preferences of one group or another.

Considering the state of the world right now, I would like to pose a question.

Could it be possible that maybe the people that are getting positive results after receiving a covid test possibly be the same blood type?

Just realize that I don’t believe there is some type of infectious disease being coughed from one human into another, but the tests are showing positives and I think there’s something more than just sample sizes in the tests.

I’ll look into that at a later date, but I’ll leave you with the rest of the paragraph.

This results from the fact that many microbes possess ABO “blood types” of their own. It is perhaps useful to understand that the ABO blood group antigens are not unique to humans, although humans are the only species with all four variants. They are relatively simple sugars that are abundantly found in nature. For example, a bacterium with an antigen on its surface that mimicked the blood group A antigen would have a much easier time infecting a person who was group A, since that bacteria would more likely be considered “self” to the immune system of a blood group A person. Also, microbes may adhere to the tissues of one ABO group in preference to another, by possessing specialized adhesion molecules for that particular blood group

So What’s The Difference?

The practical stuff starts in the third chapter, the first paragraph is probably the most important part of the book.

The ABO blood groups are an important key to the body’s immune system. It controls the influence of viruses, bacteria, infections, chemicals, stress, and the entire assortment of invaders and conditions capable of causing disease and weakening immunity. Through its unique antigens it accomplishes this by serving as a type of biological gatekeeper.

Once you leave behind the flawed germ theory, this really should say it all.

Depending on your blood type, your body may deal with poisons and other things differently than others.

A little more on Antigens…

Antigens are chemical markers, typically proteins, found on the cells of our bodies and on most other living things. Any substance can be an antigen; the only requirement is that it be unique enough to allow the immune system an opportunity to determine whether it is “self” or “non-self.” When the immune system evaluates an unknown antigen, and recognizes it as a part of the body, the suspect in question is then considered safe and friendly. If not, it is an intruder, and appropriately dealt with. At least a million different substances may provoke immune responses.

From what I understand about the major corporations working to control the world, it seems that they are well aware of these things. How could they put something into the products they are selling, without knowing exactly how they affect different groups of people?

Well it seems like the goal would be to use something that our bodies wouldn’t identify as an intruder. Then of course, after months or years of these accumulating in your body, cancer develops, and they can blame it on genetics. Which would maybe be a little bit true, if we swap out the word genetics for antigens.

The different blood group antigens are so sensitive that when they are operating effectively, they are the immune system’s greatest security system.

If the antigens were able to identify the substance as an intruder from the beginning, they wouldn’t have a chance to build up. Of course this wouldn’t be acceptable by the corporations selling the products to you, because you would have the reaction immediately and people would stop buying and using them immediately. Nope, they want something that will be as delayed as possible, so you keep buying it and whatever arises later can be blamed on something else.

I’m going to leave it at that. If anyone wants to dive in deeper then this will be a great resource. I haven’t read it completely yet, but I will be figuring out which blood type I have so I can figure out what’s best for me.

There’s lists of different foods and how they are tolerated to the different blood types, and also a list of medical issues and conditions and how they can be treated in people with different blood types, and tons more.

Eat Right for 4 Your Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia by Peter DAdamo, Catherine Whitney.epub (16.1 MB)

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Never thought that there could be a diet made for my blood type. Very neat! It really does make you wonder what, besides what people are consuming etc, is making them so prone to “testing positive”. It would be cool to get your hands on a covid swab to see what you find when you break it down.

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I know right!

The craziest part about all of this is the lack of information put out there regarding all of this.

But then again… It’s definitely apparent that the people pulling the strings do not want you to be healthy. That’s alright though, because I know there are enough of us out there that will dig up this important information, and make it available for the masses.

Hope you find it useful. Live long, healthy, and prosper!

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