Encrypted Messaging.. Fuck all plain text

Because our ability to communicate is vital, I would like to proudly introduce to everyone…

Encrypted messaging!

Stop consenting to the destruction of your freedom and the elimination of your god given rights. I don’t give a damn what your religious affiliation is, the fact is, that your rights are not endowed by anything written on a piece of paper (like the constitution). They are from something greater than anything created by man.

Show me a social media site that allows this and I’ll be the first to sign up.


How to set everything up

Head on over to your user preferences. Either by clicking here or by clicking the icon in the very top right of the screen, where your profile picture is, clicking the tab at the very right, and then selecting preferences.


On this page, scroll to the bottom, then you’ll come across the option to Enable encrypted messages


Click Enable encrypted messages, then Save Changes

Afterwards, you’ll see this notification at the top of the screen.

encrypted notif

if not don’t sweat it, scroll to the bottom in your preferences again.


Click Generate paper key and a dialog box will pop up, like this one.


At the very least, save it somewhere that is not easily accessible by anyone else, for instance, in a zip/rar with a password that only you know, then email it to yourself.


After you’ve copied your key somewhere reliable close this dialog and click Save Changes.

To verify everything is correct, refresh the page, then click the config icon config icon, select Manage Paper Keys, and if everything is correct, you’ll see a list of your keys that begins with the first word of the keys you copied a minute ago.


Manage keys list

Go ahead and close the dialog.

Now Let’s Send Encrypted Messages!

Go ahead and send a message to someone on the site, do so by again clicking your profile picture at the very top right of the page, double click the messaging tab (one click will change the tab, two will allow you to send a message)

Send 1

Click the Message icon a second time.

Send 2

You’ll be brought to the Private Messaging page.

Click New Message

send 3

Then the message dialog will pop up at the bottom of the screen.

send 4

Notice the encrypted Icon. Type in the username that you want to send an encrypted message to. If the user has not also enabled encrypted messaging as laid out in this article, you will receive an error, which looks like this.
send 5

If they haven’t, shoot them this link, and afterwards do it up.

This also works for multiple recipients. All of them must have already enabled and generated their own private keys though. However it will only work for the device you set it up on, until you add additional devices.

Adding Another Device

Grab your other device and head over to user preferences again, scroll to the bottom and paste your private key (paper key) from the step above that you saved in a safe place.


Enter it in the passphrase box and click Activate encrypted messages, the page should auto reload and afterwards you can view the encrypted messages on that device along with the original device you set it up on.

Get that information out there people. Do it up!

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