Everyone Has A Fever: Lowering The "Normal" Body Temperature

I remember this commercial for winterfresh chewing gum, from when I was younger. The entire commercial was based on the fact that it was 98.6° F inside your mouth.

This was ingrained in my mind through television programming, and I still remember it vividly today. The ability of these corporations and marketing geniuses to literally program your brain is insane. That’s an entire different article, so for now I’ll just focus on the topic at hand.

Where Did This Number Come From?

According to WebMD…

A German doctor in the 19th century set the standard at 98.6 F, but more recent studies say the baseline for most people is closer to 98.2 F. - WebMD: What Is Normal Body Temperature?

The reality is that Germans use Celsius and not Fahrenheit.


So in 1851, Carl Reinhold, a German physician, took the armpit temperature of 25,000 people, averaged it, and declared that the average temperature of the human body was 37° Celsius.

It is claimed that the 98.6° was merely a conversion error, since people were doing everything by hand, someone just screwed up and it turned out to be 98.6° instead of the actual temperature of 98.2°.

I don’t think this is the full story because from what I have learned in my lifetime, people were MUCH smarter back then and were able to do much more than most people can do today, with their brains instead of how people rely on their cell phones today.

So Are People Just Getting Colder?

According to many reputable sources this is exactly what they are claiming.

It is one of those facts of life that we learn early and don’t forget: normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. But a new study in eLife argues that that number is outdated. - ScientificAmerican: Are Human Body Temperatures Cooling Down?

They claim that as recently as the civil war (1861-1865), the average temperature was 98.6° and somehow over the last 150 years, people have just started getting colder.

Stanford University researchers looked at data from Civil War soldiers and veterans and two more recent cohorts to confirm that body temperatures among American men averaged around 98.6 degrees F back then but have steadily fallen over time and that temperatures among women have fallen as well. Their data find an average for men and women of 97.5 degrees F. - ScientificAmerican: Are Human Body Temperatures Cooling Down?

But is this the whole story, or is it just something to steer society a certain way?

People were much healthier back then than we are today, regardless of what the medical establishment will lead you to believe. People were not staring into screens all day, everyone wasn’t on medication, everyone was out working in the sun, eating organic food and drinking water that wasn’t chlorinated and flouridated.

The next time you are near an old graveyard, I urge you to walk through it and take note of birth dates and death dates. When I did this about a year ago I was surprised at the amount of people that more than doubled the average life expectancy.

Why would a corporation want you to think people are living longer today, than they were over a century ago? Well because if you knew the truth, people would stop putting their lives into the hands of the greedy medical corporations.

More People Are Diseased Today Than Ever Before

There is a pandemic happening right now, and I am not talking about bullshit Covid-19. Let’s just use sugar here for the sake of simplicity. An average American consumes 130 pounds of sugar per year. Refined sugar is not healthy, and this is way more than anyone should ever consume under any circumstances. The WHO recommends a maximum of 50 g of sugar per day, and over the course of a year this comes to roughly 40 pounds. So just using this information, the average american is literally poisoning themselves with sugar.

So if you were to take the average temperature of 25,000 healthy people, you would most certainly get a different average than if you were to compare them to 25,000 diseased people. Which is exactly what is happening.

In the ScientificAmerican article they use interesting language…

It is one of those facts of life that we learn early and don’t forget: normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

I would like to first point out that normal, and average are two entirely different things. This whole plamdemic is a push to redefine normal, from a healthy normal, to a diseased normal.

I would also like to point out that with this new definition of the normal body temperature, comes a new definition of fever. I would bet money that this is just another way for them to attempt to detain anyone for having covid like symptoms.

The quote below is from an article that was updated 6 days ago. Why would they need to update a page about something as common as a fever?

This is them doing everything they can to create a new diseased normal.

A person has a fever if their body temperature rises above the normal range of 98–100°F (36–37°C). It is a common sign of an infection. - MedicalNewsToday: Fever: What you need to know

They want you to believe that you are running a fever when you are not. This new fever range literally includes everyone, compared to the old definition which is usually above 100.3° F.

There have been many announcements from many corporations claiming that a new normal is under way. This is simply a magical spell (Magic Is Real: The Coronavirus Spell) by definition and we must do everything we can to let them know that we will not comply. Magic only works if the viewer doesn’t know what is happening.

These people are evil, and you better believe that they will use any and everything to their advantage, in order to terrify you into giving away your rights. They want you to believe that people everywhere are begging to be locked down, but they fail to mention that people are standing up to their tyranny all over the world.

If everyone knew that people aren’t putting up with this, it would end pretty quickly.

Do not fear your neighbors, do not become an informant for the police, and build a relationship with your neighbors.

It is all a mind game, and viruses have never even been proven to be contagious like they claim.

Germ Theory Hoax: Coronavirus Can’t Make You Sick and Vaccines Don’t Work (Part 1)

I do not consent, and I will not put on their mind control device, today it is the mask.

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Good catch. And As always a very well written article.
And no, I do not fear my neighbors.

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I do not consent, and I will not put on their mind control device, today it is the mask.

I love this ending and the article was very insightful.interesting do you think theres a way to make unrefined sugar,cause most natural sugar which is healthy in form of glucose sucrose and such is usually held in fruits! is there a way to have healthier sugar same looking as ours that we can serve in tea.Also sugarcane vs corn (is it?) sugar ,is one a healthier option than the other?

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Thanks, and the thing that makes sugar so bad in its refined state is that our bodies don’t handle it properly without the fiber. If an apple has 50g of sugar in it then you have to actually eat the whole apple so your body uses up all of the “ingredients” together in harmony.

Here’s more about that and sugar in general

As far as the healthiest version I would say just try to get the least processed you can, if you could get it straight from a farm that made it there it would probably be a better bet than the super cheap stuff at the grocery store.

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So, 100.1 temp is now considered a sign of infection, whereas 100.3 was the previous normal?

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Oops, I didn’t explain that correctly. Thank you for pointing this out. I’ll be editing the original a little later to clarify.

The original fever started at about 100 F, but that was going off of the original normal (98.6 F) temperature.

But if the “normal” temperature is now 97.6 or 97.2, then I believe very soon the fever temperature will be changed from 100 F to 99 F (or lower). Thus practically including everyone who would have been considered healthy before this change.

I think this is just another small step for them being able to identify healthy people, as diseased.

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Thanks. That makes sense.
According to this chart(from Bing images), 100F is 37.7C.
Don’t know how accurate it is.

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Pretty accurate but the numbers appear to be rounded.

According to this that chart it’s pretty close.


I found this pretty old article from 1992 and in this they are talking more about 98.2 F being the new normal.

So it turns out this isn’t completely new info. But the scientificamerican article with the average being 97.5 F, seems to be the lowest of all of them.

I just think it’s very odd that this information is coming out into the public eye during this plandemic. I can totally see them using this to set a different baseline.

Here’s another article that talks about the wildly different ranges if you’re interested.

They even mention temperatures as low as 96 F being normal.

I do believe that all the poisons were ingesting usually on a daily basis definitely have something to do with all of this.

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