Gardening And Reducing Our Dependance On The System

The New Normal?

If there’s one thing that I can say for sure about all of the nonsense happening today, we have to change our normal. I’m not talking about all of this bullshit social distancing or washing your hands every 5 minutes or worrying about whether someone sneezing on you is going to kill you.

I’m talking about reducing our dependence on the current systems in order to avoid following along with their ‘offers’ of mandated vaccinations and their offers to reduce mass public gatherings. I will say that again in a different way. We do not have to accept their offer, we do not have to adopt all of the requests. The way it stands right now is that in order for us to participate in their current system (buying food from their grocery stores or trading your time for a wage at your job) we have to accept their offer for social distancing in public, and eventually have to agree to mandatory vaccinations to get our right to public gatherings back.

This will not matter if we do not depend on their systems. For instance, if only 25% of people were to make the commitment that in 3 months time, we will no longer buy 50% of our produce from walmart, they will have to give us our rights back in order to get our business back. If that same 25% of people were also committed to working for themselves and not spending your money as a consumer in their stores… They would definitely be hurting and they would understand that we are not willing to participate in their systems if they started to get too controlling. We only have to accept their offer, if we want to continue living in their system…

I for one, do not fucking accept any of their offers.

Passive Disobedience

The most effective way of protesting anything, is not with guns or violence. But employing something called “Passive Disobedience” also called civil disobedience, passive resistance, and nonviolent resistance. It involves basically just opting out of as many things as possible, along with voting with your dollar. I think if everyone stopped shopping at Wal-mart even for 1 single day, shit would proably hit the fan. Great success has came from employing this technique throughout history, and is a very important thing to learn about. Here are a couple links outlining it

In an effort to distance myself from as many parts of their system as I can, I have been looking into efficient gardening. By consuming as little as I can from their system, I am not accepting their offer.

Some other ways to reduce your dependence on the system would be to stop eating at all of the franchises. Along with not purchasing any processed meals at all, therefor reducing the profits of huge ass companies like the evil Nestle. Along with not purchasing beauty products or deodorant (make your own without aluminum) and unsubscribing from services like amazon prime or netflix (filled with propaganda anyway).

I found a few links that have some really cool ideas that are basically free to start. I will be posting a recipe that I use in order to make your own nutritious soil very soon as well.

One idea that really got me thinking from this page is this…

I’m sure everyone can get their hands on some empty bottles next time they have yard time (prison term for outside exercise time).

But I just wanted to start this post in an effort to get people to converse about these particular things, and see if there are any other suggestions people have here.

Let’s create a new system and not accept their offer.


Going to the grocery store today, I wanted to laugh or Maybe even cry. Seeing all the people with masks on. The marks on the floor to keep distance. What the media has done to make these people so fearful, of a cold!
The passive obedience. Its automatic for most.
And then there is me.

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At this stage, your best bet is to simply try and buy chickens. Eggs are very nutritious and healthy…

There may not be enough time to grow your own food if you haven’t already been doing so.

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This would be the goal if I lived in a different area or had more land where I’m at now. Unfortunately laws have been passed that make it illegal for me to own chickens or goats or any other animal that would provide me some kind of sustenance where I live.

I wish I would have thought about this before we moved to this house, because we only moved here like 2 months ago.

It’s just insane to me that they could even take this right away from me, the world is so far away from operating in a sustainable way.

I can tell you one thing for sure, I am never living in a city after this is over (if it is).

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