George Floyd: Death Of An Actor

Shit has been progressively getting more chaotic day after day.

Some states have relaxed their quarantine only to implement a mandatory curfew, which apparently doesn’t apply to protestors for whatever reason.

From my understanding, it seems that they only relaxed the quarantine in order to give the illusion that things might go back to normal. But then at the same exact time we see tons of videos all over the internet showing that it is getting even crazier, especially after the staged death of actor George Floyd and all of the BlackLivesMatter distraction.

I’m going to say that again…

It is all a distraction, and many of the protests around the world are people either protesting the Covid-19 hoax, or the failing of fiat currency, but they are masked to make us believe everyone is protesting George Floyd. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure some of them are actually protesting, but it seems that they are peaceful protestors.

The people actually starting the riots are likely paid crisis actors, with the job of creating unrest and chaos. There are countless different platforms available where practically anyone can hire anyone, in order to make an impact. Crowds On Demand, offers paid protesters to be used for any and all purposes.

The fact that anybody with money, can pay for bodies and have a crowd of people who appear to support whatever cause they want to, sometimes in less than 24 hours is just insane.

One of the examples from the page describes how they were used to sway public opinion, in a United Nations assembly to give the illusion that the newly elected leader was viewed in a positive light.

I saw a tweet where a sheriff mentioned to the public that there were busloads of protestors and rioters coming to whichever town, and they couldn’t do anything about it. If anyone has a link to this I’d be very grateful, because it got lost while I was wading through all the chaos.

What Kind Of World Is This?

I would assume that an actual elected official, for a organization as big and powerful as the United Nations, wouldn’t be as deceitful as this, and would want to do things in the best interest of the public. Obviously this isn’t the case as deception is one of their usual tactics to fulfill their narrative.

In a world where organizations are supposed to be uniting and creating a better place for all of us, yet we have them literally paying to make it appear that people are for whatever they’re doing… We really must do our best to use logic in order to differentiate between reality and what appears to be basically paid advertisements.

We must, now more than ever, use deductive reasoning in order to wade through all the fake news and propaganda, and figure out what to do next.

We should be doing our best to separate ourselves from the system, and create an actual community of neighbors that support each other and stand up to these tyrants, because they are not doing this for your health. Doing things like starting a garden, no matter how much space you have. They are quite literally, systematically destroying our rights, and creating a slave state.

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