Germ Theory Hoax Part 2: Coronavirus Isn't Contagious Because Everyone Already Has It

As I mentioned in the previous article viruses are not the cause of disease and sickness. Béchamp attributed disease and sickness to a process similar to fermentation. Meaning that the conditions must be ideal in order for a mutation to happen, that we already have the necessary ingredients in our body for viruses to develop.

The viruses are a cleaning mechanism for the body to rid the body of toxins. Vonderplanitz describes them as soap or a solvent to clean out the toxins. They are our friends, they are helping your body eliminate toxins in order to heal.

If you haven’t already checked it out, here’s the first of the series.

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So What Actually Causes Disease?

Under the “currently accepted scientific theory for many diseases” Germ Theory will tell us that any and everyone is susceptible to these microscopic living things that are able to float around and infect our bodies, unless you get a vaccine of course!

That there are literally an infinite amount of these, and that each one is particular to a specific disease.

This is obviously very lucrative to the people who have a stake in the medical business, especially the vaccine manufacturers. But I will present some information that will help

Here is a table comparing Germ Theory and Terrain Theory (Microzymian Theory, commonly labeled Cellular Theory)

Anything Else?

“In 1910, at the Mayo Biological Laboratories, Dr. Rosenow began a series of experiments in which he took bacterial strains from many different disease sources, such as peurperal sepsis, arthritis, tonsillitis, and cow’s milk and put them into one culture of uniform media”

“After a while, there was no difference between the germs; they became all one class. Dr. Rosenow therefore concluded there was no particularly fixed species of different germs and they all had the capacity to change their structure with the changes in their nutriments.” Walene James: Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth

This experiment completely contradicts the model of the germ theory, and this was over a century ago. The only reason that this is not common knowledge, is because Pastuer was excellent at marketing himself and had plenty of political ties.

So What Does This All Mean?

To put it simply, we have all been duped.

We all have a insanely huge amount of bacteria, fungi and parasites living on and inside of us, and these are usually capable of consuming or eliminating toxins that we are exposed to. But when these toxins or irritants (like EMF) become too much to handle the healthy tissue is damaged, and this damaged tissue mutates into a virus and this virus begins working overtime to make up for toxins the bacteria cannot eliminate. Once the toxins are eliminated, these mutated tissues (viruses) are able to become healthy tissue once again.

All disease is the result of toxic waste buildup in your system, and the more bullshit you put into your body, the more you are helping create an optimum environment for the normal tissue in your body, to mutate into a ‘virus’.

Simple bacterial forms like streptococci (pus germs) could be made to assume all of the characteristics of pnuemococci (pneumonia germs) simply by feeding them on pneumonia virus and making other minor modifications in their environment. And when Rosenow reversed the procedure and fed pneumonia germs on pus, the quickly changed into streptococci. Many other expirements we carried on, and, in every instance, the germs, regardless of type, changed into other types when their food and environment were altered. - Journal of Inefctious Diseases 14: 1-32 (1914)

"In other words, Rosenow found that various strains of bacteria “or what one might call sub-sub species of them, could when suitably treated, become any of the other strains.” - Walene James: Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth

It is impossible for you to constantly treat your body like shit, then just get vaccines and be healthy.

But there are more factors here besides what you put in your body…

The Nocebo

We all know we should eat healthy, avoid sugar, exercise and have a positive mindset. This has been talked about by countless different people and I am pretty sure everyone knows that it is a good healthy way to live.

This morning I was watching the series on Netflix called Legion and during the intro they started talking about placebo and nocebo.

Placebo is basically when your mind induces healing after taking something (like medication) that is inert (a sugar pill) with the belief that it will help a condition.

Nocebo is the exact same thing but instead of producing a positive healing effect, it is negative and usually not desired.

There is often very much truth presented to us under the guise of fiction in television and movies. This should show that fear is definitely contagious.

This coincides with the Coronavirus pandemic extremely well, and really makes me wonder what is actually going on with this whole thing (If as many people are really getting sick as we have read).

I would just point out that numerous toxins are constantly sneaking their way into our body through things like processed foods, chemtrails, vaccines, pesticides, and even in organic food and water. I for one know that an average person definitely has quite the buildup of toxins from these sources. Add to that the exposure of all the electromagnetic soup practically everyone of us are being submerged into constantly.

There is even evidence to show that our healthy bacteria can be mutated by UV light, I wouldn’t think it is too far off to assume that they could be mutated using other forms of light, like the light coming off your cell phone or television…

Mme. Victor Henri, the lady bacteriologist, has made one of the most important discoveries in the branch of research for many years. She has, by subjecting bacteria to the action of ultra-violet rays, succeeded in creating a new species of bacteria from a species already known. The experiment was made with the antrax bacillus, which from a rod-shape was transformed into a spherical coccus. - The Daily News of London: April, 8 1914

Then you throw in the whole nocebo thing and it seems we have a huge cocktail for all kinds of problems, just like what is happening all over the world right now.

Thanks for reading everyone, be sure to check out the next in the series… and don’t be afraid of your neighbors.

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This is huge. What the hell.


“All disease is the result of toxic waste buildup in your system, and the more bullshit you put into your body, the more you are helping create an optimum environment for the normal bacteria in your body, to mutate into a ‘virus’”. --> absolutely,I certainly believe this! they mutate from our bad states not just sit there waiting to attack us as mentioned and pushed around by society. We are actually made to be in a healthy state if it weren’t the toxins they feed us

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I don’t think that you meant to say that bacteria are capable of mutating into a virus. A bacteria is a living organism. A virus has no mitochondria.

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Thanks for that, good catch and also, welcome to the site!

According to the stuff I’ve seen your correct, it’s not the bacteria that mutate into the virus, but damaged tissue. This damaged tissue (possibly damaged in many different ways) mutates into a so called virus and has the capability (reportedly) to mutate back into healthy tissue after its job is completed.

This is outlined here.
Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth

Will update the original post sometime tomorrow to clarify. Thanks for pointing this out to me.

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