Gravity Isn't Real: Why you should question EVERYTHING

I recently heard someone say that they wrote out all of the things they believed to be true, and thoroughly researched each of them individually to determine if they were indeed true.

It turns out that the majority of them were false. This raises a serious question about the world we see around us on a daily basis. I have recently came to realize that most of the ideas and “facts” I believed were skewed to say the least.

Once you decide that you are tired of seeing the world unconsciously, you will start seeing a world that is closer to reality.

Where did all this false information come from?

I can’t tell you the exact answer to this question, but here’s my interpretation. I’m sure many people would love to point their finger at an elite ruling class or a certain individual (Trump did it!) and in many cases this is exactly what is happening. If you go to any social media site, you’ll see everyone picking someone to blame, then chaos erupts.

While it may be true that the 1% are “pulling the strings” and planting seeds, so to speak. the real purveyors of these false truths are the regular people working their 9 to 5 jobs.

People that are trapped into living paycheck to paycheck.

People that are so busy keeping up on their chores around the house.

People that are TIRED.

The reason I say this is because the average Joe has never bothered to question their beliefs. They see an article published in scientific american, or a page on Wikipedia, or an advertisement from the FDA or CDC and assume it’s true.

Most people will completely reject an idea that goes against their core belief system with zero consideration. The thing I’m trying to point out here is that once you believe something to be true, it feels almost like an attack if someone says something that doesn’t fit your belief system.

When I First Realized I Didn’t Know Shit

I remember the first time my cousin told me gravity didn’t exist.

I was blown away to say the least.

Immediately I labeled the idea crazy.

No way! When I drop shit from my hand it falls to the ground. That’s gravity!

It wasn’t until he shared many different links with me about the laws of thermodynamics that I began to realize that my belief in gravity was in fact, a false belief.

I learned how everything in the Theory of Relativity was in fact, A THEORY. As in unproven and without a single piece of factual evidence.

I learned that many aspects within the theory of relativity would violate the laws of thermodynamics.

I came across these very interesting pieces of information, and I was literally flabbergasted.

Forbes: The Tale Of A 1986 Experiment That Proved Einstein Wrong

Earth Mover: How Einstein Made the Earth Move (When All the Experiments Showed it Wasn’t Moving

What Does This Have To Do With You?

If our universities and scholars all around the world, and practically every other person has been proven wrong about gravity being real, and that the Earth is actually stationary…

What else COULD they be wrong about?

  • Is earth actually the third planet from the sun?
  • Are aliens real?
  • Are humans really evolved from monkeys?
  • Is a year really 365 1/4 days long?
  • Do vaccines work as advertised?
  • Does the Healthcare system care for your health, or are they out to profit?

We as human beings need to question where our belief systems came from.

Who did you get the information from.

How is their track record and can they be trusted to have your best interest in mind?



very true,I personally have seen people who are tired and just stuck in a normal routine ,buy into whats just fed to them even if it doesn’t make sense or just leads to desolation.To connect with our deeper selves we must first learn to think independently and as question everything. Sure its scary and intimidating in a way to have our belief systems challenged,but there’s freedom in truth!



Your absolutely right about that. It can be scary and crazy finding out that everything you thought to be true could be false. But it doesn’t all have to be.

I learned from Owen Benjamin that finding the truth and knowing that you’ve been lied to, is actually quite liberating.

The spells that you were under before now have no power over you.

Learning these things have been some of the most beneficial things in my life, right after having a child.

Knowledge is power! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also, welcome to the site!

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My pleasure to be here! :smile:


Sometimes I was in disbelieve in a truth that was originally a lie. Years later And now not much is shocking really. I think also many times people are good natured, or maybe nieve to what we are told. We automatically have trust. But yes of course, we are tired! Tired of the mundane.

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