How did you come to realize we aren't living on a spinning ball?

Just like the title says, what was the thing that woke you up?

For me it was my cousin that got me started. I didn’t believe him at first, but after him going on about it so much and sharing the evidence he had to prove this, I finally began to try and look at it from his point of view and see why and how he could possibly believe it. Maybe I intended on proving him wrong, but either way… I couldn’t, and now there is no doubt in my mind.

We CANNOT be on a spinning globe.

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s aha moment.


It just never made sense that we were on a spinning perfectly round " marble" The ground is not perfectly flat, niether is any body of water.
So it was never an Aha moment for me. But I guess it kinda was when I found out few ancient tribes thought the earth was flat as well.

Well that’s the thing about the flat earth model, large bodies of water are flat because water always finds it’s level in any container. The globe model claims that water doesn’t do this and instead curves around the blue marble.

But yeah, the whole ancient cultures thing definitely made an impact on me. It’s absolutely insane to claim that the Mayans (who had one of the most accurate calendars) could “predict” practically any astrological event accurately, but got the shape of the Earth wrong.

Anyway, welcome to the forums!

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I should have been clear. The ocean floor is not flat .

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We dont even have proof of any ocean “floor” It could go on forever into entire worlds of intelligent creatures. Pretty sure we have officially only gone down like 11mis or something. Our bodies cant handle the density difference.


I first realized when I could not find any verifiable evidence of a curve. Some random youtube videos of people sending balloons into the sky with cameras hitting some sort of ceiling at the same height and the horizon being completely flat. Still lookin for that curvature evidence lol. You know the absolute thing needed to prove we live on a spinning ball. A geometric horizon would be required. Instead all horizons are apparent and a product of perspective.


We run a hostel with my wife. A volunteer woman of ours, told me that the earth is flat and my reaction was like, ‘Cmon, what did y drink’… This was 2015.
One year later, with my wife we were flying to Netherlands. It was my wife’s first international flight. She was at the window side, and she said, ‘Doesn’t it look flat? Where is the curve?’ My reaction was, ‘We don’t see it because it is a huge ball, I guess!’
Somewhere in a sea shore of Netherlands, I find my self asking this question, ‘Where is the curve’ looking at the wind turbines or the light house that was so far away and supposed to be hidden under the curve of our ball!
After we turn back to Turkey, I was working as the receptionist of the hostel and mostly evening time I used to watch a science-fiction movie. One evening, after another stupid sci fi movie, I said to myself 'This looks so real that it must be fake! :wink: And I begun wondering in internet.
And here I was, looking at the video of ODD TV, ‘Flat Earth in 20 questions’
I find myself watching videos for a whole week. I almost literally did nothing but searching and searching… After the seven days, I was not a ball head anymore :slight_smile: My wife cried for few day, but admit it also… Then we start to convert other people in the hostel. And of course learned that, this is a very sensitive subject that you shouldn’t open to every one! :smiley:


Hello there, Welcome to the site!

I love it when I hear stories like this, it gives me hope that other people are working to spread the truth. I’m not sure if my girlfriend has fully jumped onto the flat earth bandwagon but I have opened her up to be possibility, especially with the long distance images where no curve is visible.

I haven’t been on an airplane since I learned the earth was flat but I know there is no curve to be seen.

Thanks for the comment!


Hi Ohelino!

Yes, it is always good to hear stories like this…
Yes, it looks still very flat from the plane. I asked a acquaintance who was a international pilot, what he thinks about the earth whether it is flat or not… he said he is not sure :slight_smile:

I can understand your girl friends situation. For many people it is really a shocking realization. Some people so much base their whole way of looking at the life based on the spinning planets in the endless space, that they don’t want to hear anything against that theory.

Your welcome
Many thanks and love to you
I am very happy to discover this website :slight_smile:

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Yes it really is not easy to accept that everything you thought you knew about where you live is false.

That would be really cool to have some conversations like this with a pilot. I like how he didn’t just default to “the world is a globe”, that to me seems as if he definitely realizes it isn’t the way they say.

Glad your enjoying the website, the goal is for someday soon I won’t even feel the need to go to other places like reddit in order to learn about cool new things. I’d say we’re off to a good start!

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My journey with Flat Earth started with my daughter dropping the term. Then I googled Flat Earth and found Rob Skiba on YouTube who mentioned the series Flat Earth Clues by Mark Sargent. I went through all the stages of grief. We are truly living in a matrix.


Hi, welcome to the site!

Mark Sargent has some good stuff! He definitely helped me along in my journey as well. It’s so nice to see more people that are able to see the lies about the nature of our home.

Yeah I can definitely relate to the stages of grief stuff, I think I’ve experienced that multiple different times over the last few years regarding other lies I’ve wholeheartedly believed to be true. Definitely at acceptance now though!

Thanks for the comment and enjoy the site!


It was when I considered the feeling of being in a car as it goes round a corner, and how the earth is supposedly going round in orbit at thousands of miles per hour.

I thought to myself ‘why can’t we feel the earth’s acceleration?’ and it became obvious.


Eric Dubay helped me out quite a bit. Maybe it was just the tone of his voice. lol. It certainly wasn’t his yoga positions or his politics.

Anyway, The way I see it, the earth was made for us, not so we can be some insignificant spec in an endless fishbowl. The heavens were made for us, it is our beautiful timepiece.

No matter what we suffer, I believe that love will rule one day, maybe not soon but someday.(I’ve seen its infinitude) And when that day comes, I want to be able to say that I stood tall and did my best to fight and not genuflect to corruption. If we guard our spirits, they will be preserved. I think that’s the promise.



Hey there, welcome to the site!

I agree with everything you’ve said. This world was built for us and we are not just the result of a bunch of random unrelated events. I think this is the main goal of the ball conspiracy, to make us feel insignificant and powerless.

I also feel the same about love prevailing over hate. I feel that we are in a pivotal point in time and because of this more people are waking up everyday and discovering this.

Anyway, thanks for the comment and glad you’re here!

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Super new here! Of course I’d like to see all different ideas. My question is with the eclipses. I’ve asked on Twitter and no response. We see a curve in the eclipse and not a flat solid line. That’s what makes me think round, love to hear thoughts!


Hello, and welcome to the site!

Are you referring to the horizon line, or the actual shape of the Sun and Moon?

I can’t remember if I’ve heard anyone explain what they think is going on with them or not.

A good place to find info about this topic in general is /r/notaglobe on reddit. They have quite the collection of information.

Maybe I’ll be able to find something when I figure out exactly what your asking.

Hi, yeah, so a solar eclipse , we see our outline curved going across the sun. This is one thing I’ve seen when people are talking about flat earth and I’ve seen a response as “ one word - eclipses- enough said “ :woman_shrugging:t2: I I haven’t seen anyone who claims flat earth that can answer. Thanks for the response :slight_smile: and seeing what you can find :slight_smile:

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Yeah I have no clue how to answer your question but here is a video I found. It doesn’t explain what your asking but definitely holds water to me.

This wasn’t the purpose of the thread, this was intended to be just personal experiences about their aha moments.

I have seen some pretty good arguments from both sides. Notice I didn’t flat out claim the earth is flat. The things in my mind that I can’t even begin to see on a round earth is the horizon always being flat, no matter how high you go, and water always finding its level.

I do not believe either “side” of the argument is 100% correct. The only thing I am 100% sure of, is that the “solar system” is definitely not what nasa says it is.

I will reply to this if/when I find something, but for the sake of derailing this thread I’m just going to leave it at that.

Your welcome to create a new thread though for any other questions. I’m sure there are more knowledgeable folks out there than me that could explain why they think it does.

I personally have never observed either type of eclipse before realizing that NASA was lying to me. I’ve only began to start questioning everything probably about a year ago.

I do know that with a belief in your mind it’s hard to see it any other way. Like for instance I used to believe the horizon was curved until I really started examining it and left behind my original belief.

Not saying this is the case with you but just figured I would make that point.

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Appreciate the reply! To me really, either way it goes, flat or not has nothing to do with salvation in the end! lol But it is nice to know what is what while we are here. :slight_smile:

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