How Many Recent Virus Scares Happened?

I didn’t realize there were 3 pretty much back to back to back when I was younger. I was in high school through the west nile, Sars and bird flu “epidemics” and nothing happened. It’s just different now that everyone has the internet in front of their faces constantly.


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They first brought out the Swine Flu Hoax in 1976. It even started at a US military base in New Jersey. In the end only ONE person died of the “flu” itself and anywhere between 25 (the “official” gov’t number) and 3,000 (Dr. McBeans numbers) died of the vaccination with hundreds more developing Guillan Barres Syndrome which is a disease that paralyzes the body. So that means at a MINIMUM 25 times as many people died of the vaccination that died of the actual “Virus” itself.

They then rehashed it in 2009 as the Swine Flu Hoax Part Deux. This time around they didn’t offer up a National Immunization Program, and like you I wasn’t even really aware of it at the time.

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History just keeps repeating itself because people are too caught up in their entertainment and consumer lifestyles to bother to look into these things. It’s so blatant too if anyone were to actually look into it

I wasn’t even aware of the one in 1976, although I wasn’t alive for more than a decade after, but I did remember hearing about the more recent one.

This just goes to show that even way back then it was widely known that people shouldn’t be sterilizing their environment and their children.

I did hear that thing before about there being more bacteria in our body than human cells, but didn’t realize they outnumbered human cells 10 to 1.

I wonder what the average ratio is nowadays, especially for children who got all the recommended vaccines, were formula fed, and birthed via c section.

Very interesting stuff indeed.

I was only 5 years old at the time and asked my parents about it and they had no recollection. Yeah that’s crazy how many more bacteria there is than cells…that refutes the lie that our bodies are composed of 2/3rds water. Aajonus says drinking water isn’t good for us because it dilutes our hydrochloric acid and removes minerals due to pissing it out. A proper food diet should provide plenty of hydration. Water corrodes metal (rust) and eats through rock in the soil from rain. The best source of water to drink is unpolluted rain water which obviously would be hard to come by. The recommendation that we drink 8 glasses per day came out just as the lobby for bottled water came out in the early 60’s I believe. It’s like Aaj says, do the exact OPPOSITE of what “modern medicine” i.e. Rockefeller medicine says and you’ll be right 99% of the time

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Yeah it seems that the media is known to blow things out of proportion often, especially with these epidemic/pandemic situations. I bet it was similar to the more recent ones where barely anyone was affected, other than the fear that was spread.

Yeah I believe he mentioned that about water in the first part of the workshop series and it surprised me. I have heard some stuff that said even drinking polluted rainwater is beneficial, as long as your drinking water from the same place you live.

Same thing with eating local food, the plants/animals that are in close proximity to us, somehow account for the pollutants that we’re exposed to in everyday life, and by eating them it somehow counteracts the fact that we’re exposed.

I haven’t started drinking local polluted rainwater but I have been watering my plants with it and it seems there’s something to it.

Have you ever heard of Spagyrics? It’s basically a alchemical way to purify substances and obtain an easier to absorb version of whatever your using. I’ve seen some pretty interesting stuff when they use the process on rainwater collected at different times of the year and used all at once. I don’t really know enough to get into detail about it but I had never considered that rainwater could be beneficial for me considering I live in an area with lots of factories, but I wouldn’t rule it out completely.

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