How to stop inflammation

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Removing inflammation is the first step to being healthy. Besides, what’s the point of eating well and trying to be healthy if you keep poisoning yourself?


People nowadays worry too much about “anti-inflammatory” supplements. In order to control inflammation you must remove it.

Think about it, inflammation is like a forest fire. Taking anti-inflammatorys is like trying to put out the fire with a bucket of water, it’s never gonna work.

The sensible thing to do is to take out the source of the fire. This is why “anti-inflammatorys” are overrated. Unless you control the fire/remove inflammation anything else you do is very insignificant.

Removing Inflammation?

Inflammation is everywhere, but how do you remove it? Removing all of it is extremely difficult, but you can minimize it greatly.

These are inflammatory factors you must to remove from your lifestyle and diet. In order from most to least important.

  • EMF (Radiation)– Limit your exposure to radiation, click the link for more info “Protecting Yourself From Radiation
  • Vaccines– Avoid any kind of vaccination at all cost.
  • Avoid Seed/Vegetable oils– Don’t consume or cook with sunflower, canola, corn, cottonseed, soy, safflower, grapeseed or ricebran oil.
  • Avoid Nonorganic Foods- Eat organic foods only, grow your own food or buy from a trusted local farm.
  • Avoid Conventional Animal Foods– Buy or order from a trusted farmer that actually raises the animals humanely. “Grass fed” labels in the supermarket can be misleading.
  • Do Not Microwave Food– The radiation from a microwave destroys the food, it destroys the nutrients and it destroys you. Use an oven, a mini oven, a stove, or grill your food.
  • Do Not Drink Tap Water– Depending on where you are, tap water is almost always unsafe to drink. It’s filled with agrochemicals, heavy metals, birth control, feces, pharmaceutical drugs, halogens, etc. Filter your water via reverse osmosis or distillation. Maybe you have access to a well, get it tested to make sure it’s safe, there may be factories nearby dumping chemicals in the water. You may buy spring water in a glass bottle, plastics contain endocrine disrupters. Lastly, you can collect rainwater, only if you live in an area where there’s no geo-engineering. Check out recommended products for quality water purification products.
  • Avoid Over The Counter Drugs– Most pharmaceutical drugs causes DNA damage and side effects, furthermore most of them do the exact opposite of what they claim. Allergy meds cause memory loss, Tylenol/Acetaminophen destroys the liver, Ibuprofen damages the kidneys and the gut, Steroids damage cartilage and nerves, the list goes on. There’s plenty of natural remedies for your health problems.
  • Avoid Junk Food– This is self explanatory, in case you do crave a particular food you can always make a homemade healthy alternative.
  • Avoid Plant-Based Meats– Plant based meat ingredients include tertiary butylhydroquinone, erythrosine, propylene glycol, ferric orthophosphate, etc. These ingredient cause cancer and are used in products like fire-extinguishers, e-cigarettes, etc. If you eat plant-based meats start digging your grave because you’ll be needing it soon. Let’s not forget the seed oils they use, which literally causes heart disease.
  • Avoid Conventional Hygiene Products– Use fluoride free toothpaste and aluminum free deodorant, if not fluoride and aluminum will be absorbed by the body every time you use them. For all other hygiene products stay as natural as possible, especially for cologne/perfume and soaps.
  • Cookware– Don’t cook with copper, non-stick pans, ceramic, or aluminum cookware. Heavy metals and chemicals will leach into the food. The only safe options for cookware are carbon steel, cast iron or stainless steel (high grade & nickel free).
  • Food Allergies– Dairy, gluten/wheat, eggs, may be problematic for some people and you might not even know it.
  • Food quality– Always go for raw foods, they contain enzymes and are more nutritious. Organic is not really “organic”, they still spray small amounts of agrochemicals on the crops. Don’t trust “grass fed” labels in stores, they’re misleading, the animals are still fed crap. The best way to source high-quality food is to buy/order from a trusted farmer, grow your own food or breed your own animals. If your options are limited supermarket organic and grass-fed is fine. Seafood is generally toxic because of chemicals being dumped in the ocean, limit consumption to a few times a week and always go for wild caught.
  • Shower Water– Again, depending on where you are, tap water is almost always unsafe to drink. This also makes it unsafe to bath with because the skin will absorb fluoride, bromide and other chemicals in the water. Knowing this you definitely don’t want to soak yourself in bath water, especially for long periods of time. You need a shower filter, people worry about drinking fluoride water, yet they forget this. A shower filter is crucial because the chemicals in the water is why most people have dandruff, itchy scalps and itchy skin. Check out recommended products for a shower filer.
  • Avoid Plastics– Avoid drinking water from plastic bottles, plastics contain endocrine/hormone disruptors.
  • Coffee– If you drink coffee for enjoyment purposes that’s okay, just make sure it’s decaf and made with quality ingredients. If you drink coffee for energy, you definitely need to stop and fix the underlying health issue.
  • Teeth Fillings/Amalgam– The mercury from teeth fillings will leach in the body every time you eat. Find a trusted holistic dentist to remove and replace them.
  • Toxic Household Items– Common household items like bleach, hand sanitizers, detergents, bug sprays, weed killers, cleaning chemicals, etc should all be handled with caution. Go with natural alternatives.
  • Avoid Sitting For Long Periods– Sitting for long periods causes muscle imbalances in the lower body, this may be responsible for your back pain, stand periodically.

You must remove a majority of these inflammatory factors from your diet and lifestyle in order to control inflammation.


“Anti-Inflammatory” supplements are a scam, instead do this…

  • Avoid High Omega 6 Foods– Omega 6’s are inflammatory, the body needs it but not in great amounts. High omega 6 foods include conventional animal products, nuts, seeds, nut butters and vegetable oils. Nut and seeds are okay, but don’t overconsume.
  • Consume High Omega 3 Foods. Omega 3’s are “anti-inflammatory”, however, a high omega 6 diet will negate this. Introduce omega 3’s with quality animal products, fish eggs or fatty fish.
  • Nutrients– All nutrients are required for controlling inflammation, make sure nutrition is adequate through quality animal foods.
  • Lifestyle Factors– Sleep, grounding and exercise are also helpful for reducing inflammation, however, these are secondary factors, so you must remove the inflammatory factors for these to work.


This is how to stop inflammation, taking anti-inflammatory supplements or worrying about antioxidants in curcumin or blueberries is very insignificant compared to this.

First you need to stop poising the body, then add nutrients through quality animal foods so the body can rebuild itself.

Sleep, grounding and exercise are also helpful for reducing inflammation, however, these are secondary factors, so you must remove inflammatory factors for these to be effective.

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