Intention Imprinted Electronic Devices (IIED) Water and The Future Of Healing and Medicine

I have been reading an old book that I got from my mother a while ago, I had previously only skimmed through it but I would say that it is necessary that every person read it and keep it handy to look back on throughout life.

It is called The Healing Power of Water by Masaru Emoto. In this book Emoto describes his life long quest to essentially prove that water is not just two Hydrogen and two Oxygen molecules tied together as they teach us in school. Instead water is able to hold information and it changes on a molecular level. He was able to photograph this in action and demonstrate how different intents completely changed the water.

In many of his experiments he and his colleagues put a label on a bottle of water, they also played music by placing speakers on either side of the bottle, leaving the water for an extended period of time, freezing a single drop of water in a petri dish and then viewing it under a microscope. The results are astonishing to say the least.

The water that was branded with negative words appears to be unable to form a crystal, a lot of the time it looks almost as if it is diseased or something.

There are countless images that show more evidence of water holding an intent. Keep in mind that humans are around 60-70% water.

This brings us to the next section…

Intention Imprinted Electronic Devices (IIED)

Human consciousness, in the form of a specific intention, can be imprinted into a simple, low-tech electronic device from a deep meditative state by highly self-managed humans. Such a device, now called an IIED (intention imprinted electronic device) can act as an effective surrogate to robustly influence a unique target experiment in physical reality - Masaru Emoto: The Healing Power of Water pg. 37

So they were able to imprint these devices, then take them to a completely controlled room where they did some experiments. They had some surprising results to say the least.

Here are some of the different phenomenon that have been documented…

  • Alteration of pH of water
  • The spontaneous appearance of meterial property oscillations of very large amplitute (air and water, termperature, pH, electrical conductivity of water etc.)
  • Spontaneous and abrupt shifts in computer monitoring behaviour of a random number generator (RNG)
  • Cause abrupt changes in the orientation of a large natural quartz crystal
    in overall oscillation, wave shape, amplitude, and frequency

This part was very interesting to me.

If the degree of “conditioning” in a space is low and the IIED is removed from the space, the “conditioning” decays slowly with a time constant of ~1 month (about 1 month). if the degree of “conditioning” in a space is sufficiently high, the IIED can be completely removed from the space and stored properly and the level of “conditioning” in the room doesn’t appear to change (at least for 1-2 years). - Masaru Emoto: The Healing Power of Water pg. 39

So the IIED doesn’t even NEED to be in the same room to affect something, and this effect sticks around for a significant amount of time.

Pretty crazy. What if they had these devices in masks?

These things have been proven in many different scenarios to change the behavior of many different things in countless different ways. I had never heard about these devices until I began to read this book, having the kind of curiosity that I do, I started to wonder exactly what these IIED’s looked like, and especially… How big are they, and how difficult are they to make?

Turns out this information isn’t readily available on the internet. I will update this if I ever come across it but for now I think I’m done looking.

Anyways, let’s get back to the point here.

Using Intent To Heal

I came across a study where they were using IIEDs as a means to lower depression and anxiety. It was noted that the longer the people were in the area of the IIED the greater effect it had on lowering their symptoms.

This study suggests that broadcast intention from an IlED reduces anxiety and depression after at least three months when broadcast in a conditioned space. Functioning at the vacuum level of physical reality, this new type of information carrier wave appears to be modulatable by human intention which may be independent of distance and time. The results may have been achieved because the intention is a frequency of energy information that is inserted into what McTaggert (2002) calls “the field.” This information then causes a perturbation in the system of the individual, allowing for a re-organization of the system at a higher level, decreasing anxiety and depression - The Effect of Intention On Decreasing Anxiety and Depressing Utilizing Intention Imprinted Devices

So these devices have been proven to alter all different types of “fields” so to speak, including the activity of our own minds. These studies point to beneficial healing types of things, but the main thing to realize in all of this is that the IIEDs were “set” by human intent. The power of the mind is what programmmed these devices and then these devices are able to act like a battery to charge other things.

These devices exist in some form or another, they may even be hidden in the cell phones that we carry around with us. I wouldn’t put it past any of the sinister corporations to insert their own IIEDs into the devices we have in our homes or that we carry on us and program us to be whichever type of way they want. I could definitely see them putting a consume intent and then unleashing it into the world

Don’t let this get you down or fear this one bit, because we all have the power to influence our biology with nothing but thought. So keep your intent right so you can be the powerful intent beacon and charge everything around you with good vibes.

Next time you are holding a glass of water, radiate loving, healing energy to the water and absorb that into your body when you drink it.

The photos above prove that the water is able to carry information in some way, and I would much rather ingest the beautiful water that is imbued with powerful loving energy.


“So keep your intent right so you can be the powerful intent beacon and charge everything around you with good vibes.”–awesome!

I definitely gotta try this and come give my feedback on here.Gotta read
more on IIEDs too


It’s pretty difficult to find information on IIEDs and that makes me question what is really going on with them. If you just search “IIED” nothing relevant will come up and you’ll have to type in the full term.

But yes definitely interesting

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I wonder if just drinking the water when angry, and then releasing it, from the body, putting it out there in the world, does anything. I mean, really, what are the details? Regardless, I will try to be conscious when drinking water. And not drink, when I am :angry:

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I think as long as nature happens to the water after it leaves your body it gets “cleansed” so to speak. Once something happens to it, like being evaporated into the air, then rained down, or even just traveling along a stream Emoto explained that it sort of “reset” the memory.

However a very interesting concept to consider if the water is just going to a water treatment plant, like most does.

Might be a good idea to bless the water, or something along those lines before ingesting it!

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