Introduction to the Fediverse: How To

If your anything like me you’ve done a few searches to find alternative social media websites, especially recently. If you have I’m sure you’ve came across something called Mastodon.

It describes itself as being decentralized and federated, which means it can operate on its own and each instance can communicate with each other.

The best way to explain this is to think of it in terms of email providers…

We all know that there’s Gmail, Yahoo, Live (MSN/Microsoft), Protonmail, etc. Each provider is a separate thing, yet you can send and receive emails from and to every single one.

There’s a bunch of different software that is connected via the fediverse. There’s Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey, Friendica and many more. All of these are similar to Twitter and other micro blogging software like Facebook etc.

There’s also pixelfed which is basically just like instagram.

Then there’s peertube, which is basically like YouTube.

Since all of these operate on the Fediverse, you can create an account on any instance of any type, and interact with any other instance.

For instance, say you create an account on, you will be able to comment on someone’s status on pleroma, pixelfed, or peertube.

You can follow anyone from anywhere and get their posts on your feed.

I recently setup an instance of pleroma, which you can find at, which is open for new users. It resembles Twitter, and can be interacted with via an app to make the experience better on mobile.

Husky on android and Amaroq for ios seem to be the best clients.

The only downfall to having all these different instances which each have their own users and their own posts, is that there is no unified search engine that lets you search all of them from one place.

Once an instance is connected to another instance, all posts on both instances are stored on both instances. Meaning, if one of the sites were to get shut down, the posts would still be on that other instance. Keep in mind that most instances are connected to many instances, so this makes it much harder for them to shut down. It’s really awesome technology.

The real beauty of this is that if everyone were to just pick an instance, signup, and share your address with your network on your current social media, you could be found and interacted with from any instance.

For example, say you want to follow me…

You just sign in to wherever you signed up at (list of places to signup below) punch in…

in your search bar, I’ll pop up, then you follow me and you’ll get all my posts in your feed regardless of where your account is.

This has existed for years already, and I didn’t even fully explore it until about a week ago when I set up

The technology exists for everyone to stop using censorship platforms. We just need to get on the ball and do our due diligence and get the hell away from these tyrannical corporations.

Here’s a list of mastodon/pleroma instances that have open registrations.

Get on it, and while your at it follow me!

Again if your using another instance besides enter my name in the search bar, yes both @ symbols are necessary.

It is very important to use #tags when creating content if you want people to be able to find your stuff.

Also, drop your username/instance below in a reply

If you’d like to browse the other fediverse software here’s the link, just keep in mind that mastodon is probably the most popular one so make sure the one your looking at is compatible with mastodon, if that’s what you want.

It’s also worth mentioning that Mastodon instances have a reputation of censoring things they don’t agree with, while most pleroma instances do not. Of course there are exceptions to both, as anyone can setup their own of either.

Also note, that Gab is using a modified version of Mastodon, with federation disabled. So, while the capability is there for Gab to be part of the fediverse, they have disabled that feature. Doesn’t sound like they’re trying to promote freedom and instead seems like they’re just another central authority, like Facebook.


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So I’m trying to understand peertube. Do I have to use my own hoster for that?

I vaguely remember hearing the word “mastodon” a while ago, but I guess I never looked into it.

Thanks for the article.

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Are you talking about changing this website to the light theme? If so then…

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