Is Your Consciousness Worth Giving Away?

Think of how many things are working to completely absorb your consciousness.

You got however many television shows, radio stations, billboard ads, netflix, hulu, peacock, etc. They are ALL working to literally absorb and steal your thought power. Are you good with that?

The sad reality is that most will be completely fine with it. Of those that are not completely ok with it, only a fraction will actually do something to change their situation. Most aren’t ready to take the responsibility into their own hands, in order to change their status so to speak.

Let me lay out an example for you.

Say you have two children, and you are not fully ok with them participating in their super fucked up zoom meetings that are classified as school. Yet you and your partner work 40 hours a week outside of the home, on opposite shifts. So what’s there to do, other than leave your child in front of a screen to learn whatever the hell the gov or corporation calling the shots pushes on them?

IMO, the correct procedure to follow here would be to figure out a way that I, as a parent, could stay home and educate my child in things that actually matter, you know… Life skills. Common sense. Things like, nutrition. Teaching actual useful skills, like sugar is poison. So don’t eat things like pop tarts etc.

That’s just an example. But it is so screwed up that children head to school and have no idea about nutrition or energy in general. It seems to be foreign to teach your kids that pop tarts are poison.

The sad reality is that most of the time, the majority of people do not know how to direct their thought power. At the very least, it is hijacked by something like the big bang theory or minecraft. Of course there are countless variables here, but the fact remains that most people are devoting all of their thought energy to things that have nothing to do with their reality.

Shouldn’t we spend our time doing things that can directly benefit us?

If you could transform your reality by focusing on things that directly benefited you, why wouldn’t you?

The powers that shouldn’t be, have created absolutely unfathomable systems, that are designed to literally steal our thought power. Their goal is, quite literally to harness our thought energy, the end product of our consciousness. Whether or not you believe that this is being done, it is most definitely happening right under your nose.

I know this is a lot to take in, but the main point is this…

Your thought energy, is what the tyrants are after.

You are an all supreme being.

100% Fact.

If it were truly about forcing everyone to submit to accept a gene altering vaccine, we’d all be done.

IF they truly could, or would, break down our door, force a vaccine on us, and then relocate us to a containment camp, why the fuck wouldn’t they already do this?

It’s because the powers that shouldn’t be, operate on karmic law. Their goal is to coerce you into accepting their terms and conditions. That’s it.

Use your thought energy, to our advantage. To promote freedom. Especially something like going into a store showing your face. IDK about you, but I’ve never been denied service. Do what you need to do in order to inform the people trying to enforce this shit.

If you have any experiences that you’d like to share about shutting down tyrants demanding you wear a mask, post it here.

I will continue using my body as god intended. How about you?

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