Join us on Telegram/Getting Site Notifications on Telegram

Join me on the new telegram channel!

Here I post things that don’t require a full article, like images and videos, along with other useful information.

Join us in the chat as well.

Along with those, I also added a new feature to the site. Getting site notifications on telegram. This allows you to recieve updates when a new article is posted, new replies to your comments, new private messages etc. You can reply to them and like posts from the bot as well. Basically the only thing you cannot do (at this time) is post new threads.

This is completely optional, and you don’t need to do the following steps to interact with everyone in the group or subscribe to the channel, but it is definitely convenient.

To set it all up, message the bot in telegram.

The bot will send you a numerical code, if it doesn’t automatically then send the bot the following message.


Once you have your code, head on over to the user preferences page by clicking here or by clicking the icon in the very top right of the screen, where your profile picture is, clicking the tab at the very right, and then selecting preferences.


Next, click the Profile tab on the left of the page, scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see a field called Telegram Notifications


Enter the number from the bot into the field and click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.


Once your changes are saved, you will begin recieving notifications on Telegram.

In order to reply to a message, you must select the message in telegram by selecting the message and choosing reply as outlined in the image below.

On desktop, right click the message you want to reply to.
On mobile, tap the message, for example tap right where it says Yea I got it in the image below then Reply


If everything is correct it should show this above the text field in telegram.


Upon sending, it’ll notify you of the reply being sent, and the message will be posted to the site.

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