Keeping Freedom: Success Stories

I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread where people could post their experiences standing up for themselves.

You can read more about the tactics and laws in detail in this article. I’m not sure how it works around the world, but in the United States these apply.

11/29 - Smoke Shop

So I just went into the local Smoke shop in my area (wild bills) to get some kratom and some vape juice because usps sucks as usual.

There were three employees, and immediately when I walked in i was asked to wear a mask. I said no thank you, and then the manager said it’s our policy and I said that’s fine but I don’t feel comfortable with anyone suggesting a medical intervention that is untrained.

After a few back and forths about them being order followers and this being a place of public accommodation, regardless if privately owned or not, I suggested to get the owner on the phone.

The manager handed me his cell phone and I said hello, just so we’re clear what’s happening right now, you are denying me service due to medical discrimination. He said no it’s policy and we’re just trying to avoid fines.

He then tried comparing it to no shirt no shoes no service and I clarified by saying this was different because it was an medical intervention.

I also said it doesn’t matter who gave the order, but it is you personally, and all of your employees that are liable to pay the fine that I will be issuing to everyone present for $10k for discrimination and trying to coerce me into allowing a medical intervention without any training. Is anyone here trained to handle me if I were to collapse due to wearing a mask?

On the phone, the owner began saying that they could accommodate me from curbside.

At this point one of the employees asked me which type of kratom I wanted and I told him, then I handed the phone back to the manager (while completely disregarding the phone call) and went with the employee that got me my kratom over to the juice and told him what I wanted.

Nothing else was said by anyone except my total, and when I said thank you and have a good day.

The most important part of all of this is that once I exerted that the order followers would be liable, not the owners, the employee changed his tune. These are the ones we need to educate.

They seemed to turn right around when I explained that it was the order followers that would be subject to the fines.

I just wanted to share this experience for anyone saying that they’ve been hassled and doesn’t know the process or have enough confidence to exercise their rights.

It is imperative that we educate the order followers in all of this. I’m sure these employees legit did not know that they were the ones that would be liable when anyone issued any fines or sued for damages.

This video gave me a lot of insight, and clarified the wording to use.

Time to stand up!

Here’s a link to the thread on Twitter.


I didn’t end up going to the dentist, because I’m going to first try to regrow my teeth by ingesting chicken egg shells once my chickens start producing. I figure if I absolutely need to get the teeth removed then they can wait since they aren’t causing any issues…


So today I went to mail something at the post office… I get up to the counter and the slave tells me to make sure I wear a mask next time because they can deny me service.

I politely say no they cannot. He then gets an attitude and states that he can. I said do you have a Medical degree and practice medicine actively

He said he didn’t have to because it was a government facility. I proceeded to ask if they had medical staff on site in case I were to collapse after allowing an untrained professional perform a medical intervention on me.

He then Again said he would deny me service next time. I mentioned a lien and a $10k fine for himself and anyone else involved and he stuck to his guns.

(This conversation took a while because I paid in all dimes and quarters…)

At this point I was seriously wondering why, if he did Indeed possess the authority to deny me service, why he did not deny me service…

From what I seen today, he was fully aware that he had no choice but to accommodate me…

Either way, I mailed my package, paid in change, and left the store.

Next time I’ll be sure to mail my Package using the method I lay out in my blog, that utilizes the United States Post Office rather than USPS.

Here’s the article…

If he wasn’t aware that he was out of line, then I think this would have been a wake-up call.

Either way…


we were in a WalMart in Long Beach, told the security guard our position/health conditions and kept walking. the security guard let us go for a while and then eventually began following us around the store. i let him follow us for an aisle or two before i turned around to confront him and ask why he insisted on harassing us. .

the man was bombastic and i let him finish his sentences before showing him the cold hard truth and pulling up the official ‘mask mandate’ pdf that is hosted on the website – at this point the store manager came up and i took the opportunity to show them both the exact verbiage that was in the mandate they were enforcing – i let them know we both have PTSD which effects us adversely when we cover our faces. the manager was very kind and although he was combative at first (citing store policy as the reason, to which i informed him that store policy sits below state law, which sits below federal law) once i showed him the exact mandate language he said ‘thank you so much for showing me this i had no idea and i thought it was only for people who had trouble breathing.’

i asked ‘can we continue shopping and be on with our business?’ and the manager said ‘yes, of course let me know if you need anything’

i will dig through the archives and find some more success stories…its nice to remember these vs all the other times things escalate and we leave


the Post Office i used to frequent regularly when i lived near the fairfax district LA never really gave me any beef. there was a very kind employee who was probably around my age who always treated me with respect whenever i would come in (typically to mail back erroneous parking tickets left on my truck via certified mail lol)

there was one time in particular, it was close to closing time at the office and the line was stretched out into the waiting lobby area… i had my parcels and i was doing some light breathwork waiting for my turn. the lady in front of me turned around and gave me some robotic programming about not wearing a mask. of course i let her know that i had health conditions which prevented me from safely wearing a mask and that i was operating within the law but i did thank her for her concerns… she got flustered but turned around and didn’t say another word.

so, of course i am around 5 people from getting to the window. at this point there is a tallish 6’6’’ man standing in the line. upon reading his energy i could tell he wanted to stir things up with me. eventually he musters the balls to ask ‘can i ask you a question?’ to which i said ‘sure…’

the man asked ‘do you not see the signs on the door? why aren’t you wearing a mask?’

‘well because i have a health condition which prevents me from wearing a mask safely but i do thank you for your concern’

this got the man all riled up but i turned myself away from him to physically end the conversation… anyways, i am up to the window now it is my turn i asked the attendant to hold my place in line while i ran to the car to grab some tape… as i return the man who engaged me in the line is now hovering by the window and he goes again at attempting to engage me ‘CAN I ASK YOU ANOTHER QUESTION’

‘nah i dont answer questions’ i said

so he starts raising his voice at me and we got back and forth i hold my position over and over, the man is not satisfied with any of the logic i am throwing his way he keeps asking why i wont even wear a face shield (lol as if)

so eventually another older gentleman chimes in and tells the man to stfu ‘hey leave the man alone why are you bothering him like that’

the guy keeps going and raising his voice, eventually i see the older manager of the post office come up and raising her eyebrows. she comes in and SCREAMS AT ME ‘SIR YOU NEED TO LEAVE NOW YOU NEED TO LEAVE NOW NO MASK NO SERVICE’

so i hold my ground i say no, i will not move i will not leave i have a condition and if she wants to call the cops she is free to do so i am happy to speak with LEO about this, if i leave if i will miss my deadline to mail these items out and the post office doors will close behind me so no way am i getting out of line or leaving the window.

so the manager SCREAMS at me over and over and over, at this point i realize she already heard what i needed to say and she was going to keep screaming. so i watch her pick up the phone and call 911, all the while i am looking at the employee who usually helps me out and he is so embarassed saying ‘i know you dont even need to show anything saying you have a health condition i know she doesnt know what she is talking about but she is my manager and i dont wanna lose my job… so sorry’ i tell him its all good man dont trip he’s always been nice to me so he and i are good.

i watch the manager call 911 and she is screaming at them, and all of the sudden there it is… i see her entire demeanor shift and i hear her say ‘so wait i have to service him?’ and she slowly hangs up the phone and tells the employee to service me…

i could have laid into her so easily but i said ‘hey its all love its only a misunderstanding THANK YOU for your understanding and your assistance i TRULY APPRECIATE YOU’ i was overly thankful and overly sympathetic and this woman slithered off into the back room SOOOOO embarassed would not even come out and look me in the eyes when she said i could get serivce.

this was a fun one, i have heard of people collecting on this situation in particular when the post office denies them entry… she did not deny me service because i did not allow her to…

i should mention that once the manager started screaming at me the snakey tall guy who stirred things up in the first place slithered out as he already finished mailing what he needed to mail. agent provocateur style.

i have another success story similar to this one at the DMV… c’est la vie


That’s great what happened with the manager in Walmart. But it just goes to show that these people legitimately do not know that they are breaking the law doing what they’re doing.

Pretty ridiculous at the post office. I had an experience somewhat similar to this at Little Caesars where the manager was screaming at me immediately when I walked in the door from across the room. I stated that I wasn’t going to mask up because of a medical disability and he suggested to pull my shirt over my face. Again I stated that I wouldn’t be doing that and that it was illegal for him too discriminate based on a medical condition.

At this point he started to get hysteric and just kept saying loudly, go ahead, go ahead, go ahead no matter what I said. Which was ridiculous because I had just came and picked up two pizzas (I ordered 3) literally about 10 minutes earlier and didn’t realize I didn’t get a pizza until I was home. So I was telling him he needed to go look in the back to find the missing pizza.

After about 5 minutes of him completely ignoring what I was saying he finally heard what i said and went and found my pizza.

That’s the only experience I had where anyone was actually yelling and acting hysterical. Either way though it ended in me standing my ground, getting my pizza, and walking out without covering my face.

I think most people just need to accept that a little confrontation is necessary if we want to return to anything resembling freedom.

Thanks a lot for posting your experiences as I think it will be extremely helpful in showing others that it’s completely possible and not very difficult to stand our ground on this. We just need to man up and do our part so this doesn’t escalate into something that I don’t want to even imagine.

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