Kratom, The Miracle Plant

What is Kratom?

Kratom, the miracle plant.

Why are so many people calling it the miracle plant?

You may have heard about it in the news as a drug that heroin addicts are using to help with their withdrawal. This is true, but this is only a VERY small part of what this plant does.

You may have also heard that people were dying from kratom overdoses, but this is completely false and every single time there was something else involved. Years ago it was because a bunch of kratom was laced with something called desmetyltramadol to create a stronger product, but never has anyone died from straight up kratom. All the deaths that occurred over the last few years had many other different drugs involved, like heroin and Xanax both together along with kratom, which leads me to believe they tried kratom, it didn’t get them high like real drugs, so they went back out and got high with those drugs and the news articles attacked kratom.

Why would they do this? Because people are finding out that big pharma is not here to help anyone.

Mitragyna Speciosa or Kratom as most people know it, is closely related to the Coffea or Coffee plant. This miracle plant has many more benefits than the media will lead you to believe. My goal was to create the first article available on the internet describing ALL of the known benefits of this plant.

Here we go!

Kratom In Ancient History

Originating in Southeast Asia, Kratom has been adorned and used for thousands of years. Workers used it in the field to alleviate pain, suppress hunger and as a stimulant to avoid fatigue. They would pick the leaves from the tree and chew, or brew it into a tea.

Kratom has been deeply rooted in Buddhism and is referred to as “Kademba” or “Kadamba”. This term was used in the ancient tribes and means important or holy tree. During ceremonies and weddings, women would adorn themselves with the leaves of this sacred tree and dance around it for good luck. Lord Krishna would stand in front of his favorite Kadamba tree and play his flute because of the astrological significance in Eastern Mythology.

There are many ancient scriptures documenting the ceremonial and methodical use of Kadamba or Kademba, but the more recent reports may be of more use to the average user.

When used in small doses it acts like a mild stimulant, similar to caffeine but with less of the “jitters” experienced from over usage of caffeine. Not only did users experience the stimulant effects, they also felt a warm calm come over them along with the relief of pain. This is because of the various different alkaloids found in this miracle plant.

Known Properties Of Alkaloids In Kratom

Mitragynine: The most known alkaloid

I will not be listing the individual alkaloids found in this plant, instead I will list all of the beautiful things that these alkaloids do as it will be more easily understood than simply just listing their names.

Kratom is top notch as an anti-inflammatory , much better than Tylenol, Ibuprofin, and Aleve (Naproxen Sodium) and it’s completely natural.

It can relieve your cough, better than any other over the counter drug (dextromethorphan).

Kratom will alleviate your pain more efficiently than morphine, or even fentanyl with nowhere near the physical and mental damage that these conventional pharmaceuticals cause. While producing negligible withdrawal symptoms, similar to caffeine withdrawal.

It has been reported that Kratom can alleviate anxiety, depression, and obsessive compulsive behaviors, along with treating ADD/ADHD.

Kratom has been used all around the world to treat Malaria, and to combat ALL variations of Hepatitis.

It is a immunostimulant, meaning it will boost your immune system to better fight off sickness and ward off disease.

Kratom is Anti-Cancerous or antileukemic, it can be used to prevent and treat leukemia and other types of cancers WITHOUT the need for dialysis or chemo.

It is a cerebrocirculant; it makes blood flow through your brain easier and more efficiently, meaning you will think clearer and you’ll be able to recall things quicker and easier.

Kratom is also a very efficient muscle relaxer.

So What Are People Using It For?

So after reading about many of the benefits of kratom, you might be wondering what kind of diseases and conditions people are using it to cope with.

I personally suffer from arthritis, nerve damage, and many pains due to surgical steel implants. I also use it to deal with anxiety.

But here are a few of the other conditions people are using Kratom for.

Fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, osteoarthritis, neuropathy, and for chronic pain as an alternative to pharmaceutical pain killers.

There are also many people using it to treat what could be considered psychological disorders as well.

depression, anxiety, add/adhd, insomnia, addiction, to lower stress, as a general relaxant and as a stimulant more stable and effective than caffeine.

To Wrap This All Up

As I hope that you understand now, this plant is more than just another drug that can be abused. Rather, it is an alternative freely available remedy for many different ailments.

It is MUCH safer than the pharmaceutical drugs that are being shoved down our throats by the media and doctors receiving a bonus for getting us hooked on them. Pharmaceutical companies are NOT trying to help us, they are simply selling drugs for profit, they are drug dealers in suits and ties.

I fully believe that the ancients that worshipped this god-like plant, simply knew what they were talking about. Back then medicine wasn’t a business, and it’s main purpose was to heal and treat as efficiently as possible.

Now it is all about profit.

So do yourself a favor and give Kratom a try, you owe it to yourself.

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