Magic Is Real: The Coronavirus Spell


When we hear the word magic, a lot of things come to mind. Disappearing acts, sawing someone in half or levitation are just a few that come to mind. But this is only because the true meaning of the word has been skewed and given a bad reputation. If you were to ask a random person at the store if they believed in magic, I’m sure they would give you a strange look. Imagine if you told a random person that you were a magician. I can picture a lot of different reactions, none of them being positive unless you were talking to a child. This is because they word magic has been morphed into something that people don’t take seriously. This is exactly what magic is.

The fact that in present times, this magical power has degenerated to the level of cheap entertainment and manipulation is, I think, a tragedy - Alan Moore

But What Exactly Is Magic?

I had never heard of this until I was listening to a documentary called The Mindscape of Alan Moore. This guy was basically one of the most famous comic book writers in the past. He is known for Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Swamp Thing and more. Someone from reddit had recommended it to me and I decided to watch even though I never really had any interest in comics. I am glad I did.

He explains magic as being a science of language.

You have to be very careful of what you say. Because if you suddenly declare yourself to be a magician, without any knowledge of what that entails, then one day you are likely to wake up and to discover that is exactly what you are.

He elaborates more by saying.

There is some confusion as to what magic actually is. I think this can be cleared up if you just look at the very earliest descriptions of magic. Magic in its earliest form is often referred to as “the art”. I believe this is completely literal. I believe that magic IS art, and that art, whether it be writing, music, sculpture, or any other form, IS literally magic. Art is, like magic, the science of manipulating symbols, words, or images, to achieve changes in consciousness. The very language of magic seems to be talking as much about writing or art, as it about supernatural events. A “Grimoire” for example, “the book of spells”, is simply a fancy way of saying “grammar”. Indeed, to cast a spell, is simply “to spell”, to manipulate words, to change people’s consciousness. And I believe that this is why an artist or a writer is the closest thing, in the contemporary world, you are likely to see to a shaman.

This is completely different than the type of magic most people likely think of when that word is said. But the reality of the matter, is that the billion dollar companies that are driving the world today, are magicians. They know what they are doing. Think about that for a moment…

They are literally shamans.

At the moment, the people who are using shamanism and magic to shape our culture are advertisers. Rather than trying to wake people up, THEIR shamanism is used as an opiate, to tranquilize people, to make people more manipulable Their “magic box” of television, and by their “magic words”, their jingles, can cause everybody in the country to be thinking the same words, and have the same banal thoughts, all at exactly the same moment…

It’s important to realize that the advertisers he is referring to here, are synonymous with government in the United States Incorporated (United States of America is no longer here) and most of the civilized world. It was the work of very intelligent people, formulating an ingenious plan to enslave all of humanity. To replace the United States of America with a corporation.

This is the real flag for the United States of America… Before it was replaced with a corporation that was ALWAYS at war, with the people I must add. This is a an article all on it’s own though…


Companies, like the Federal Post Office, World Health Organization (WHO), the Center For Disease Control (CDC), the USDA and every other acronym you can possibly imagine are masquerading as government entities. They have implanted officials into government positions, and skewed the laws in their favor, at the cost of the many.

I think the artists and writers have allowed themselves to be ‘sold down the river’. They have ACCEPTED the prevailing belief that art, that writing, are merely forms of entertainment. They’re not seen as transformative forces… that can change a human being, that can change a society. They are seen as simple entertainment Things with which we can fill 20 minutes, half an hour, while we’re waiting to die…

The media is so great at shaping the world of the people that consume their bullshit, they have cast a spell so effective, that practically the entire world has been shut down!

It is critical to understand that these major corporations are not doing what they are doing, to benefit the masses in any way. You can bet that if seemingly all of the world is working together for something, that it is at the detriment of YOU.

This goes for the current situation that is making people so scared, that people can’t even come within 6 feet of another human being in the grocery store. Their magic has got people afraid to leave their house without a mask, or go anywhere without a bottle of poison (sanitizer) in their pocket. All for something that is COMPLETELY false.

I will say it again… Viruses are not the cause of disease and they are not being spread person to person. Someone infected with covid-19 sneezing directly IN your mouth is not going to cause you to get the virus. It is just not how human biology works.

Poisons in your environment, in your food, in your water, in your air, wherever it is those cause your diseases. Not bacteria, not parasites, not viruses, not fungi, not candida.

Those are your friends, they are trying to get rid of damaged tissue from poisons. They are your helpers. You gotta help them. How many people know that viruses aren’t alive? It’s been known in the medical profession for years that you don’t give antibiotics for a virus because they are ineffectual because they’re not alive. They have no nucleus, they are protein parts, there’s no respiration, there’s no functionality, there’s no glandular activity, they are not alive. But what are they? They are soaps, they are solvents, the body makes them to dissolve tissue in your body that are too toxic for your parasites, the bacteria, and the fungus to eat. - Aajonus Vonderplaintz

Viruses are not to be feared. They are our friends, and a magic spell has been put on all of us. To confuse us of the true nature of ourselves. To LITERALLY make us fear the one thing that is helping us. Covid-19’s ONLY purpose, is to help your body restore itself to a state of health.

The Good News

I hope that it is clear, that there are magicians and shamans in practically every high ranking position. But there is something good that comes from this. I heard in a recent Crrow777 episode that the main reason all of the shit is hitting the fan now, is that these magicians are losing their power.

It is not the job of the artist to give the audience what the audience WANTS. If the audience knew what they needed, then they wouldn’t be the audience. They would be the artist. It is the job of artists to give the audience what they NEED. - Alan Moore

I think our main focus during this crazy time, is to change our position. Get our asses out of the chairs in the audience, and get on that damn stage and become artists. The only way out of this mess is to notice that magic is being used on us all, and start using magic to benefit ourselves.

Because if you suddenly declare yourself to be a magician, without any knowledge of what that entails, then one day you are likely to wake up and to discover that is exactly what you are.

Take your life into your own hands, and know that magic is being used on you.


I’m newer to the free thinking situation, while never a sheep, I don’t know where to start when thinking of things like this, or even half the posts on the site. It makes so much sense, I always knew the corporations were bad, but this puts it into a new light. Unfortunately I cannot speak to friends/family about this or any topic on this website because they would think i’m insane. Your post already started me on a new path, as I believe I have begun to understand that things are never what they seem, and to trust no one thing. I plan on doing more research into this topic.


Hello and welcome to the site!

Yes corporations are the worst! They are walking around acting like they have our best interests in mind, but in reality they are just trying to create addicting products for us to depend on no matter the cost. It’s a harsh truth but necessary to become liberated from them.

Glad to hear you’ve never been a sheep, but then again I don’t think I was either. Luckily a few people in my family are awake to all the bullshit being portrayed as true, but it can definitely be a lonely path.

Hope you can discover some new things, and find some comfort knowing that there are definitely more people out there that know the truth is being hidden.


I must of hit the heart accidentally because I do not remember this fantastic post. One of your best I think. . I have recently just commented on another post here that nothing. much suprises me anymore . But this " magic" and "spell " stuff is very Interesting to me.

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Yes I agree, this is a very interesting thing once you realize it. The powers that shouldn’t be are completely aware of this and they make it out to be a pointless thing that only a child would like. Same thing with astrology…

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We all perform magic & cast spells every single day, in many forms. Praying is casting a spell, as are the words we speak & write [spelling?], cooking a meal is performing magic. These are good things. But due to falseness being attached, by the church, masons etc, going back hundreds of years, a lot of folks relate spells & magic to evil & harmful intentions. The same way a lot think the pentagram is a sign of nastiness. It’s not it’s a sign of nature, of peace, love & protection. But, as with magic & spell casting, it’s been hijacked by some groups of monsters that have nothing to do with those things. Resulting in, very dangerous, lies being spread.

I really enjoyed reading that. Thank you for spreading the truth in regards to magic & how it’s being used for completely the wrong things - by SOME.

Blessed be


Welcome to the site, glad your here!

Yup, that’s absolute truth.

Very similar to the word occult. People have been trained to perceive it as something negative, when in reality it just means hidden.

I think it’s important for people to understand that we can use this same type of thing to benefit ourselves and humanity as a whole.

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I never really considered as what they are doing as magic until this post. Spells are being cast daily on so many people. It’s so well done that a lot of people don’t even question it. Like @Xanth said if you even question their spell people think you are crazy or label you as a wacky conspiracy theorist. I’m glad this website was created to help like minded people communicate!

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Hi there,

I’m new to the site.

Great article.

I’ve been wanting to study the occult for at least 2-3 years now (that’s what some of what the occult is all about - magic), but I just haven’t done it yet unfortunately. You need to learn a lot & there’s tools you need as well which I haven’t been able to get.

I"ve been spiritually conscious since '92 learning more about spirituality off & on, but they never talk about the occult b/c I learned mainly the watered down New Age religion BS, and who do you think created that? LOL


So I don’t talk about corporations like you guys do b/c when you research our history & the truth about who controls the world, yes, the EVIL CORPS play a huge role, but the question everyone should be asking is who owns them.

And I’ve heard several times now that America was NEVER free.

I’m pretty sure even pre-their corp status they were controlled by the evils.

Eventually, I’ll find the answer to that.

The sub humans that own them are the ones who control our world & who have made us into slaves & started this war we are in now.

Unfortunately, way too many people are frightened of the word “occult” and again, that’s b/c (like you eluded to) the evils tainted the word, & made everyone (especially religious people) afraid of it.

Why did they do that?

Well of course b/c if WE (the 99%) knew that we actually have power, they wouldn’t have been able to control & kill us for this many hundreds (if not thousands) of years.

The evils are experts at the occult (like you said about magic), but they use it for evil & this is why I learned (a magician already stated this in the book I was reading) that if you have a HUGE EGO (that just means deep insecurities), then you shouldn’t study the occult.

It can e very dangerous for us b/c that person can use it as a weapon.

Unfortunately most people don’t want to help themselves, they expect someone else or some deity to save them, & that’s including TRUTHERS.

Since sooo many truthers are religious fanatics, I have to hear them bash the occult over & over again.

I’ve almost given up on my activism work twice now out of frustration & anger, but I know I’ll never stop b/c it’s my duty to teach even if no one listens.

But what’s also important is that I study the occult to protect myself & fight back the evils who are doing this to us, but it takes ALL of us to fight back, not just one person.

The evils have been brainwashing people into thinking they should ONLY care about themselves & that’s WRONG. We are all in this together, not to mention we are all connected energetically.

So thanks for your article.

Any exposure to the occult is good exposure.

Happy New Year although I don’t know how happy it will be (not trying to be negative, I just know what’s coming down the pike & I hope I’m WRONG) - sigh

I’ll be writing up an aritcle or do a video on this soon.


Yup that’s the main tool that’s being used against us all, getting people to attack each other and prevent them from focusing on what’s happening to everyone collectively. The term conspiracy theorist has been used for this exact purpose ever since the first time it was used by the CIA after the Kennedy assassination. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people default to shutting down and throwing that label at me. But it seems more are waking up to this now then ever before.


Hello there, thanks for the reply and welcome to the site!

The occult is a fascinating subject that’s for sure. I haven’t really dug too deep into it but I am all about learning as much hidden information as possible, especially nowadays. I know exactly what you mean about the information being hard to find.

I’m glad you mentioned that the whole New Age movement is a bunch of bs. I bought into it quite a bit over the last 5 years or so, but listening to Mark Passio really opened my mind up to a lot of it. I’m not sure if your familiar with his work but he has hundreds of hours of podcasts shedding light on everything occult.

I agree that the people behind the corporations are the true evil in this world. It seems that it’s been the same families practically forever that have been inflicting their evil onto the people.

Passio explains that the goal of new age movement is basically to get people to ignore reality. Thus allowing evil to run rampant basically.

“Just stop focusing on the negative!”

But the truth is that negative things need to be brought to light in order for people to become aware of them, then make the necessary changes to fix it.

Another huge thing it purveys is the myth of objective truth. It is either truth or not.

The new age stuff also relieves people if their responsibilities. Rather than living like a living man or woman with morals, it allowes them to live whatever lie they falsely believe is truth.

If I remember correctly it also purveys the notion that an individual is the only thing that really matters. I totally agree that we all need to be uniting and caring for each other.

Back in the day people used to care about one another. Practically anybody would stand up for what was right. For example if someone was treating someone like garbage in public, they would at least attempt to set the situation straight.

Common sense used to be morality.

I think it’s been one of the main goals to remove that from the next generation, for many generations.

I’ve also been thinking that America was a setup for quite some time now like you mention. I think it was just a huge ploy to get everyone to move over here and allow themselves to be enslaved for the promise of living the American dream. Then when they were all distracted and drained from working a job that drains their soul, put down the hammer.

I began to look into kabbalah and the tarot a while back to research for an article, but didn’t give it enough time and it got put on the back burner.

Which book are you reading if you don’t mind sharing? I am always on the lookout for more books that teach these kinds of things.

If you decide to do some work about any of this i would love to read it or watch your video. That’s the reason I started this site, for anyone to get information out there without the group think mentality.

You can upload videos here too but it has to be in the MPEG-4 format, same format youtube uses. currently anything over 50mb in size doesn’t work right, and I’m not sure if I want to implement the ability to host anything bigger because I’d have to upgrade my host.

My new year will be probably like any of the recent ones for me. Don’t worry about sounding negative if you speak truth!

Thanks for the comment, hope to see you around more!

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If you have any proof that the C/I/A was behind this, please forward it to me.

A few months ago I read an article calling us nuts for saying the sppoks were behind the term “conspiracy theorist,” so I went to try & find evidence that they were behind it & I couldn’t.

Even the links I did find that said they were behind it showed no proof.

This is the problem with us truthers (me included at times), we just accept everything we learn as fact, & we don’t double-check things & the evils love this b/c then they can prove we lie & make up stories

In fact, they can e responsible for spreading the lies that we regurgitate.

There’s only a few very good truther researchers out there (all women) & I’m not about one of them unfortunately b/c I think she’s CO.

I hate spending hours trying to find evidence, especially since goolag has buried or removed a lot of the evidence.

Some of those “researchers” could even be CO which is why they can find the proof so easily. And I don’t trust anyone who believes in gov’t. Like one of the researchers is on the far right & used to worship trumpet so even though her evidence appeared legit, she would never find anything negative about the far right. She finally admitted she wasn’t sure about trumpet.

This is also the other problem. The evils create proof our of nowhere.

It’s way more easy now than ever before b/c all they have to do is create a site or image (even a vid) & make it look old (or whatever), & link it to a few other sites, etc. & there’s your lying PROOF.


Just saying this in case you don’t know.

In fact, I just wrote an article yesterday blasting alt-media, b/c there are so many so called “truthers” who lie about the truth, & I never know if they are doing it just for fear porn, or b/c they are CO.

Yes, I do have the names of the families.

I’m not sure if the book is 100% correct in everything it cites, but if you want them, I’d send them to you privately.

There’s the lower level evils, & then the higher level evils, along with the Vatican & then the Jesuits together.

I still can’t figure out if the Jesuits are the Vatican’s army, or they control the Vatican.

Yes, I know Mark well, although I still have to watch every single video. I’m almost done part 3 of the Naural Law seminar. I had watched it before a few years ago, but this time I took notes & I uploaded it to my channel. Unfortunately, 99% of all truthers (I don’t even try with normies) don’t want to learn about the laws of nature & they STILL worship the state.

I also didn’t watch his “Fake Ass Christians” video since I’m not Christian, but the one thing I don’t agree with, is that it’s ONLY New Agers are like this.

I am spiritually conscious & have been since '92, so I have dealt with a ton of New Agers in my day, & there was also something very fear-based about them that I could never put my finger on UNTIL I watched the New Age lecture from Mark.

And nothing irks me more than them talking non stop about 5D. I don’t even know what they are talking about b/c I don’t learn from those circles, but they really are no different than Christians.

Both are religious fanatics that think that someone else is going to save them & like you mentioned, they don’t take responsibility for anything.

With the New Agers it’s this 5D or trumpet?
Witht he Christians it’s Jesus or trumpet
And with Jews, it’s the Messiah or gawd

Not sure if Muslims have someone who’s going to “save” them.

As much as I’ve learned from the die hard Christians or Jesus fanatics b/c they really are die hard truthers, they irk me to no end.

It’s very rare to find a Christian who isn’t constantly preaching Jesus or YHWAH or whatever. They ALL assume everyone on earth is Christian or should be Christian or should worship Jesus.

And they ALL think we have no power & these other deities are going to save us if ONLY we BELIEVE.

So in the end, IMO, they are worthless truthers even though they are way better than normies.

So that’s one thing I don’t agree with Mark on b/c even in other lectures, he constantly bashes New Agers, without lumping all the other religious fanatics in there who act the same way.

Granted most New Agers don’t know the truth & don’t want to learn it, but they have that one thing in common with Christians in that they expect someone else to save them.

Now maybe he’s not aware that these others behave exactly like the New Agers do, but they were like this even pre-scamdemic, only just worse now IMO.

Oh I’m always reading. LOL

I can give you the book in PDF. I only read on my Kindle b/c I can’t afford to ship books or keep real books all the time due to me moving. The issue with that, is that we run the risk of the evils having doctored the books.

You can e-mail me from my site if you want the book, but I warn you it’s a long one & it’s another one from a die hard Christian. :slight_smile: I’m not sure he’s 100% factual, so I’ll need to read another 2-3 books to confirm things he’s said.

The other one re: the list of the evil families, is a different perspective that claims to have researched the evils all the way back to Cain. You know Cain & Able?

haven’t found proof of everything in there yet either.

I wish I had the time & energy to do videos & articles on every single thing I read/watch.

I don’t do my own videos b/c I won’t go in front of the camera & I’m way too verbose (LOL), so unless I found a partner to do vids with (more like a podcast), I just upload other people’s videos I feel need to be seen, I write my notes in the show notes, or sometimes I put up slides with my comments & a couple of times I’ve talked my comments, but then I get off in a tangent LOL

The articles are all mine though, but I have over 200 that are in draft mode even if many are pretty much done.

I don’t teach about the Kabbalah or tarot. I myself have to learn more about that, but I don’t really want to learn the Kabbalah, maybe just the tarot.

I bought a nice deck, but got lost on how to do them in the book & its instructions.

I finally came across this guy who teache’s occult with a bit of New Age thrown in there (LOA of course), but I learned a lot in the first video that I NEVER EVER learned when it came to spirituality & that excited me.

I am sort of making excuses in that I haven’t had a lot of time to watch them due to the scamdemic, b/c I’ve been working f/t as an activist since March.

It’s only recently that I started to slow down when I realized all of my hard work has done NOTHING to wake anyone up & truthers don’t want to join together with me, so what’s the point.

I really need to learn Vedic astrology. I know very little about astrology, & it all plays a part in magic. I’m kind of upset I never learned about it years ago when studying spirituality.

Here’s the link to his site - Mind and Magick

Yeh, I’m not great at understanding sizes (math isn’t my forte) when it comes to images & videos. I’ve been working on computers & the net forever, but I’m only a little bit of a geek, not a full blown one LOL

I doubt all of my videos would fit on here even though I am looking for an alternative video hosting platform that has all the features I need & doesn’t have huge bugs & doesn’t buffer the vids which irks me.

I thought I came up with a really good one. Turns out there were 2 new ones that were using the same software & I was all excited, but in the end, the British one got hacked & the owner lied & I haven’t saying he saved the day (it was all a lie) & since then I haven’t been able to upload large videos, plus there’s all these other things that the hacker is still doing or they are doing which is complete BS. I have a whole list of all the bugs & my comments being edited.

Plus the people on it worship the site & if you say anything negative about it, you get bullied.

Then the CND which I loved at first, they turned out to be morons (2 of them) & & I was even paying the $5 per month for unlimited space until I realized they were charging me every 3+ weeks instead of once every 30 days.

When the guy on FB ignored me several times, I reached out to the founder & he expected me to be his secretary & repeat myself over & over again which I refuse to do if someone is too lazy to scroll up (it was a short PMing conversation, not like this) & so I won’t be paying him any more money which is a shame, b/c other than for a short period of it not working, the site has been working well for me.

In fact, he JUST got a ton of traffic & new members b/c of me with this last video I uploaded b/c Bitchute drives me insane. It wasn’t working so I uploaded it there.

I am concerned though b/c ANY censorship free video platform is going to get attacked or bought out by the evils. That is a FACT!

It’s really hard for me to find an alternative video platform that’s good. I’m about to get my main channel shut down by nazi goolag, so I almost never upload anything on there anymore. It all gets uploaded on another platform & I upload a slide telling people where they can find it.

I don’t know what hoster you use, but the one I switched to back in May is pretty good & I searched high & low for a good one b/c hosters can be a PIA.

If you want it, just LMK.

I didn’t know this was your site. :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding & TTYL.

P.S. Just so you know, I don’t have time to respond to every single comment not just on here, but anywhere. I do my best, so it may take me several days…With e-mail I’m much faster.

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Yup your right about the term conspiracy theory, I should have clarified a little better. They did not invent the term, A better version of what I said would be…

Once the Kennedy assassination happened, the term really seemed to blow up after they published a document titled CIA 1035-960: Countering Criticism of the Warren Report, which is best summed up as a way for them to discredit and undermine conspiracy theorist arguments using propaganda.

Here’s the document.

CIA Document 1035-960: Countering Criticism of the Warren Report.pdf (1.6 MB)

With page two being where they use the term conspiracy theories. You’ll have to right click and click view image to enlarge it effectively.

However, pretty much ever since the term started being used historically, it was a way to discredit the people exposing the truth.

I found the following using the qwant search engine (thanks @Shady for telling me about qwant!)

There’s sources listed here which imo prove that the term has pretty much been exclusively used throughout history to combat truth.

But yeah not verifying information is ahuge problem, especially in places like Twitter, which is the only thing I use, albeit not very much.

I try my best to only post things that can be verified. There are some times where I don’t provide all the references but it’s something I’m working on.

I would say that most out there are most definitely controlled opposition. One of my favorite shows to follow is the Crrow777 podcast, and another member here laid out all the gematria (which isn’t something I’m great at) that has to do with him and I think it’s pretty undeniable that even he is CO.

There is a lot that can be learned from those “agents” and it’ll probably be impossible to fully understand their true purpose.

I think I have a fairly good idea of at least a couple of the families behind parts of this. But I would definitely love to see the info you found.

I haven’t really found too much drive to actually track down and trace the bloodlines and all that. I typically try to focus on things that benefit me directly, like health for the most part. I of course have came across some things about the Vatican and all that, but it’s not my forte.

Yeah that natural law seminar was hard to get through and I do plan on taking some notes on it in the future. I did however take screenshots of all the interesting slides in the video, but it’s difficult to go back and hear exactly what was said.

That’s pretty much the only videos of his I’ve watched. I did listen to close to 70 or 80 of his podcasts, in order. It started to get really hard to listen to around that point, with commercials and a bunch of issues with the show and the callers rarely actually added anything, usually just made it harder to get the information he was trying to convey.

I think I began listening to the new age video but felt that he pretty much explains everything from all of his videos in his podcast.

I agree, the 5D thing is confusing as hell, I don’t know what it’s all about either.

From what I understand now, it seems that ALL religions are simply a way to control and relieve self responsibility from the world.

I used to listen to Richie from Boston and Owen Benjamin pretty much daily for a few months and I fell the same way. They are so annoying and rarely add anything of use.

I too don’t want my face all over the internet, so any content I produce will be in the form of articles or podcasts. Maybe once in a while I will put together a video, but if I do it will just be of information.

I’ll email you sometime in the near future.

I think that’s one of the reasons why I never looked into the kabbalah as well, seems to be a distraction sort of.

I never even considered that the tarot could be useful until Passio did his shows about it. I would have to listen to them all again to fully even begin to understand it’s use. Maybe sometime in the future.

I have never looked into vedic astrology at all, and really only looked into Sidereal astrology and that was only briefly. Again, something I would like to pursue in the future if I could get some legit helpful information about it.

Thanks for the link I’ll check it out.

I too feel like if there ever is a truly free video platform, that eventually it will be bought and controlled. Hell even bitchute has apparently censored videos, and yeah I agree the site isn’t great. That’s the only place I uploaded my podcasts and one video.

Yup, this is indeed my site, my host seems absolutely awesome so far. It’s been about a year now, but I’ll tell you about them in the email.

I agree. It’s very hard to change anyone’s mind and I feel the same way about getting people to join in on the content creation. I would be down to join you on your mission. Been trying to find someone that was motivated to create content together so it wouldn’t be such a drain on myself trying to push myself to create content all the time. I imagine it would be a lot easier to come up with ideas and actually get shit done if I knew I wasn’t the only one doing it.

Anyway, thanks for the great reply. Comments like these really do make it all worthwhile. Where you can tell the one replying actually thought about what was said and has something actually constructive to say about it.

Good to know about the emails, I’ll be implementing a few new features to the site in the next few days. Gonna actually work on one tonight.

Have a good night!

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