More proof of coronavirus being a globalist agenda

" Victims aboard Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 (shot down by Iran) linked to National Microbiology Lab in Canada."

This happened in the beginning of January, a few weeks before the virus outbreak. Now Iran is one of the most infected. one of the VP who caught it died yesterday.


Good find.

I seen this earlier today in an Owen Benjamin stream and looked into it a little further on my own.

There is no doubt in my mind that yes some people are indeed getting sick from some kind of virus. But it is most definitely part of a more elaborate plan.

But what I found more interesting about this little clip is that before the Coronavirus segment, they are talking about Iran producing uranium. I think they are saying that they are producing a higher quality uranium now that trump is in office but I could be wrong.

I think that this entire little “skit” (in this video) about Corona being a Hoax is simply being used to distract from the uranium part of this meeting.

Now I have no idea what any of this uranium is being used for, but I’m pretty confident that nuclear weapons don’t exist as described.

I do think that uranium is being used for some other purpose.

So yeah I think this is all smoke and mirrors to distract people from what is actually going on behind the scenes.


Yea uranium and water can be used to generate a lot of energy. cant have iran gaining any “power” “current” “currency” “money”


whoa what form of energy and is it harvestable? does it have to do with radioactive decay?

Go look up the Fukushima reactors

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