Natural Law: Hope for these uncertain times

I came across this post in a group that I’m in and felt the need to share it.

A testimony of Common Law at work

Big Read but Great Experience

Living Men and Women Avoid Forced Quarantine after returning to Australia on international flight.

This was Yesterday (10/07/2020) after our Arrival from Auckland into Brisbane Airport.

After disembarking the plane we were given paperwork re going into quarantine, the guidelines and where we would go and how much it would cost etc. (around $4600 we would have to pay for the 2 weeks for our family of 5) The air hostesses also gave us facemasks which we were told were ‘compulsory’ to wear inside the terminal (we never put them on and no one even said a thing or batted an eyelid, there were also border control and police not wearing them so not really too compulsory). We went through the immigration and had our passports scanned; all was fine. Walked through there an agent was there taking temperatures, our 4-year-old ran away from the bloke and wasn’t having any of it, so he waived us through without testing her, the rest of us had our temp taken and were fine (not our son in the child carrier strapped to my partner). Then we came to the checkpoint where the police (regular QLD police not AFP to my surprise) were doing the paperwork to send people into quarantine (game on). I looked at them all, there were 8 I think all in a row sitting behind desks. I was intentionally hanging right back so we would be among the last to go through the process. I looked for a younger looking low ranked officer and joined his line for the reason I thought he would just defer me straight to his supervisor or a higher rank when I told him I wouldn’t be consenting to their directives and wouldn’t be engaging in commerce with them, which he did fairly quickly. The young constable initially went through the paperwork with me for the quarantine, of which I had crossed out the hotel they wanted to send us to and pay $4600 (they wanted to send us to the Gold Coast, I had already organised to go to the Sunshine coast and stay with my mother) I wrote on the paperwork where I was wanting to go and stay at the Sunshine Coast. Before we came we had also applied to QLD Health for an exemption to the quarantine in an effort to go down the path of least resistance and not go down the ‘hard road’, we had not heard back from QLD health and were told they had a big backlog… so our exemption was not approved. I told the constable about this and they asked to see that we had the exemption, which I told them we had applied 3-4 weeks previous but still not heard back. At this point we were told we needed to quarantine at the hotel at Gold Coast and could call QLD health and discuss the exemption from within quarantine. At this point I told the constable that I would not consent to going into quarantine as we had arrangements for accommodation already. He then read out the form to me and stated he had given me the directive and asked if I ‘understand’. I said No I don’t understand. A bit more back and forth as he was trying to get me to say I understand the directive, and at one point I even said, No I don’t stand under you. He got a bit frustrated with me not ‘understanding’, but he basically said he’d get the higher-ranking officer, at which time he went and spoke to his supervisor who was a Sargent and told him about what was happening. The Sargent was very firm in telling me that I had no choice but to follow their directives and go into quarantine and try and make further arrangements from there. It was at this point I asked them to show me evidence that they had the authority and the jurisdiction to force us into quarantine. He pointed to the paperwork which stated the ‘act’ which gave them their authority. On advice from a family friend I asked when did the act get passed and when was it signed by the state governor into law? I can’t remember the Sargent’s response exactly but it was basically along the lines of it doesn’t matter, the law exists and we are enforcing it. At this point I took a deep breath and continued.

I told him I didn’t believe they had jurisdiction in the matter and asked him if he could give me any evidence that the act applied to men and women. There was a bit of a chuckle between the constable and the Sargent and I got the feeling that they didn’t really understand the true nature of what I was asking when I referred to (living) men and women, but the response was yes it does apply to everyone entering the country. The Sargent wasn’t budging and I could tell this. As when he was finishing, he told me he couldn’t do anything for me, and he doesn’t have the authority to let us go or do anything other than put us on a bus to quarantine. I knew it was a bit of a stalemate with this guy, again I told him I did not consent to the quarantine and I didn’t wish to enter into any contracts at this time. I had already thought he wasn’t the one I wanted to be speaking with earlier on in our interaction, but when he said I don’t have the authority to do anything for you it kind of dawned on me; I need to talk to someone higher up. I thought he may call someone of higher rank or something like that; but what I got was much better. At this point I knew I was up against a brick wall with this Sargent and not going any further, so I went into my bag and got out my letter which I had prepared earlier. I handed it to the Sargent and said please read this very carefully. I watched his face change within a minute of starting reading the letter. I was buzzing a bit at this point after I gave him the letter and saw the change in the bloke but he read it and then basically he excused himself and said he would go and speak to someone else. I went back to my partner who was sitting on the floor with my kids. After a few minutes he came back and told me he had spoken to an Inspector who would come down and talk to me. I knew I was getting somewhere. I lent down to my partner who asked me how it was going, I tried not to smile and said to her; we’re winning… I’m about to talk to the big fish. So the inspector came out. She was actually very nice and I sensed she was there to resolve the matter and do a deal. As they do… it’s all commerce after all. She introduced herself and I wrote down her name and rank in my book I was making notes in (as I had for all the officers I had talked to) she told me that the interaction would be recorded I said great. I asked if I could also record, she said no, because we were in an airport but I could get access to their recording if I wanted. She said; I’ve read your letter and understand what’s going on. She then tried to test me and asked; (referring to the letter) So you’re saying that you are a sovereign citizen? Is that right? (the letter has nowhere in it the words ‘sovereign’ or ‘citizen’) Immediately I said. No. I’m not a citizen. And I’m not claiming to be a sovereign. I’m just a living man, and I don’t wish to enter into any contracts with you or conduct commerce at this time. Immediately after I stated my position she knew where this was going. We chatted she insisted that I had to comply, she changed her tact from time to time imploring me to just do what they wanted for the sake of my family, but I kept saying I’m not consenting to this and don’t enter into any contract. Finally she told me that if need be she would instruct the officers to use force on us… she really didn’t want to, to which I said No I don’t want you to either, but I’m not entering into this contract. I could tell she was getting desperate. She said I’ll just give you a few minutes to think it over with your partner. I quickly said we don’t need time to think anything over, she was trying to tell my partner that we should really reconsider the position that I had taken, but I quickly said No, my partner is in agreement with everything I am doing and saying here. I speak for our family, at which my partner agreed and said that was correct. The inspector then said think it over for a bit and walked off. I sat down on the floor with my partner and kids and told them it was all going to be fine.

A minute or two later the inspector came over and bent down and began to ask us about the place at the Sunshine coast where we wanted to go. I told her the details and she asked: If I release you to go there will you follow the guidelines and quarantine there for the 2-week period, she sighted that where we came from (NZ) was fairly safe with no COVID cases etc. I was pretty pumped at this point. I said yes, we would do that. It had occurred to me to push the issue a bit more and say that we were healthy people and didn’t need to quarantine at all, but; It was late; we’d been travelling all day, kids were sleeping on the floor and at that point I was happy to just take the win and walk away from the table as they say. I made a verbal contract (never signed anything) that we would go and spend the 2 weeks at my mum’s place on the Sunshine coast (which was to be a much-needed break anyway). The inspector told the constable to do up new paperwork saying we’d be going to where we wanted to go. We had already organised a car to travel up the coast. Some border patrol bought our bags and we were free to go. I did make a contract with the Inspector and I will uphold that contract as is the common law edict. I was very happy with the outcome as It was my first (but definitely won’t be the last) time holding my position and standing up for my rights in this way… I had wanted to try starting off with a police officer pulling me over or something a bit less intimidating than being in an airport facing 10 police with my partner and 3 small children in tow, but I feel as if I was in the lions den and came out unscathed to tell the tale.

There you have it, the real law working for men and women regardless of mandates. I will update this thread a little later tonight with resources for others to get to this level.

It’s not that difficult once you understand that our rights are not derived from something written on paper or given to us from government.

We are endowed with rights from the God. Do not get hung up on the word God, because it’s not important. What is important is knowing that regardless of your belief on the subject, this is the law and will be held up if we exercise it.

The powers that (shouldn’t) be know this and follow this, along with karmic law. You must realize this and use it to your advantage if we are to create a future worth living in for future generations.

Check back tomorrow for updates.

Much love.

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