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I’ve been thinking a lot about raising my daughter, and how to actually raise her to be successful, not just in a typical educational sense, but as a full being. I think this is one of the main reasons society is suffering the way it is. Most people just have no idea what could be achieved if children were taught, from a very young age, self awareness.

From what I’ve noticed, most people today are completely unaware of themselves. It’s an extremely important part of living a healthy lifestyle.

Programming You

I’m sure many people have probably heard about body language, and how your moods change the way you carry yoursel. I will also assume most are aware that it works the opposite way too. People can usually tell if someone is happy or depressed by the way they are walking. A depressed person might hunch their shoulders a big and probably look towards the ground, maybe with a certain expression on their face, while a happy person would be completely opposite.

You may have even heard of the superhero pose, and how using it can boost confidence.

I listened to a lot of Tony Robbins when I was cooking at my last job, and he explains in depth how you can psyche yourself up by using this to your advantage. It’s even been proven many times over that just forcing yourself to smile can improve your mood. Obviously it would take some effort on your part to do this, but it’s entirely possible.

I believe people have known this for quite some time, and think that is where some of the old sayings come from. I’m sure you’ve probably heard some of them from your parents, teachers, or anyone else that may have been in your life.

  • Sit up straight!

  • Elbows off the table!

  • Turn that frown upside down!

I have come to realize that the majority of these little sayings that were handed down over generations actually had significant meaning. For example…

Put a sweater on before you catch cold!

This is a really telling one because it was changed over the years into, “Put a sweater on before you catch a cold”, obviously once germ theory took hold, people adapted, but the truth is starting to come out, and these people knew all along that you didn’t catch a cold (virus), but they were actually simply saying that you would get cold, as in temperature only.

Anyways, back to the original point.

These were likely put into use to literally transform someone from a sad gloomy state, into a better one.

It wasn’t just the parents being controlling because they were anal, but it was them trying to teach this to their children, although maybe not a very effective way.

Self Awareness Theory

Self awareness is the ability to recognize what your body does automatically, and being able to realize, and notice and manipulate it to your advantage, essentially. You are not your thoughts, but you are the one observing your thoughts, they are not automatic, and you can alter them to your advantage once you notice this.

The American Psychological Association (n.d.) defines self-awareness theory as “ the consequences of focusing attention on the self. ” Much of the research and literature available today distinguishes between two types.

And here’s another more in depth explanation of it.

The first is subjective self-awareness. We are the source of all our perceptions and behaviors. The world revolves around us based on our observations and experience.

The second is objective self-awareness. Duval and Wicklund, whom you will read about later, sought to define this. It is the idea that we compare ourselves to others and some standard of correct behavior. These comparisons in behaviors, attitudes, and traits all contribute to our sense of self-awareness (APA, n.d.). - Positive Psychology

I first heard about this concept after reading A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle but there are many many other resources to familiarize yourself if your not already.

If you are able to consciously observe yourself, you will be able to notice your emotions and how they are affecting you as it happens and make a decision to alter your current state.

Here are some benefits of Self Awareness, by no means exhaustive.

  • enriched emotional intelligence and greater empathy and listening skills;
  • improved critical-thinking skills and decision making;
  • strengthened communications and relationships; and
  • enhanced leadership capabilities and capacity. - InstituteForPR

So why is it that I was alive for 15+ years of my life before I even heard this concept?

I think it was by design, because if people were taught this as children, the majority of us wouldn’t be living this depressive, consumer based lifestyle.

What’s Next For Us

We are at a pivital point in history, and I believe that what happens in the next few months or years will have the greatest impact on the way our children (and us) live our day to day life.

Why is it that everyone is asking for the government to eliminate our rights, to forcefully make everyone wear a mask out in public?

Why can’t people choose to wear masks themselves and be cool with it?

Why can’t people actually be aware enough about their bodies to figure out what it was that actually made them sick in the first place?

I’ll tell you why…

It’s because our inherit nature has been deprogrammed from us, since birth, through this constant slew of marketing and programming!

If everyone that ever got a flu shot, was self aware enough to notice how they felt after that shot, nobody would ever get one again!

It is insane to me that regardless of the information presented to us, people could even believe that someone coughing on them made them sick? How about noticing that all that sugar and shit food you’ve been eating for the last year (while likely feeling like garbage immediately afterwards) could have been the real cause of your sickness?


I belive that if everyone with a child, focused on this one thing, the world would be an ENTIRELY different place. I will do my best to educate my daughter in self awareness, and everyone else should be doing the same thing. Nobody is going to save us, it is up to us to create a new mindset for the next generation, because society has been rigged from the start.


I am 23 and I had stumbled across this concept, but never understood what it means a few years ago. Only now I am understanding awareness in general. It is indeed that we are just raised as machines to consume and not think and process the things coming in and out of our brains, so to speak. No one ever talks about things like this, which now, when you understand it, seems like the building blocks of every human. For example, lately I’ve been trying to be more aware of all my actions, not let stress take over in situations (it’s a problem for me usually), follow all my actions and thoughts and analyse. Harder in extreme situations and I forget more than I remember, but got to start somewhere. Thankful that my children will have more knowledge in an earlier age, which I only am starting to grasp now. Same goes for many things, in raising kids and human interaction in general. Got to learn from your parent’s and family’s mistakes, society’s mistakes in general. :slight_smile:


Today I will become more self aware of my reactiing. ( 3 kids today stuck in the house)
Thank you


I think I was just under 18 when I discovered this concept, and it was only because my uncle (who was 10 years older than me and working the AA and NA 12 step programs) was trying to shove the stuff down my throat.

He was listening to audiobooks by Esther Hicks of The Law Of Attraction and I couldn’t stand it because of her gimmick. She supposedly channels an old soul called Abraham and the law of attraction is apparently one of Abraham’s teachings. I’m not here to debate on the authenticity of her sessions, but I’m not trying to listen to an audiobook that is an entire channeling session. There’s a huge amount of uncomfortable pauses and she talks incredibly slow and at that age I was just completely annoyed by it. He would play it in the car and at his house while we were playing super smash brothers on wii and I just wasn’t ready to learn for myself.

Maybe if I would have started with The Power Of Now, A New Earth or The Celestine Prophecy, it could have maybe been different.

It’s a problem for me as well, and I attribute that to me just masking my feelings and problems with drugs for the majority of my life. I have only been sober for just under 3 years, and even now I haven’t implemented a traditional 12 step program like everyone recommends. I think that is actually harmful in the larger picture, because we are indeed in control of our thoughts and actions, it might just take some work to get to a place where that can be realized.

I still have issues, and I still sometimes am not fully aware of how I let my emotions affect me in a given situation, and sometimes I don’t even realize it until someone points it out to me afterwards.

I think something that could be helpful to become more aware in the moment (at least during an argument, with your significant other or parents) could be to define a trigger word or action that can be used in the moment. For instance if you argue with your girlfriend a lot and both of you just get really angry really quickly, come together before an argument and create a signal word or something. That way if you start getting to emotional that other person can say “hippopotamus” and by hearing that word you can take a minute and really analyze what’s happening.

It could also be something as simple as when you realize your voice has been raised, or maybe even your heart rate increases. Obviously you need a pretty high level of self awareness to even get to the point where you can notice these things. Just an example.

I definitely agree with learning from others mistakes, I couldn’t imagine having a child a decade ago as many do. But I am just happy I have been actually thinking of these things and have had people ask me questions about how I’ll be raising my daughter (thanks @ids!). Maybe someday I’ll be able to completely learn from other people’s mistakes and I won’t need to make my own mistake to truly learn from it.


Maybe you should start listening to some of the stuff that’s on YouTube? I know that the full copy of A New Earth is available for free on YouTube.

It will be difficult if your the only one in your household doing it, it’s possible though. Here’s the link!

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will definitely have a read at this,but on self awareness,we cant understand others till we understand ourselves and “until we make the unknown known it will continue to happpen to us and we will call it fate” -nmw

so its very crucial we know what makes us who we are and do what we do


I agree completely. It’s a shame that more people don’t realize or understand this. It’s all about working a 9-5 job so you can buy more stuff.

Who’s v this nmw person?

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