New to being a free thinker, need some help if possible

Hope this is alright to post. Hi everyone, I have recently begun searching for actual truth, and not lies and propaganda. I was wondering if there were any websites or repositories of information I can read up on to start my path in the right direction. Thank you for any help.


I think one of the best resources of knowledge like this would be the Crrow777 podcasts, half of each (1 full hour, not the second) are available for free on YouTube and there’s well over 200 of them. The full episodes do require a subscription fee of $7 per month but you could pay the $7 once and download every episode and then just listen at your own pace. The unfortunate thing about those is that the titles and descriptions are obfuscated to deter Google from censoring them, so it takes some work figuring out which episode is about what, and they don’t usually get to the really good stuff until the second hour.

It’s where I discovered fossil fuels are infinite and not from dinosaurs, dinosaurs were never real, nuclear weapons do not exist, viruses aren’t contagious, all about rh- blood, our historic timeline is completely wrong, vaccines are poison, the given population is incorrect, and many many more things.

I listened to maybe two episodes on YouTube, joined downloaded a bunch from his site and never planned on becoming a member again, now I’ve listened to probably 90% of them and I keep finding myself joining after my month runs out.

A few good resources about health are Aajonus Vonderplanitz, there’s a post here with quite a few links about him.

And this book has tons of info about viruses not causing disease and Vaccines only causing harm.

What really makes you ill: why everything you thought you knew about disease is wrong

What_Really_Makes_You_Ill_Why_Everything_You_Thought_You_Knew_About.pdf (3.9 MB)

You can also follow me on Twitter, I’m following quite a few different truther people on there and you could probably learn a lot just from following some of the people I am there.

Click on my icon next to my name here and you’ll see me Twitter link.

I think we need a post with a bunch of different links sometime in the near future :+1:

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