NHS launching coronavirus app which tells people if they've been near infected

Here it is… I wasn’t sure if the post I seen on the new years day (april first) was true or if it was just a joke, but it turns out it was real…


The NHS is now gearing up to launch a contact tracing app which will detect people with Covid-19 using short range Bluetooth signals. It will then alert those nearby and prompt them to be cautious in particular areas.

NHS chiefs hope the app will attract more than 50% of the population, according to Sky News. The app will also store a record of a persons contact with infected people and alert a user after a short delay.

They claim that the app will not be sent to a central server but I call bullshit on that, there’s just no way they would let this data go to waste.

It comes after a group of “responsible technologists” penned an open letter to the CEO of NHSX and the Secretary of State for Health warning that “location and contact tracking technology could be used as a means of social control”.

There has never been a better time to leave your phone at home whenever you go out. It’s not like anything will ever happen outside and you won’t be able to get help. Everyone has been instructed to spy on everyone so chances are if something happens the police will show up anyway…

The worship of the medical industry is reaching insane levels here in the UK. We have weekly ‘clap for our NHS’ sessions where everyone goes on the street and claps for one minute on Thursday evenings.

This ‘app’ will be a hoax of course. They are simply trying to ramp up the fear and make people scared of their neighbours…

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Wow I have not heard this before, I have seen some videos on Twitter showing a bunch of people clapping for nurses and doctors getting into their cars. Didn’t realize it was a scheduled thing.

I definitely agree with them manipulating people into fear anyway that they can. It’s insane how easily people eat it up. I just went to the gas station and one of the workers there was wearing a mask and said she was worried about her 3 kids at home and I told her about the multiple studies that were done where they proved only like 0.2% of the infected people were children under 16 and she just completely blocked it out and still expressed how fearful it all was.

It sounds counterintuitive but people actually enjoy being fearful, it provides a form of ‘excitement’.

This is why nobody is happy to hear that the virus is a hoax, it disappoints them…


Exactly this! People disgust me.


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