Please recommend Books for Babies/small kids

Hello All ,
Please can you recommend some books to read to babies or small kids that has some good message or information.


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Hello, and welcome to the site!

My daughter really loved this book called tails. There’s a few little different ways to interact with things to pull that move.'s+book+tails&qid=1605016985&sr=8-3

She also really loved the Dr Seuss’s abc book and one fish two fish.

There’s a few books by Brett Pike that are great for when they’re a little older that teach morals and rights.

Another great book series teaching rights are the Turtle Twins books. I haven’t bought these yet but they are definitely next on my list.

That’s all I have off the top of my head but I’ll update this once I have a look at my daughters books later.

Looking forward to hearing any other books.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Some one suggested books by Esther and Jerry Hicks (Sara series).

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Interesting, haven’t heard of those. Thanks for mentioning them!

I did listen to some of their stuff on audiobook years ago. Looks like they could be good, it remindes me of the series of books called the Celestine Prophecy. Probably not great for babies but I would definitely agree that it could be beneficial information when they’re a little older.

I would also recommend the books called… Are you my mother, Hand hand fingers thumb, and there’s a wocket in my pocket.

My daughter loves those as well and there’s a compilation of the last two with a few more. Really though I think you can make any book fun and engaging by acting extravagantly while reading.

For example in the hand hand fingers thumb book they have a few pages where they are drumming so I drum with my hand on the book. So now she loves doing that.

Also anytime any book says hooray (Dr Seuss abc,etc) I always lift my arms up and say hooray all excited, and now she knows when we’re at the G page that hooray comes next so she gets all excited.

With the are you my mother book the egg jumps a few times before hatching and I always bounce my knee or lift the book up as if it were jumping. My daughter loves it and hope you have some fun!

Thanks for the suggestions and detailed information . We need to chronicle all the good books for kids to read in the current situation.

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No problem. I agree, this is a very important time to gather useful information. My daughter is almost 2 and I made the decision to homeschool her a little before her birth.

I’ll update this thread when I hear about more. I’m really looking forward to those Tuttle Twins books though. Gonna have to get my hands on some of those

Here’s one I am not sure of shared yet

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