PoS Podcast - 05 - Consciousness and Society w King Club

Here’s the newest podcast with @kingxclub, we talk about consciousness, society, a little about 5g and health and how we can and should all be using this situation as a way to foster in a new era of true freedom.

I know a lot of people are scared for the future, especially those with children but we do not have to be. This is a chance for us to literally change the world, for the better.

It’s important for us to connect with others who are already questioning the narrative. In doing so we can raise the vibration of humanity and help spread truth to every edge of the Earth.

Had a good time tonight, let us know what you think in the comments and you can find more of @kingxclub’s work here in his telegram group.

Also, join the newly created Parent Of Society telegram group as well.

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Resources mentioned:


The newer map that shows the chakras and other awesome things.


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Very well done! What I found that sets this podcast apart from the others , is you both ended with the positive aspects of all of this, and what you take from it… I found it uplifting. I do want to ask, why you Earl think the camps are for those that are masking, and unfortunately, the ones falking victim to the deception. The only thing coming to mind for this, is again positive.
As we can only survive and move forward as a speices with a higher consciousness, and we have to come together. to get there.:two_hearts:

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Thanks for the kind words!

I think they’re for the ones that consent because the powers that shouldn’t be operate my karmic laws. It’s necessary for us to consent to the things they’re pushing on us. If they force us, it’s on them.

If they coerce us into accepting ourselves, it’s on us.

Very sick and twisted but it seems to be how they’re operating.

Agreed, we’re already on our way!


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