Root Canals cause Cancer along with other complications

We must first understand a bit about the tooth and the actual Root Canal procedure. We often forget that teeth are actually organs and not just ‘chew bones’. A Root Canal is a dental procedure in which a dentist will drill into a tooth, clear out as much of the flesh, tubules, and nerves as he can, and cement a fake tooth or cap on top of the Canal site. It is most popular in America, because it is merely a cosmetic procedure, we look at missing teeth as a ‘redneck’ or a poverty thing.

A tooth is basically comprised of 3 layers. The enamel (what we see when we look at another person’s teeth, the hard, white attractive outer layer of the tooth), the pulp (a tiny island of soft tissue at the center of the tooth – the same place in a tooth that a core would be in an apple – the so-called “nerve”), and the dentin . Dentin accounts for about 90% of the tooth. When looked at under a microscope, dentin has a very specific structure. It is made up of “jillions” of incredibly tiny tubules that radiate outward from the pulp to the outer edge of the tooth (See pictures below).



If you line up the tubules end to end for the average tooth , it would extend 3 miles
It is impossible to clear all of this out. Therefore, we cement and seal away rotting flesh. It is actually the only medical procedure where dead flesh or dead organs are preserved in the body.
The centers of these tubules are filled with living protoplasm. The protoplasm in these tubules has no blood supply so it depends on the blood vessels in the pulp for it’s nourishment or sustenance. Once a root-canal is done to a tooth, the pulp is gone (sacrificed) – which makes a root canal tooth a dead tooth – an expensive , dead tooth. Now the protoplasm in these miles and miles of dentinal tubules dies, and these tubules become a dandy place for bacteria to hang out. They have “free eats” on the dead, decaying protoplasm in the tubules.
These tubules are 1 to 1.3 microns in diameter- big enough to accommodate bacteria, but too small to allow entry of white blood cells (which are the body’s principal way of controlling excessive bacterial populations). Now your root-canal tooth becomes a bacteria factory. The bacteria now are cloistered away from the body’s defenses and thus have free reign to proliferate. Existing inside the tooth, these bacteria have no access to air so they mutate into the anaerobic form – the kind that can live in the absence of air. When the bacteria mutate, their metabolism changes so that they give off waste products that are incredibly toxic. These toxins include Thio-ethers, Thio-ethanols, and Mercaptons.
The toxins made by the bacteria that live by the billions in root-canal teeth contain the most toxic organic substance known to man – Thio-ethers. Thio-ethers are 1000 times more toxic than botulism toxin, which used to be considered the most toxic organic substance.

To understand the implications of such toxic material in our body, we must also understand what the ancient Indians called Chakras. Or what the ancient Chinese called Meridians (which are the foundation of acupuncture). Or what the Western scientists have recently discovered, Fascia. They cannot agree on what fascia is. They don’t know what fascia does. It’s everywhere in the body, so it could affect just about everything. That leaves researchers wrestling with an intriguing dilemma: If fascia is everywhere, then how do you isolate its impact on the body?


We see what has been said about it, by more inward looking ancient peoples. Meridians/Chakras are a system of understanding in which everything connects to everything else, a channel of energy that flows between different tissues, organs and structures.


Root canals cause:

1. Suppression of the immune system
2. The creation of an ‘interference field’ on the meridian or Fascia that the particular tooth is on.
3. The production of the most toxic organic substance known to man.

Dr. Weston Price is recognized as the greatest researcher that the dental profession has ever produced. Dr. Price, after observing many patients with crippling degenerative diseases not responding to treatment, suspected infected root canal-filled teeth to be the cause. He then embarked on a 25 – year-long study to see if his suspicions were correct. This study was done during the first 3 decades of the 20th century! However this information was not shared with us when we were dental students so we had a big void in our dental education where root canals are concerned. Dr. Price devised a testing method which disclosed the presence of infection in a tooth which otherwise seemed to be healthy – that is, the implanting of the root canal filled tooth under the skin of a laboratory animal. He found that when the root-filled tooth of a patient with a degenerative disease was extracted and embedded in an animal, that animal would develop the patient’s disease. He did this in over 5000 animal studies and the results were consistent. In the beginning, Dr. Price did not know just where the infection was hiding in the tooth, only that a patient’s illness was rapidly transferred from his root-filled tooth to laboratory animals in case after case. Dr. Price was able to culture the bacteria in root-filled teeth and trap their toxins, reproducing a disease in a rabbit by injecting the cultured material into the animal. Dr. Price discovered a wide variety of degenerative diseases to be transferable to rabbits, such as endocarditis and other heart diseases, kidney and bladder diseases, arthritis, rheumatism, mental diseases, lung problems, pregnancy complications, almost any degenerative problem – and after extraction of these teeth, a large percentage of patients recovered from their illnesses. When sound, uninfected natural teeth were implanted in animals, no adverse health effects were experienced.

Inappropriate mechanical debridement, persistence of bacteria in the canals and apex, poor obturation quality, over and under extension of the root canal filling, and coronal leakage are some of the commonly attributable causes of failure.

In these sources, I will include a chart that helped me realize what was happening to me. I would eat, and have to stop mid meal to clutch the left side of my stomach because it was so painful. It lead me to lose weight and be miserable, fearing dinnertime. There was no reason to have these problems as I was 20 years old, and very healthy and robust. I was desperate to fix this, so I researched Root Canals and their connection with the pancreas/gut - because Root Canals were the only medical procedure I had done in the past decade, and I heard a quote that piqued my interest.

Be wary of a stranger who offers to heal you with a knife.

I had found that the teeth I had the procedure on, were 1:1 with the effects that the meridian charts claimed. I googled holistic dentists near me, and they did such a good job taking the rotting teeth and flesh out, along with reaching a mutual place of understanding that really did restore my faith in humanity and eliminated by anxieties.

I will tell you with full conviction that my second-to-second existence has drastically changed. I am able to control my emotions like stallions, whereas before they ran around without discretion like broncos- wreaking havoc with my life. Everyone close to me says I am simply just a more potent and clean version of the best parts of myself. I am even performing leagues better with my crafts.

Here is a picture one of the 2 root canalled teeth I had extracted. It is especially insidious because as you can see- there was no way for me or anyone to see the black rot underneath the perfect white fake cap cemented on top. I thank the universe or whatever source awareness there is, that I had to openness to listen to my own body.

root canal capped

The common arguments are, “why would root canals be so popular if they were capable of giving people cancer?”
or just simply,
“Root canals do not cause cancer, it is an urban myth.”

Which is wild, because it has been proven that it is impossible to clear out the 3 miles of tubules and flesh in a tooth completely, before sealing it away.
It has also been proven that jaw/gum infection causes cancer, and that Root canals easily cause jaw/gum infection. How peculiar. I do wonder the motives of the institutions at hand- for instance there was a USAtoday news article released today that dentists are under pressure by American Dental Association and the American Association of Endodontists to drill healthy teeth for profit.

I only ask, is it really just profit?


Gum disease linked to cancer

Root Canal Therapy study

More Evidence of Link Between Severe Gum Disease and Cancer Risk

History of Dental Infections Associates with Cancer in Periodontally Healthy Subjects: A 24-Year Follow-Up Study from Sweden

Everywhere in your body is tissue called fascia. Scientists are unlocking its secrets.




Wow, this is an awesome amount of information!

I have seen a lot of people on reddit saying to not use those do it yourself kits because of the possibility of cementing bacteria inside, but didn’t realize that exactly the same thing was happening if you go get it professionally done.

Me and @Wrabit23 were just talking about the meridians pretty recently and I didn’t really have much information to give him, but I definitely feel as if ancient medicine is too important to overlook.

Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic seem to be more about repairing the body instead of treating symptoms and cosmetics.

I had done a little bit of research into the meridian stuff when I was experiencing pain in my mouth and I found this


I will look around for the full pdf that I originally found that in.

Will be checking the rest of the links out later today.

Thanks for the great article!


Yes thank you for for sharing your personal story, and posting links

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Your tooth in the picture looks pretty gnarly, How long after you had the procedure did you get it removed?

And thanks for sharing your experience, I will definitely not be getting one ever.

Did you notice an improvement immediately after it was removed

I have been researching tooth regeneration or remineization as they call it ever since my teeth literally began to fall apart.

Bacteria feed on acid (sugar is an acid) in the mouth and the goal of this entire process is to create an acid free mouth and basically starve off these tooth eating bacteria.

I can’t seem to find the links that I originally read but the process goes like this…

When the right minerals are present in the mouth (and in the saliva) teeth are able to essentially latch onto these minerals and fuse with them, provided that bacteria aren’t feeding on them. There have been studies where indigenous tribes were analyzed a few different times and they had been able to restore enamel and actually fill holes that were in their teeth.

Now I don’t know if it’s completely possible to regrow an entire tooth, but then again I wouldn’t completely rule it out.

Most, if not all commercial toothpaste that is available has tons of sugar and while it may seem that brushing with it makes your mouth feel clean, it is essentially just coating your mouth with sugar which in turn, feed the bacteria and eat away your teeth.

All sugars seem to do this except one, and I was only able to find one random post online that claimed xylitol wasn’t bacteria food.

Sucralose and saccharine are commonly used but there are many, so the safest way to go on my opinion is to just make your own without any at all.

Remineralizing Detoxifying Tooth Powder Recipe & Some Facts

I also use the clay to make my own deodorant too

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man! this is an awesome post,how about tooth fillings,is the same effect still present? and what do you reccomend for people with the root canals?

Great chart. A chart just like this is what helped me greatly.

That black tooth was #14 for me. And it was 1:1 correlated with the stomach/pancreas issues I had. You guys are keen.

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I had the root canal for 5 years before getting it removed. And felt SO much better after a little under a week after the procedure.

You’re right about sugar. It’s the acid in the sugar. Look into acid vs alkalinity.

Meat has been proven to make ones inner environment acidic. Meat also changes your gut biome. And it’s been proven that the microbes in the gut biome… affect the host behavior.

I recommend you do what I did. Find a holistic dentist who understands the devastating effects of root canals, and mercury. And make sure they know how to employ ozone. Because pure ozone is the only thing that will kill those toxins.

I will be making a post on mercury fillings and amalgams next.

The original dentists I saw years ago actually had used mercury amalgams to bind the cap over my root canal; without telling me.

They actually don’t need to tell you they’re using mercury because it’s a mix of mercury and silver. Furthermore, insurance companies and government Medicare will only pay for mercury fillings or amalgams.

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Yeah I was pretty surprised when I first seen that chart as I’m sure you were too. It’s crazy how this isn’t common knowledge in this day and age with the technology we have.

You are absolutely right about the alkaline and the meat things.
I just saw something in a youtube video today that showed that Coronavirus is an anagram for Carnivorous!

Yup! The gut bacteria is literally a parasite and it’s mind blowing for me to think that people don’t understand this. It’s literally the same as those one parasites that make mice seek out cats so they can eat them, craziness.

That is crazy about them not needing to notify you that they are using that crap, I would be furious if that happened to me.

I definitely appreciate your suggestion and will be doing that pretty soon here. After my tooth broke I wanted to see if I could take care of it myself but after reading this post now I think that I have some kind of infection deep in the roots so I’m thinking maybe I’ll just have to get it extracted.

Pretty interesting about the ozone thing because I’ve never even heard of that being used for anything like this.

EDIT: Oh my god this video is insane! I had heard about this but I didn’t realize it happened at such low temperatures and that so much was released!

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Okay, holy shit. That amalgam is insane. TPTB hide shit in our faces like this all the time.

Like, why is Mercury named after the Roman god of Commerce and Trickery? But if you Wikipedia mercury, it says it was named after the god of quickness and speed. But if you research mercury independently, he was the god of money and trickery.

Why is no other element or metal named after a god? Iron, bronze, copper, cobalt, steel, aluminum, tin, etc.

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Yeah I know right, I about shit my pants when I seen it.

Yeah Wikipedia is such a controlled medium, I cannot believe how often it is taken as a credible source when I know for sure they are definitely getting paid to propagate certain information, it probably isn’t even legal…

Also, I posted that tooth powder recipe, the link is above if you didn’t see it already.

What is your opinion on veganism?


Hey, welcome to the site!

This is a really complicated subject in my opinion. While I do attribute most disease nowadays directly to the consumption of tainted meat, I do believe some people are a little more geared towards eating meat biologically speaking.

I don’t believe in the whole thing about people being predisposed to disease via genes from their ancestors, although I do believe that the circumstances under which they were born do have the biggest effect of all. Things like their geographical location and the placement of stars, according to sidereal astrology not traditional astrology.

I’ve seen evidence that humans are supposed to be born during certain times of the year according to where they are physically. Normally these criteria were followed before the industrialization of the world just because it was more practical to have a child at the beginning of the warm months when food was available easily.

While I do support the idea of eliminating meat completely, I do feel like it can still be valuable under special circumstances.

Back to what I said earlier about tainted meat…
If your animals are taken care of while they are alive, as in actually loved as a being and member of your family with room to roam and fed good organic food throughout life. Also not killed under terrifying circumstances (as in terrifying the animal like commercial slaughterhouses, like adrenochrome harvesting is supposedly carried out) then I think you can benefit from eating the meat.

Living things have life force, and I believe the main goal of eating is to literally ingest as much of this life force as you can in order to absorb the energy of whatever it is that your eating. So it’s not good practice to eat something that was literally scared to death before finally killing it, because then your ingesting that negative energy.

Also, when you eat plants that have been picked ages before your actually going to ingest them, the life force isn’t as powerful as it would be if you ate the plant directly after harvesting.

But to add a little relavence to this post, I think negative energy (in the form of tainted meat) can definitely cause damage to your bodies own life force, thus help destroy teeth.

So I am for veganism, and I even make an effort to eat less animal meat and have began making and eating tempeh on a regular basis. However, I am not vegan.


Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be here.

I agree that conventionally farmed animals are one of the main contributors to disease. I am from eastern europe and it gets quite cold during the winter, meat has been quite a large part of our culture for a reason. It seems that it depends on your race and what your ancestors ate.
Used to be a vegetarian for 3 years, plant based, got tired of putting bowls of lentils, rice, salads etc. in my body just to feel full.

But the main point I wanted to address is the part about life force. You said that we need to ingest as much of it as possible. Look at it this way, animals have the highest life force out of anything we can eat, aside from humans, of course. Plants are eaten by animals, for example cows eat grass and turn it into fat, which we can consume. Plants on the other hand feed from minerals. Many nutrients first go through the animal and are better available to us, for example vitamin A. As for the negative energy I can agree, that slaughter and the living conditions is a factor and can transfer the negative energy to us. Are you guys familiar with the work of Aajonus Wonderplanitz? And that veganism could be a part of the NWO agenda?

Sorry to dive away from the original topic, just wanted to enter the discussion with a topic close to my heart. Maybe a different post would suit better for this. Thanks for the original post, I myself have had 2 root canals done, one was repaired just a year ago, so this information is really useful. My teeth are a mess from not taking care of them in childhood and until recently. 6 amalgams as well.


Nope I’ve never heard of Wonderplanitz, but definitely something I would like to look into.

I can believe that it’s part of an agenda, especially considering probably 90% of all those vegan meat alternatives are much worse than just eating real meat. Because of all the toxins used in the process of extracting the soy protein isolate and others.

Maybe you could start a post in the truth-talk category and tell us what you’ve learned about all of it after being a vegetarian for so long. Along with more of it being part of their agenda.

Dang that’s quite a bit of mercury in your mouth then! I liked up holistic dentists in my area using this website.

I was surprised that there were so many fairly close to me. I haven’t actually been able to have a conversation with any, on account of this whole so called pandemic stuff, but I’ve also only called once so maybe you’ll have more luck.

I have however been using 2000ppm colloidal silver (from as an alternative to antibiotics to see how well it worked for an abcess in/on my broken tooth with good success.

I would say by the 3rd day of using it morning and night, the pain reduced significantly and now no longer hurts randomly. Also when food gets stuck in it, it is nowhere near as painful as it used to be. Before this I wouldn’t dare swishing cold water around in my mouth to free the food that got stuck, but now after about 5 days cold water doesn’t even hurt anymore.

Thanks for informing us of that Wonderplanitz person, I’m definitely going to look into that!

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Aajonus also talks about the fact that we can’t catch viruses, and about the toxicity of the body, but his work goes in depth to why it is so and how to remedy it. I had never heard of Bechamp before stumbling upon some youtube comment, which later lead me here. I’ll do a post when I can gather my thoughts, and do it properly, never done anything like this before.

About the holistic dentist page. I live in Latvia, doesn’t seem like this will help find me any, if there are some. Nowadays here they don’t use amalgam much or at all, at least at the most “legit” dentistry I visited, but it has collected from my teen years. My mother had them all replaced at the age of 47, after some dentist suggested her immune disorder could be correlated to mercury toxicity. She had them way longer, like 20+ years in some case. After this whole coronavirus shit has cooled down, I’ll be sure to check my options out. No urgent pains.


Glad to see that me posting links on random YouTube videos I watched actually brought someone here.

Yeah you might definitely have more of a challenge finding one in your area. It’s crazy to me that in United States (so called greatest health system) they are still using stuff like this.

Makes me really think that it was intentional to poison and disease as many people as possible. I’m pretty sure the both dentist offices in my town use mercury, and flouride.

Just curious, Is your water flouridated in Latvia?

I still haven’t gotten around to getting a shower filter yet, I’m tired of bathing in flouride.

I have had this view of the United States for a few years now, that they want to make as many people stupid and ill as possible. I mean, all of the world, but there especially. Of course fluoride is in many things still here regarding to dentistry.

The water, however, is fluoride free, I think in most of Europe it is, only chlorine and in really small amounts. Why would they add something like that to the water? Human body does not need it. I saw somewhere that it all started as a way to discard industrial waste (forgot the exact details at the moment). Of course the agenda to harm humans would go hand in hand with this.


Yup I seen that as well and even mentioned it in one of my posts here about the homemade tooth paste I make and use. Instead of them having to pay to discard it now they sell it.

It’s especially concerning especially after learning of the importance of iodine in our diets. Not only is everyone iodine deficient, but iodine can work in place of chlorine to remove Pathogens from water, and it even helps prevent tooth decay at least as good as flouride (if flouride even does). Apparently the military used to use iodine years ago and switched because it was too expensive (this was the official story of course but I’m sure there was a government contract invoiced and profits somewhere).

Great question. I went vegan the time around my stomach was hurting, because only plants did not hurt to eat. When I had the extractions completed, I looked further into it- and became more than a vegan who did it for convenience. It is a great truth that there is not a single vitamin, mineral, nutrient, phyto-nutrient, amino-acid, fatty-acid, protein-chain, omega, or any other such elusive vital ingredient to health, not a single thing found in meat or dairy products that cannot be found, in greater abundance and more optimally, in the plant kingdom. This single truth was all I needed. Along with other learnings as well. Even @ohellno 's posts about the nature of germs was also a solidifier for my new diet.

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