Semen Retention, Kundalini Rising, and Cerebrospinal Fluid

As everything in the world is energy, a construction of our own belief systems, it is essential that we develop our own consciousness in order to take advantage of the full array of energy that surrounds us. This is done by developing our higher faculties through a stimulated mind and righteous living. There are countless ways of empowering this, such as following the practice of the Law of Attraction, consuming a natural diet or regular meditation. A developmental approach that is increasing in popularity is the preservation of the Sacred Secretion. The Sacred Secretion is the title given to the rich fluid that ascends and descends along the central nervous system. In is an internal ointment that bathes our Pineal Gland – the part of the brain that connects our physical being to the non-physical plane. Using the knowledge of biology and alchemy, we can increase the power of this secretion as its energy engulfs the brain, thus our communications with the universal energy field. By providing the oil with an environment it can preserve in, it thrives.

The Sacred Secretion is a means of internal alchemy. It is the process taken by the biological body, in response to astronomical interferences, to release natural chemicals that are charged and changed in order to provide the individual person with a heightened reaction; an ability to sense other planes of energetic fields that were otherwise outside of our perception.

The preservation of the Sacred Secretion is a spiritual practice that has been recorded throughout history. It probably won’t come as a surprise to you that evidence shows that historic humans were far more conscious 6000 years ago, before the introduction of TVs and computers. Back then, our main form of communication was through EP, the interpretation of vibrations, clairvoyance and telepathy, much like most other living things today.


Inside the brain is a thin, irregular sheet-like neuronal structure of gray matter that is attached to the underside of the neocortex in the center of the brain, which is called the Claustrum. Scientists describe the Claustrum’s function as ‘enigmatic’ (meaning difficult to interpret and mysterious). Yet, with the highest number of connections per millimeter cubed than any other part of the brain, its anatomy is remarkable. Research shows that the Claustrum receives input from almost all regions of the cortex and projects back to almost all regions of this cortex. The same investigation results also speculate the Claustrum’s relationship with consciousness.

The Claustrum’s role within the Sacred Secretion is also believed by many to be the true meaning of Santa Clause; who brings gifts from the North Pole down the chimney before returning.

It is within the Claustrum that the secretion process begins. In science, this sacred oil is called Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF). The composition of CSF is dependent on the activity of surrounding brain tissue. As the wiring of the brain is based on our own past beliefs, this includes our thoughts and mood.

Scientists state that the three main functions of CSF are to protect the brain and spinal cord from trauma, supply nutrients to the nervous system and remove waste products from the cerebral metabolism (brain-blood flow).

The Claustrum passes the secretion onto the pineal, which adds its melatonin release to the energetic liquid.

This secretion then travels down the spine’s 33 vertebrae (and it’s interesting to note that Jesus was 33 when he was crucified), through the pingala nerve (connected to the pineal) and ida nerve (connected to the pituitary.)

These nerves are also known as the Kundalini, and extend all the way down the spine.

They meet at the triangular Sacrum at the end of the 33 vertebrate. The sacrum is a five-bone vertebrate fused with nerve fibers known as the Sacral Plexus. The point of connection is often referred to as the mother and father energy coming together and producing a ‘seed’, which is given the nutrients it needs and raised in a thriving environment.

At this point, about one third of CSF leaves this flow via spinal vessels and another third via nasal lymphatics, leaving only about one third to be re-absorbed through the venous system.

Eventually, this fluid circulates back up the spinal column by the Sacral Pump, a regular rhythmic motion between the occiput and the sacrum. This is where it begins its return journey (like Christ ‘rising again’), increasing in vibration, back up the spine, through the ventricles of the brain and towards the medulla and brain stem until it reaches the Vegas nerve. The oil’s vibration is increased here before it enters the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that links the nervous system to the endocrine system – the chemical messenger system – via the pituitary gland), where it sits dormant for 2.5 days, conserving the energy and increasing its vibration.

It is this point of the process that we call the preservation stage.

After 2.5 days, once the oil leave the hypothalamus, triggered by the moon energy leaving your biorhythmic sun energy, the oil ascends to the Pons. The pons are beside the medulla oblongata. The gray matter of the upper brain vibrates stronger and faster when enough of the oil returns and anoints the Pituitary and Pineal glands, amplifying the alchemical powers of the electromagnetism in the brain.

When this substance, preserved and saved by an alkaline body, returns to the glands, the switch is flipped and the DMT thermostat increases. At which point, your senses are overtaken. As it is reabsorbed again into the veins, new blood is produced and dormant brain cells are reactivated or awakened by the higher potency of the chemically charged CSF. Additionally, this flow of CSF opens the thalamic gate, allowing the energy to move through to the thalamus and access the Reticular Activating System. It is this system that is responsible for our levels of wakefulness and experiencing greater levels of awareness.

At this point or return, you realign the natural chemistry of the body and all of our millions of brain cells are activated. This arouses the neocortex which vibrates into higher brain wave patterns; we are now operating at a higher level.

This Sacred Secretion happens once a month, 12 times a year when the Moon rests in the constellation sign that influenced the biorhythmic energy of your body at the time of birth.

The Sacred Secretion gives full use of the mind by fully activating the Pineal if it has been decalcified, which, in turn, activates the true spiritual self and reconnects the physical person with universal energy. Once the Sacred Secretion has returned, we remove ourselves from the brain cycle of observing and analyzing.

Furthermore, as we become more aware to our reality and sensitive to the energies within our environment, Conscious Guardian Angels will be able to interact with us easier and we may even become more clairvoyant and psychic. Our vibrant energy will also influence electromagnetic frequencies within our physical world. Due to this, we are more susceptible to ‘messages’, often in the form of synchronicities such as repeated number patterns and visits from wild creatures. You will see synchronicities and understand them to be a sign that you are on the right path, resonating with Gaia.

Because of this increased intuition, trust the messages that you receive and your initial thoughts and instinct.

As Jesus said to his followers:

“When they arrest you, do not worry about what to say or how to say it, for it will not be you speaking, but the spirit of your father speaking through you.”

In short, the Sacred Secretion is the name given to the scientific description of the physical release of DMT and the spiritual description of the story of Jesus.

By preserving the ‘seed’ within the nutritionally-dense environment, we allow it the opportunity to grow. We give it life. And in turn, it gives us life and illumination.

I can personally tell you folks, my life has utterly changed since I began. Every other desire I have, such as comfort, safety, is NOTHING compared to the strongest biological urge I have; to cum. I have been performing world class elite in my crafts, I had to drop in and share with you all- because I know my words won’t be wasted here. Each one of my footsteps feels sanctioned by God, the universe, the source awareness/designer. I am magnetic with women, my goals, and energy. I only sleep 6 hours, I feel better with 6 hours than I did before, cumming with 9 hours of sleep.

The vibrational patterns that we take on ourselves, get programmed into the reality around us. Imagine it like ripples in a pool. If you move in the pool, or splash it with your hand it gets sent across the pool. Energy.

This is why semen retention is so powerful: semen is the highest vibrational product that the human body can naturally produce. All that energy getting sent across the “pool” of reality that we share.

Having your energetic body vibrating so high with all of that life force, causes you to get a larger “vote” per se on how the world around you functions.

Imagine this like a collective dream: everyone’s thoughts and feelings that are in their vibration get added together, in order to create the reality/dream we share.

The more energy you have, through semen retention, the more likely your thoughts will become a reality – aka, your masculine energy of creation. You have more energy than most people.

Notable semen retainers: Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Nietzsche, Michelangelo, Newton, Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Spinoza, Kant, Beethoven, Herbert Spencer, J Robert Oppenheimer, and more.

"Freud held the opinion (based on personal experience and observation) that sexual activity was incompatible with the accomplishing of any great work. Since he felt that the great work of creating and establishing psychotherapy was his destiny, he told his wife that they could no longer engage in sexual relations. Indeed from about the age of forty until his death Freud was absolutely celibate “in order to sublimate the libido for creative purposes,” according to his biographer Ernest Jones.

Check out these clinical studies. Read up on Cerebrospinal fluid, kundalini.

Semen retention causes a 147% increase in testosterone after only 7 days.

Testosterone decreases Fear.

Cumming increases estrogen receptors, and decreases androgen receptors. Androgen receptors are needed to take in testosterone.

r/semenretention on reddit is amazing as well. I’ve never seen a more pure subreddit.


Wow, what another fantastic post!

I had checked out /r/Semenretention a while ago but just sorta stumbled across it but will definitely sub to it now.

I have not heard of a lot of this, and found the stuff about the Sacred Secretion very interesting. Here is a good website/app that is free for everyone to figure out when these particular times happen.

I was immediately intrigued by this whole concept when I first discovered that it was a thing. It’s been a while for me, not necessarily by choice but with a baby that sleeps in our bed, it makes it a lot harder.

I have noticed an improvement in terms of creativity, and it’s definitely interesting because I am sleeping less than I have in my entire life at this point. I would say that my motivation has also increased as well.

I also find the Claustrum to be very interesting, because I have never heard of that either, which is strange because it seems like it is at least as important as the pineal gland. It makes me wonder how the claustrum is affected by flouride and all the other toxins that a typical person ingests nowadays.

The part about estrogen receptors increasing, basically replacing androgen receptors is very interesting too, because of this huge push for feminism in the world today. It’s insane that the whole porn industry is as huge as it is, but that right there proves to me that their goal is to eliminate men with testosterone as much as possible.

This is why semen retention is so powerful: semen is the highest vibrational product that the human body can naturally produce. All that energy getting sent across the “pool” of reality that we share.

So… By creating an environment where men believe that this is what makes them a man, the literal opposite is happening. This is absolutely mind blowing and reinforces further that we should literally be doing the opposite of what the norm is in society.

Having your energetic body vibrating so high with all of that life force, causes you to get a larger “vote” per se on how the world around you functions.

This is all powerful stuff, and should make anyone realize that by willingly giving up this energy, you are literally throwing away your power.

The video is interesting too, I was surprised to see Jim Carrey at the beginning of it.

I also did not realize so many notable people in history were retainers. Very great article man!


Very comprehensive observations and great questions in your reply. I am continually impressed by the seriousness and sincerity in the users of this website. Thank you for the website where I can check the times as well, highly valuable.

When you observe a drop of sperm vs an unfertilized female egg the 1st thing you notice is one is lifeless & the other is the exact opposite, full of life. Scientist can easily tell you what semen is made of but to this day can’t explain what exactly makes this organic material move & navigate through an acidic environment independent of its donor. I mean really dwell on the fact that our body, not the female is producing actual life inside us with no external force! THAT IS POWERFUL!!! This force simply put is electricity. Anything in this world that is living has electricity in it. As Albert Einstein said, “energy isn’t created nor destroyed, only transformed”. So what do you think happens to your semen aka electric energy that gets reabsorbed back? Your aura just compounds & grows with each
cycle. Thats why every drop matters.


I never thought of it like that, and frankly I believe this was the goal all along. To change the perception of male and female and to make women seem superior to men for some reason.

I remember back when I was in school and we went over reproduction, all the focus would be put on the woman and made it seem like the woman was the one that did the majority of the work. But then again the whole (broken) education system doesn’t even go over the life force aspect, just the chemistry aspect.

I did a quick search on YouTube to try and find some decent footage of the two separately.

The most stable video I could find of the egg was this, and it is just crazy that this is not only valued in our culture today, but some people actually prefer this instead of the natural way and will pay ridiculous amounts of money to have a child this way.

But I firmly believe the main goal of the people in control of the media and mega corporations is to eliminate the family structure and disrupt the natural balance of the world (alchemy).

Here’s a couple links focusing on sperm.

Here’s a comparison of healthy vs unhealthy.

And here’s a video of sperm after a vasectomy, day one after the mutilation and there are multiple videos in this series.

I didn’t realize that a vasectomy literally killed the life in the sperm. Pretty crazy to actually see how there is no movement at all.

So knowing what the goal of corporations like planned parenthood is (destroy family structure, reduce birth rates; eugenics), it really makes me wonder why I can’t find any video footage of an energy reading comparing men who retain and men who constantly give up their power via pornhub or before and after a vasectomy. Of course it would defeat the purpose of all the brainwashing and conditioning if this was known by the general public.

Idk what the name of the particular test or measuring tool would be, but I wouldn’t doubt that a man’s energy would be significantly diminished compared to a man that practices retention.

I would be super interested if anyone could dig up some footage of this.

EDIT: I also wanted to add that I wasn’t aware kundalini was actually a physical thing, I have been reading a book about kundalini awakenings, but that explains it as a process. After a Wikipedia search, it does indeed confirm that it is also a physical thing.


Kundalini is both physical and mental and spiritual.

You refine raw material/energy into higher spiritual capability. You transmute raw physical energy into great creativity. One does this by regulating thought, and action. I have retained semen whilst having lustful thoughts and I became frustrated. Retention with no lustful thoughts and crafts that are inherently creative leave me feeling as whole as I could be.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Nietzsche, Michelangelo, Newton, Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Spinoza, Kant, Beethoven, Mozart, Herbert Spencer, Freud, J Robert Oppenheimer.

“Painting is a jealous mistress who suffers no rival” -Michaelangelo


Very wise words right here. I have been super interested in alchemy like this for about the last year and now understand that this is basically the basis for healthy living.

Being able to control and direct this energy within yourself should be the main goal for everyone, and it should be taught in schools.

I’ll be making sure to learn as much as I can about identifying and directing this energy in myself, so I can educate my daughter on this concept as best as I can.

The world would be a completely different place if children learned this and how to be and remain healthy, instead of the false history of the United States etc.

Looks like I’ll have to dive back into a few books that I bought a few months ago and make these things the basis for my life.

Knowledge is power!

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What do you mean when you say repeated number patterns? I have had many moments of seeing a particular digital time repeatedly and still do. Mostly in the early morning hours. Whenever I wake up or readjust, it’s the time I see. Does this relate in any way?

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How does this work for women?

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First of all I want to say welcome to the site and I’m glad your here!

I think this is exactly what he’s referring to in this post. I used to experience what you mention here every single day a few years back. I can’t really comment much about it because I was basically doing everything I could to escape from the reality I was living in back then. I was smoking weed and drinking practically all day everyday, and now that I look back on this I feel as if there was some form of higher intelligence or awareness (possibly just from myself but given to me in a roundabout way) trying to bring me back to the important things in life. Not sure but this is just my experience.

I used to wake up everyday and on my clock it would say 12:34 and a lot of the time before I went to sleep I would look at the clock at the same time, only am instead of pm when I awoke.

Maybe you could shed some light about whether or not you were living the kind of lifestyle i was or if your actually living in tune with nature or finding your true self? Just curious but I think it might help you if you consider where your at currently and what your doing with yourself.

I have seen quite a bit of stuff about synchronisities and how they either show you that your on a correct path, or they come about during a time of need to show you a path.

It’s definitely a super interesting phenomenon.

@Tom I would actually love to know what @Tesshu has so to say about this. But for now, I’m just as much in the dark as you.

I may have to look into this myself if nobody knows.

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Hi Does anyone have any information on how a vasectomy changes the power of the Sacred Secretion?

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Interesting question!

I think this is all a fascinating subject, but either way I think this would apply to either situations. After a vasectomy, a huge burst of energy is still happening when you release. It may be a little different than the way that was intended, but I’m sure people that have had the procedure would greatly benefit from the practices outlined in the original post.

It’s not something that I’ve thoroughly studied but if anyone else has any information on the subject I would love to hear more about it.

Thanks for the comment and welcome to the site!

Thank you. Appreciate your time, and will do!

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