Sheriff, allow me to educate you

Sheriff, allow me to educate you! (15.4 MB)

Know how to Handle yourself when dealing with order followers?

This is a clip where Mike Singer & Brian Root educate a police officer on the law, and more specifically how places of public accommodation (private businesses) do not have the right to deny entry for not wearing a mask.

This is literally exactly the same as being denied entry because of your skin color.


It’s quite alarming how after the officer is educated, he continuously says “This is how we do it” (don’t remember the exact wording) which is literally him saying he knows he’s violating his oath and the law.

This video was removed from YouTube pretty quick.

Mike Singer and Brian Root demonstrate how to place law enforcement officers on notice for violating their sworn oaths.

It is your duty as a human you defend freedom. You can learn how to handle yourself in the following article.


Very appropriate and necessary information in times like these! Thank you so much.

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I agree!

It seems that so many are convinced the system doesn’t work. However, it is more likely just not working because they don’t understand how to use it correctly.

I’m definitely not a pro, but I have read and listened to so many cases recently that proves the system can work if you take the time and put in the effort to learn it.

There are a video in this thread that shows it is working.

We just need to make all of this common knowledge.

Also, welcome to the site, glad your here!

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