Supplements & what to take

Vitamins, Minerals, Elements & Fatty Acids all work together for the body to function optimally. If you take too much of one vitamin it will deplete others, cause imbalances and lead to problems. You should NEVER supplement a nutrient unless you know you’re deficient or have a health issue that needs to be addressed. However, our modern world has created problems where it is required to take certain supplements to achieve optimal health. If you are going to supplement always start slow & work your way up.

*Vitamin D3
Most people already know this but you need roughly 5,000ius to 10,000 of vitamin D. You can take it as an oral supplement or transdermally.

Our modern world has depleted nutrients in the soil, this leads to less magnesium in foods. Lifestyle factors like stress also deplete magnesium. Magnesium glycinate is the best form. You can also try a transdermal version of magnesium, that may work better for others

*Trace minerals
Like I said our modern world has depleted nutrients in the soil, especially minerals. Trace minerals are required for the body to utilize nutrients properly. This is mainly why shilajit works & is soo popular. Everyone is virtually deficient in trace minerals due to depletion in the soil. Trace minerals are in anything that comes from the earth. Shilajit is arguably the most concentrated trace mineral source, but bentonite clay or anything that comes from the earth (ground) also has trace minerals.

*Vitamin K2(mk-4)
Vitamin k2 aids in heart disease & is responsible for calcium transportation. Vitamin K2, Vitamin A & Vitamin D all work together. If you’re old, you definitely need this. Don’t take my word for it, research! Make sure you supplement the mk4 version of vitamin k2, not mk7. Unless you eat free range eggs, raw dairy products, liver or something else that’s high in K2 you’re probably deficient. You only need 500 micrograms to 2 milligrams daily, but more is required at first to fix a deficiency.

*Cod liver oil
Most people are also aware of this. If you follow a nutrient dense diet you probably don’t need this. If you want something that’s convenient, nutritious, or if you follow a vegan diet you need this. This is also great for kids. Be careful, most cod liver oils on the market are oxidized. You DEFINNETLY don’t want that. Find quality products, preferably raw!

*Omega 3’s
You probably already knew this as well. If I were you I’d just eat seafood a few times a week. That’s the best way to get them. You can supplement with cod liver oil, or fish oil. Again, be careful of what products you’re buying.

As you know there’s fluoride in the water. There’s also other chemicals like bromide, chlorine etc. These three elements are all halogens. So they all have the same receptors as iodine in the body. Unless your drinking & showering water is filtered you probably have these in your body. Just supplement(high dose) Iodine for about a month to flush all halogens out of the body. After that you don’t really need to supplement it everyday. Its very obtainable from food. Sea kelp is the best source of iodine & electrolytes

*Supplements are good and all but a nutrient dense diet is also VERY IMPORTANT. Every other nutrients is very obtainable from food and doesn’t need to be supplemented.

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I wasn’t even aware of the different types of vitamin k, but I’ll have to get some soon.

A good resource for anyone intending on taking high doses of iodine (which is necessary for probably everyone at this point) is this book by Dr David Brownstein called Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It

Iodine Why You Need It, Why You Cant Live Without It by David Brownstein ( (2.2 MB)

It’s crazy just how far from reality one would be if just following recommendations from the FDA.

I was mega dosing iodine regularly, a few months ago and the difference I felt was drastic. If I remember correctly, in Asian countries it’s normal to ingest anywhere from 8-12mg (not mcg) daily. These people all live much longer and healthier than we do here so we should all learn from them.

Anyways, good post, thanks for the info!

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Please can you suggest where you purchase iodine and also do you take lugol’s iodine.


I bought this two pack quite some time ago, It’s two of the 2oz bottles at 2%.

1 drop is about 1.0 mg of iodine and 2.0 mg of potassium iodide. Works great for me.

I seen some stuff on ebay in the past that’s a much higher percentage, i think around up to 10% but I’ve not tried it yet.

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