The disappointed conspiracy theorist

I have been wanting to put something together that’s a wake-up call for the normie world for quite a while. I did so with this monologue called 'the disappointed conspiracy theorist. It can be found over on parler .Same username as I have here. Like to know your thoughts on it as well as ideas for the next one.


Nicely done. And sadly is so true.


First off, thanks for taking the time to produce some content and wake up the masses.

Also, welcome to the site!

I think biden is simply a test, to see how much they can show everyone and see how many will still actually vote for the guy. Both are actors though.

I honestly think the whole dementia thing is an act. People of his “class” definitely do not get “sick” like the rest of us. They don’t get cancer, they don’t eat garbage, they know how to truly be healthy, and probably all have rh- blood too.

I also think the majority of people wouldn’t be able to handle being free, but I know that a lot can and did in the past.

What you said about patents and all the acronym agencies is absolutely true, all just to keep the regular Joe down and imprisoned to the life of constant debt. To keep everyone busy with their day to day and keep them away from the truth.

I also don’t think Trump truly “lost” his ability to use Twitter either. There are absolutely no different political parties and all the people involved are working for the same entities. I’m sure it was agreed to beforehand and just another act. The fact that Trump was and is a literal actor, with his own tv show should prove this.

Like you said, it’s absolutely insane to vote for the lesser of two evils. All voting does is enter you into a contract to participate in commerce. That’s all it’s ever been. I’ve been watching older tv shows like happy days in order to evaluate the propaganda in them. Even back then they were pushing everyone to vote, saying things like…

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, just get out there and vote!

This is because it equals consent. What I think we truly need to do in order to get back to something resembling freedom is to do whatever we need to do to become an self sufficient as possible.

I used to be a big believer in crypto having been involved with it since almost the very beginning. The tech does have some valid applications, however, the day we go fully crypto for whatever application, is the day we lose control completely. I think we need to be using some type of barter system. As long as the construct known as money is in everybody’s heads, we can never truly be in a free society.

I think it’s naive to believe that bitcoin couldn’t have possibly been compromised. The fact that they successfully implemented the federal reserve and advertised it as being “decentralized”. Then they decoupled precious metals from the dollar, and made the world use dollars for oil, thus giving it “some” true value should say a lot to anyone who truly looks at the face value of it.

The fact that they did that, then somehow china supposedly gained all the hashing power for bitcoin, thus removing the “decentralized” aspect of it, should make everyone realize that another controlled system is afoot.

Yeah people can make a lot of “money” with crypto, but it is all just data on a screen that would be completely worthless without the belief it has value. I think it’s important to start gaining true wealth. Not gold bars, or tons of satoshis. Animals that can feed you, land that can provide for you, and materials to defend yourself.

Mark Passio talks about this and it really made a lot of sense to me. Every single thing that supposedly has value, including gold, truly has no value except from the belief we have of it. The exception being silver because an everyday human could use it to do things like cure infections.

You hit it on the head though with all the privatization that’s been going on. They aren’t truly violating rights because it’s their policy, that’s what they claim at least.

Definitely a good video, but man it was hard to listen to every time you put in a sound byte of something loud you’d do you voice high pitched or different to emphasize. I kept having to turn it down and then afterwards turn it up because I couldn’t hear afterwards.

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Thank you so much for the feedback. I’m glad to see there are more and more realizing what’s going on. I’m not good at video editing and need to see what I can do to fix it. I was on parler where this was uploaded and will need to go back and redo the entire thing. I started a channel on telegram to post vids, etc You’re welcome to join us or DM me. By the way, telegram is getting hit too and a lot of groups just got deleted due to their TOS :roll_eyes: We got hit yesterday by a hacker and I put a vid up about it on that telegram channel.

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Tnx! We were all purged off parler which was just controlled opposition anyway. At least it gave us a voice. The facial recognition ID KYC there made me sick. If you wanted a “badge” you needed to give them your first born.

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Ouch, although I knew from the start that Parler wasn’t truly about free speech. I signed up and about 5 minutes later read through their privacy policy and terms and conditions and never logged in again.

That’s the whole reason I started this site, to provide a place that wasn’t under their control where people could have voices.

Your more than welcome to post whatever you want here, however I just ask that we keep the Democrats vs Republicans stuff out of here.

The most important thing is for people to fully realize that the entire party system was fundamentally flawed (as intended) from the very beginning.

Sometime in the near future I’ll be enabling video streaming if I can get a user base and some regular donations. However, file uploads are enabled and anyone can upload anything that actually helps people through this awakening process.

Will be doing a thread sometime soon that fully goes over all of the features on the site, there’s so many but they aren’t really in your face so to speak.

Like the follow feature, or the ability to organize your posts using tags and custom notifications etc.

Not sure if you use telegram or not but I’m replying to this message via telegram using the method outlined in a recent thread.

Oh yeah, and the search function is beautiful here too.


Just read your first reply, awesome. Did you create the group chat too? I just started a channel myself with a discussion group.

I was actually in that telegram group for a minute there. Lots of info for sure.

Yeah, for sure. I’ve been out of the two-party false paradigm and agree with all you’re saying.

It’s good you have your own platform because even telegram is under pressure from google and apple to censor. Apple will censor/remove content on telegram on their own too as they can control what you see on your phone.

We started a bitcoin telegram group in 2017, and alt theory followed. We had thousands of people in alt theory and were purged twice. The first time they took us down to 33 people. Second time down to 600. They’ve not touched the bitcoin group.

The first time seems like a bot hack and the second was done by telegram. Reason we know it was done by telegram is other channels have been getting hit and all the people who were removed didn’t show in the admin panel as being removed.

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Yeah telegram is definitely gonna get way worse very quickly. I’m thinking about implementing another platform as sort of a backup for this, and also a test to see if it’s easier to get people using that one over this one.

I’ve been seeing a lot of forwarded posts from people in other groups from groups and channels that have been removed for various reasons. Definitely going to be necessary to have backups for sure

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