The Gerson Method: Curing Incurable Diseases With Food

Basically the Gerson method was developed when Max Gerson noticed as a boy, that earthworms were not interested in his grandmothers vegetables in the garden after artificial fertilizer was used. He watched the worms migrate from the flower beds where she used the new fertilzer, over to the beds treated with the old,
time-honored natural substances.

Young Max concluded that there must have been something harmful and disturbing in the new chemicals, which the earthworms couldn’t stand, and which made them flee to the natural environment. He never forgot this early experience.

After graduating high school, Max Gerson decided to become a doctor and went on to study at Breslau, Wuerzburg, Berlin, and Freiburg universities.

He suffered from intense migraine headaches during his early twenties and after visiting multiple different doctors in different fields, none of them were able to help him and simply suggested that by his mid fifties these migraines would go away on their own. I can remember different doctors telling me this when I was younger about the acne that I was plagued with.

Frustrated, Gerson decided to take the matter into his own hands and start learning as much as he possibly could. After stumbling on a study about a young woman abolishing her migraines by switching her diet.

Nobody had taught him anything about diet; nor had his teachers ever mentioned the possibility that any chronic disease was connected with diet. But, as always, he was willing to experiment, even took him a while and a number of failures before he established that a salt-free vegetarian diet kept him free from the pain and nausea of migraines - Healing The Gerson Way

Tons of patients contacted him that suffered from migraines and he told them that there was no cure recognized by the medical community but explained how a change in his diet was able to cure him of these migraines. Many patients returned after a few weeks and were amazed that their migraines were gone after adopting the diet.

The Early Stages Of The Gerson Method (Therapy)


This is where it really starts to get interesting, and where the Gerson Method really starts developing into what it is today.

One day a migraine sufferer consulted Dr. Gerson and was urged to adopt
the ‘Migraine Diet.’ He did. But when he returned a month or so later, he had something extraordinary to report: yes, his migraines were gone, but the skin tuberculosis (lupus vulgaris) he had been suffering from was also healing. Dr. Gerson was skeptical: “No, you couldn’t have had lupus, it must have been something else, lupus is incurable,” he declared. But the patient produced the results of laboratory tests, which proved that indeed there had been tubercle bacilli in the tissues of his lesions.

Gerson was skeptical and asked the patient if he knew anyone else that was suffering from lupus and suggested that he send them his way, and he would treat them free of charge. Some people came, and some of them were cured. Now he realized that his migraine diet could also cure tuberculosis, which was reportedly an incurable disease.

His remarkable results reached the ears of the famous lung tuberculosis specialist, Ferdinand Sauerbruch, of Munich, Germany. He put 450 of his ‘incurable’ lupus patients on Dr. Gerson’s diet, saying that if Gerson could stop the progress of the disease in a single patient, he would believe everything the young doctor claimed. The Gerson diet not only arrested the disease process, it actually cured 445 of those seriously ill patients. Sauerbruch’s response was to publish ‘his’ results in numerous scientific papers.

Shortly after this trial, Gerson started trying this method out on all kinds of different incurable diseases, and to his surprise it was working more often than not.

At this point it became very clear to Gerson that he was no longer healing a disease with dietary changes: the patients’ metabolism and immune system were responding, which meant that he was healing the whole body, and this opened the door to curing all ‘incurable’ chronic diseases. From that moment onwards his path led him in a totally different direction from that of orthodox medicine. His patients were now healed, not drugged.

There were many ups and downs after this, he submitted his work to many different medical journals and all of them refused for different reasons. His methods did not fit the typical allopathic system. Treat this symptom with this drug, or turn the body against itself using chemotherapy for cancer. After all, his methods were not as profitable as they were actually curing patients, rather than hooking someone for life on a medication.

Where To Start


The basis of health for anyone is the bodies ability to eliminate toxins faster than they are coming in. Today we are exposed to an overwhelming amount of toxins during a normal day.

  • The air we breathe
  • The water we drink
  • The food we eat
  • The electromagnetic radiation we’re exposed to (even 1G is harmful)
  • The products we clean ourselves and our things with
  • And probably the most toxic, Vaccines

Then there’s all the other stuff that we put on our body, things like…

  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste
  • Laundry Detergents
  • Shampoo and Conditioner, etc.

There are a few simple steps you can take in order to drastically reduce the amount of toxins you are exposed to. Make your own deodorant and toothpaste, only use real castile soap on your body, drink filtered water, don’t use beauty products and use a laundry detergent that doesn’t leave a residue.

Here’s a couple recipes that my family uses at home

Remineralizing Detoxifying Tooth Powder Recipe & Some Teeth Facts

Deodorant recipe coming soon

There is also quite a bit of misinformation regarding organic foods. Most of the USDA so called Organic isn’t truly 100% organic, and even on the off chance that it is pretty close, you have to consider that most of these veggies are modified to produce their own organic pesticides and that most crops aren’t properly rotated so most are incredibly nutrient deficient.

I strongly encourage everyone to grow as much food as you possibly can, and if not that then look for a way to buy from local farms in your area.

Finding A Natural Balance

So now that you’ve taken the steps to decrease the amount of toxins you are ingesting, you can focus on eating as fresh as you can and eliminating the massive amount of toxins that have built up in your system. The treatment is basically as follows…

You get a juicer, that doesn’t completely destroy the cells of the vegetables and a way to obtain fresh food, the sooner you eat it after it has been picked, the better.

This has a lot to do with life force, and immediately after you pick a vegetable from the ground, this life force starts to diminish. The goal here is to make it as easy as possible for your body to transfer this life force from the food you are eating to the body. If you live in california and you buy some lettuce that was grown in brazil, chances are that there isn’t much life left in that lettuce.

I am not saying that you will not benefit from this process unless you have a garden, I’m just explaining what is ideal.

There are a lot more things involved in this method, but this is not something that I can just give step by step instructions on. There are many different factors and it is all outlined in this book. It explains many different supplements and other methods to increase the immune system, but I just wanted to give a quick introduction to this method, that I never heard about until recently.

Healing the Gerson Way.pdf (2.6 MB)

I read this quote in the book: “The ideal diet for humans should be predominantly
plant-based, with a minimum of animal protein. Today the opposite applies.”

I would disagree. Meat is the minority, at least at this stage of life. Look at the standard American diet. Is mostly bread, grains, sweets, etc. And when the meat does get eaten, it is really bad quality one. Of course, it depends on the place, here in eastern Europe we do eat quite a lot of meat, but still poorly raised. Also cooked meat does cause toxicity, I don’t yet know if anything about raw meat is mentioned, but I just want to point out the difference, that they are two completely different foods.

This book seems really interesting, because it explains the toxicity sources really well. About the treatment, I can’t tell yet. The thing is, we are getting these sources who at least tell similiar information about what causes disease, which means the track is right, but hard to tell, who is correct about the healing part, which is the real way. We’ll figure it out soon enough.

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Yeah there is most definitely a difference between eating fresh meat and eating cooked meat that was pumped full of toxins, antibiotics and terrified before being put in a vacuum sealed package and “wet cured” before it reaches the consumer.

But I think this aligns perfectly with what Aajonus Vonderplanitz teaches.

The basis for this method is that one must consume these organic juices, practically immediately after harvesting and juicing, and on a very frequent schedule.

I’m not sure if they elaborate it in much detail in this book, but the premise is exactly the same. Ingest a large amount of life force.

By eating a bunch of fresh, toxin free foods, that are easily absorbable, health follows.

They are both on the same page about where disease comes from, and i think that’s the most important thing to understand.

It seems like it’s not very important where this life force comes from, just as long as it’s easily absorbable, it seems to do the same thing.

At least that’s what seems to be important to me.

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