To Reject Truth, Is To Be Most Vulnerable

You are at your weakest when you deny truth from your life.

Ironically, this is very common this day and age considering we have the easiest access to the most knowledge in history.

At any given time, most people on this planet literally carry a computer in their pocket and on their body. Most of them unaware of the cancerous effects radio enabled devices have on their body.

But more people seem to just blindly accept the information that is given to them as fact and truth. Turns out more often than not, the exact opposite is most often true.

I have come to realize many truths over the last couple years. Here I will be trying to shed some light on some not so easy topics and inform as many people as possible.

I will also likely be ranting about some of these topics because I feel as if nothing I learned as a child was truth.

I’ll also be explaining how I deal with this stuff mentally and emotionally because if you do not get your head in the right place, you won’t accomplish anything that God has intended.

Do not assume that I am religious by using the word God, I’m simply stating truth.

Welcome to the show.


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