Truth or die! are you ready?

It has come to a time where we all need to ask ourselves some questions. Do you know what is true? Do you care? If you answered no to either, you have some soul searching to do. Have you ever felt god? Do you know anything about the place you live? This is gods world, and we are created in gods image. If you dont realize this, and when the final day comes, where will you stand? With truth? if not, you choose DEATH!

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I only just recently realized that I didn’t know shit about anything I thought I did in this world. I know that I cannot possibly stay in a constant state of denial, and that I must seek out the truth at all costs. I will do whatever it takes to set the stage in order for the next generation to not have to deal with realizing the entire world was a lie.

I can honestly say that there have not been very many times in my life where I actually felt god. That’s seriously messed up.

We cannot possibly survive in a world full of blatant and constant lies. We must do whatever it takes to get the world on a path of self discovery and truth!

I’m ready.

What do we think the answer is? I can see the lies, and even if some of the ‘truther’ stuff I don’t agree with completely at leastI can consider the information presented. I think what is happening in Seattle is a good thing but doesn’t go far enough IMO.

I’ve been struggling with what I believe in, religiously, spiritually, politically, and morally to name a few. I used to think that Communism isn’t the answer but then again neither is Capitalist or Fascism, I’m sure there’s a middle ground to be found but I think it’s a long way off. I feel that we need to get these satanic pedophiles out of power and give it to those among us who are moral and caring. I hope that these people can unite, it seems there’s too much division and although I’d like to support those that deserve it, it seems hard to trust in a world that has sowed deceit.

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You took the words right out of my mouth!

This has been a very difficult thing for me to cope with, and honestly it shouldn’t be something that anyone really should have to experience, let alone 99% of the population.

I think that the solution would be for us to separate ourselves from the system as much as possible, and become self sufficient, at least as much as possible.

I don’t have much hope for the system, especially after discovering that they are not only working to mame or poison our children by injecting them with poisons, for our protection, but also poisoning our water, food, air and even bombarding us with harmful radiation through things like cell phones and smart meters. Now they want you to breathe in your exhaust whenever your in public, in spite of the fact that viruses are not the cause of disease.

I think we should be growing as much food as possible, when we need something we should be asking people near us to help us, rather than buying from a giant megacorp like amazon, or walmart, and also learning new skills.

I feel that they will most definitely be requiring people to wear masks and likely get a vaccine/chip in order to travel using their system, and probably even to enter walmart or mcdonalds in the near future. But these things that they are requesting of us, will not matter one bit if we stop consuming things through their system.

I am on a mission, to network with people that want to provide for themselves, and to create a self sufficient community that is working to liberate ourselves from the consumer lifestyle.

Get yourself a gun, stock up on food, and figure out how to reduce your dependence on their flawed system. I would say that your single most important step would be to figure out how to cut your consumption by at least a few percent.

Here’s a very quick post I did on a few ways that you could start doing this for yourself, and why it works. But the important thing is to start learning new skills, like how you informed me about the HAM Radio Certification, so we can communicate effectively when they start to make it hard for us.

Gardening And Reducing Our Dependance On The System

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