UK Plans To Issue Coronavirus 'Immunity Passports' To Leave Lockdown

This is so messed up. It remindes me of the stories about nazi germany where people had to show their traveling papers in order to travel.

The UK plans to roll out “immunity passports” to people who have already contracted COVID-19 to allow them to return to “normal life,” the Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Thursday.

“We are looking at an immunity certificate,” Hancock said at a Downing Street press conference.

“People who have had the disease have got the antibodies and then have immunity can show that and therefore get back as much as possible to normal life. That is something we will be doing and will look at, but it is too early in the science … to be able to put clarity around that.”

The UK has already ordered millions of antibody tests. However, the tests have so far proven ineffective, and the government has yet to approve them for use.

So, is this all conditioning in order to get people to accept to notion that we have to flash some documents to be able to leave the house? Or is it just a push to make sure they collect everyones DNA?

I do not know, but it is not looking good in the UK and Germany. I do think depending on how it works out though, it will be coming to a neighborhood near us.

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