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Are you a Person?

In the United States, when we are born we all receive a birth certificate, on that certificate it has our name listed in all capital letters (JOHN Q DOE) instead of sentence case (John Quincy Doe). This is also the same way it is displayed on your social security card, your drivers license, credit cards and typically every insurance card you get. It is also displayed this way on any “official” mail that you get from any of these corporations.

Yes you read that correctly, the government is a corporation.

The United States (Inc.) is a foreign, privately owned, bankrupt corporation. It is part of a beautifully thought out and executed plan, that has been inched along over many lifetimes. It’s goal has been to enslave every one of us, in a way that we get the illusion of freedom.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It basically boils down to this.

John Quincy Doe is a man, living on land.

JOHN Q DOE is a corporation lost at sea. Not a living man

corporation definition

This all caps version of your name is called your Strawman.

All of the schooling that you’ve received in your lifetime, has been to convince you that you are this fictitious entity, this corporation. The reason for this is because as a living man or woman nobody holds authority over you. Your rights are not given to you by something written on a piece of paper anywhere. They are endowed by the very power that changed the egg into a zygote as the sperm entered it. The power/energy that created everything in this world. The constitution and the Bill of Rights are simply a declaration of your God given rights.

A lot of people have been programmed to react a certain way when they see or hear the word God. This is how this system works. Throw away any reservations you may have when learning about this subject. We know this is how it works when you hear the legal term Act of God.

act of god definition

This recently just clicked for me. Due to an uncontrollable event, I had to have a company come and restore my power because of lightning. The company took care of the problem, and as they were leaving they said…

We don’t clean up the debris because it was an Act of God.

I knew immediately that the employee was given strict instructions to use that phrase, and that it was a legal term. So, cast your programming aside, and realize that regardless of what you beLIEve, this is how the major corporations of the world operate. If you have any desire to learn how to navigate all of this then you must come to this realization.

We have been lied to our ENTIRE lives. We are the highest level of authority, as living men.

civil flag

The Federal Jurisdiction Scam

So you may have never seen the flag above before, I didn’t either until just a few months ago. This was the flag that was flying all over the nation by 1874. This flag was a display of civilian nature and not one under military control.

The new Civil Flag became adopted by both customhouses and merchants, and others who could afford them, to show their civilian nature and not under military control. The practice of using the Customs Flag as a Civil Flag became encoded in law in 1874 when Treasury Secretary William. A. Richardson required all customhouses to display the Civil Flag. (1)

Before 1940, no U.S. flag, civil or military, flew within the forty-eight states except in federal settings and installations. Only state flags did. Since the 1935 institution of Social Security and the Buck Act of 1940, 4 U.S.C.S. 104-113 , by clever legal maneuvers the feds have entirely circumvented the U.S. Constitution, and have overlaid federal territorial jurisdiction on the sovereign States, bringing them under the admiralty/military jurisdiction of Law Merchant, the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), the law of Creditors and Debtors. (1)

What’s all of this mean?

This basically was a trick, a scam to give the federal government jurisdiction over the states in a roundabout way. However, just because it is currently accepted as true, doesn’t mean it is…

The federal government ONLY has jurisdiction over PERSONS, ie artificial corporations lost at sea.

I’m not going to fully dive into it anymore, at least not in this article, but here is an incredibly informative source. I highly recommend you check this out eventually.

United States Post Office

There are two different providers in this nation that deliver mail. The one we all know and use is the United States Postal Service, and the original one is the United States Post Office.

The reason I had to cover the strawman and the federal jurisdiction scam boils down to this. When you use USPS you are using their services as a person participating in commerce, rather than as a living man or woman.

This is the only picture I could find which clearly shows the two different logos for United States Post Office & United States Postal Service. The blurry one is USPS, and the one hanging in the background is United States Post Office.

image (2)

When you address a letter the way your trained to, with the zip code and abbreviated street names and states, you are mailing it through USPS, as a person. They call it DOMESTIC.

If however, you omit the zip codes, and don’t abbreviate anything on the letter, and cite the relevant statutes on the letter, your using the Post Office.

I’ve seen many pictures of varying information and tactics pertaining to what is written on the letter. I mailed one recently using this template. I didn’t use First and Last name, and instead used the First and Middle name for myself and the recipient.

image (3)

Here’s another clearer picture, without the stamp covering up the top right of the envelope

image (3)

The bottom sticker on the left, can be placed in the top right of the letter, to the right of the stamp(s).


First Class Non Domestic
Without Prejudice USC-1-208
Book 12 Statutes al large
Chapter 71 Section 23
37th Congress Session 111

This went through successfully. Here you can see that it has been stamped, and the recipient sent me a picture of this.


Some of the people I showed this to, commented about the “USC-1-208” part and said that it may need to be changed to UCC instead of USC. I will be doing more research and trying a few different templates in the future.

But this is the gist, it is said that it costs 3¢ per 1/2 oz (14g) but I have also seen a few places mention that it is only 2¢ per 1/2 oz. From what I’ve seen, this works for packages too.


As mentioned in this last picture…

This should be more than enough for people to realize that there are multiple different levels of government and citizens. But I urge you to do your own research, it didn’t cost me much for a ton of 1¢ stamps.

Stay free my friends.




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