We've Been Under Martial Law Forever

So, I was watching an episode (Season 2, Episode 5) of Three’s Company today and in the episode, Stanley Roper (Normal Fell) makes a comment to his wife in the bar about us living in a police state, because they implemented parking meters. This episode aired in 1977.

I watched this video a few months ago and it clicked immediately for me. The truth is that we’ve been in a police state for quite some time. They implemented Martial Law very long ago.

This is a very thorough video, but I’ll go over a small portion here. If you haven’t subbed yet, then this channel is definitely worth checking out sovereignliving

A few hours after I watched that Three’s Company episode, I was in the car and I heard a commercial coercing everyone into wearing seat belts because… Everyone cares about you!

What the hell gives anyone the right to fine me if I don’t wear my seat belt?

The truth is, that nobody does have that right.

This is EXACTLY the same thing that’s happening with the masks today.


The reality is that the parking meters, and the seat belt laws and the smoking laws, and all the other little tiny seeming things have been about. A slow stream of constant tyrannical things slowly taking away our freedoms, and it’s ALWAYS about our safety.

In reality, it’s just little pushes to program everyone into believing that the state has the authority to order people to do whatever they want, as long as it’s for your safety… Without these seemingly caring laws, the masks probably wouldn’t be a commonly followed thing.

The Multiple Types Of Martial Law

The main purpose of all of these things, is to keep us away from common law.


I started to realize that the goal of the tyrants was to get all of the states, into their own state of emergency and then strike, probably 2 years ago. I didn’t know exactly what they would do in order to achieve this, but what was clear is how.

After 9/11, they passed all these different right eliminating laws and it was clear that it was building up to something else. They just had to initiate a state of emergency before people would allow it, because after all… it was for our safety.

I didn’t know that there were different types of martial law until I watched the video I linked above. But here is a good outline of them.


It is clear that we are in Martial Law Rule currently, as they have used the emergency of Covid-19 to completely change everything about our reality.

The cold hard truth, of the situation that we’re facing right now, is that we’re not on our way to martial law…

We have been under martial law for decades at the very least.

This is a lot to swallow, and I’m not going to elaborate any more on this right now, but I just wanted to make it clear.

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