What Is Going On Here With The Moon? Looks Like Plasma

I found this video on twitter, but decided I should mirror it here.

It appears as if there is something shooting out of the surface of the moon, almost like the plasma that is shooting off of the sun.

Here’s the original link.

I tried uploading this video to youtube before I uploaded it here, and it would not finish processing even though its only a 5MB file, something is definitely up.

I know that the so called ‘planets’ are not as they say…

I am speculating but this looks like fish swimming in the ocean.

Maybe there is water in the heavens?

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King James Bible
And God said “let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters”.

New Living Translation
Then God said, “let there be a space between the waters, to separate the waters of the heavens and the waters of the Earth”.

Precisely. I suspect that the glass sky probably accounts for most of our storms/floods/hurricanes.

I wonder if this explains the mysterious cases of fish falling from the sky…

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Did that really happen? Haha

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Yup, there’s all kinds of strange phenomenon recorded on video regarding the moon, another really interesting one is called the lunar wave.

Here’s a telling video as well…

Definitely not just a hunk of rock floating in space.

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I was asking more along the lines of the fish rain. :smiley:

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Oh yeah there have been numerous accounts of fish raining from the sky, along with all kinds of other frogs and similar creatures.

Ohellno I just watched that Twitter clip looks more like UFOs as the moon is their Satellite they brought it here as the moon is hollow and when gets hit non stop from meteorites that they all go to the same depth also we have Alien DNA in us and some great shows on Amazon Prime that explains that Aliens were here on Earth around the same time or even earlier with the Samaritans could throw a spanner in the works with Religion.

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